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Roleplay Responses

  Hazama / XxhunterxX96 / 8y 120d 13h 31m 15s
"That would be something that would scare her. She told me a few times never to use a chainsaw."
  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 120d 13h 31m 22s
  -Em Hannah- / SilentScream_ / 8y 120d 13h 32m 13s
o-o my..
  :-Lucy-: / Aisha_ / 8y 120d 13h 33m 33s
thats not good
  Hazama / XxhunterxX96 / 8y 120d 13h 33m 47s
"She didn't tell me the details, but that's because she refuses to. She told me in her nightmare that I was trying to use a chainsaw, but it got out of control. I can guess what happened next."
"Either I was shredded into bits of gore or I ended up harming others."
  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 120d 13h 34m 55s
o-o.. i'm curious now.
  :-Lucy-: / Aisha_ / 8y 120d 13h 37m 42s
"I think my mom just had a nightmare of something really gruesome."
  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 120d 13h 39m 33s
your not getting on? o-o
  :-Lucy-: / Aisha_ / 8y 120d 13h 41m 20s
  Hazama / XxhunterxX96 / 8y 120d 13h 41m 23s
Yep.I just came on to say I'm not getting on o-o
  ~Cable~ / Necromon / 8y 120d 13h 42m 10s
  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 120d 13h 42m 50s
Raps to the music she listens to under her breath.
  -Em Hannah- / SilentScream_ / 8y 120d 13h 45m 30s
thnx *bows*
  Hazama / XxhunterxX96 / 8y 120d 13h 46m 12s
Hey welcome :o
  :-Lucy-: / Aisha_ / 8y 120d 13h 47m 25s

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