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"Chu seemed upset. So I forgot what I should say."

  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 119d 15h 35m 41s
What you said, made a lot of sense Tiffy.
  Fairy Tail / Aisha_ / 8y 119d 15h 37m 14s
  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 119d 15h 41m 55s
I guess thats right.
  Dero / Aisha_ / 8y 119d 15h 46m 26s
"Don't feel sorry. Relationships are TWO sided. It takes both sides to work."
  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 119d 15h 51m 36s
I'm sorry..
  :+::;| F e F e |;;::+: / Aisha_ / 8y 119d 16h 11m 5s
Hah.. The right one.
That seems hopeless in my case.
The number of relationships I've had..
  -Furry Form- Me / SilentScream_ / 8y 119d 16h 13m 48s
well thats unless you find the right one.
  :: Gabby + James :: / Aisha_ / 8y 119d 16h 18m 8s
Yeah if the other person isn't a complete asshole..
  -Furry Form- Me / SilentScream_ / 8y 119d 16h 21m 10s
  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 119d 16h 24m 32s
Love is such a wonderful thing.
  :: Gabby + James :: / Aisha_ / 8y 119d 16h 26m 11s
-Plays with her own tail.-
  -Furry Form- Me / SilentScream_ / 8y 119d 16h 26m 50s
No trouble x3 at all.
  ♥=Gabby + James=♥ / Aisha_ / 8y 119d 16h 31m 51s
"Means I won't get into trouble."
  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 119d 16h 33m 25s
Wish I could know..
  -Em Hannah- / SilentScream_ / 8y 119d 16h 33m 34s

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