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In the end no one ever likes to be part of Royalty.


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Roleplay Responses

  :Tiger:[] / xSonyabladex / 7y 315d 6h 38m 52s
"Here is the wiki for the full explanation."
"Although it is basically the picture I just showed you, Winter. That girl was between the ages of 9-13 years old."
  Vlanderson / 8y 79d 19h 49m 35s
  Hazama / XxhunterxX96 / 8y 79d 19h 52m 9s
no i don't and i duno.
  Brunette / Blue_Roses / 8y 79d 20h 3m 38s
"Should I not use it?"
"Do you know what a loli is?"
  Vlanderson / 8y 79d 20h 8m 8s
*covers up the picturees with post it notes*
  Brunette / Blue_Roses / 8y 79d 20h 13m 27s
"I wonder.."
  Loli! / Vlanderson / 8y 79d 20h 20m 6s
ass cheeks.
  Brunette / Blue_Roses / 8y 79d 20h 22m 26s
"It does?"
"Why is that?"
  Loli! / Vlanderson / 8y 79d 20h 25m 40s
arouse. not scare.
  Brunette / Blue_Roses / 8y 79d 20h 33m 35s
"Does this picture scare anyone?"
  Loli! / Vlanderson / 8y 79d 20h 34m 29s
  Brunette / Blue_Roses / 8y 79d 20h 44m 10s
:3 I'm bored.. and sleepy ..
  Fairy Tail / Aisha_ / 8y 90d 21h 14m 52s
"How does that work?"
  <3 / Vlanderson / 8y 91d 12h 34m 17s
No not really x3 I'm in love and he probably doesn't even know it o-o.
  Fairy Tail / Aisha_ / 8y 91d 12h 46m 49s

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