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I have another copy of this on the other ES, but I figured another wouldn't hurt.


A young pop hopeful is signed to a record company by a veteran of the music industry, who's in his thirties. While recording the boy, who's seventeen, goes to stay with him. Shit goes down.

Boy - taken, Man - needed.

Tell me if you want to join. No cybering - anything leading up to it is fine.

This is just an experiment so it doesn't have to be super literate, but good spelling/grammar and a few paragraphs per post are preferred.

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"It's true," He said, again a little unconvincingly. Taking his plate, he scraped the unfinished food off, taking it over to the sink and setting it down, eyes still trained on Deklin. "I've annoyed you now, haven't I?"
  Jason Drewfort / HERPDERPDERP / 9y 97d 4h 12m 22s
*Deklin nodded his head at what the boy said, Knowing that did not seem so true at the moment. He sighed softly and dried the plat and fork and put them away* "OK..." He said softly and looked over at him, Leaning against the counter*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 97d 4h 17m 22s
Jason bit his lip, before looking up to Deklin.

"Hey, you know I'm not really mad at you, right?" He said quickly, trying to sound convincing, "I'm just... I don't know. In a weird mood, is all."
  Jason Drewfort / HERPDERPDERP / 9y 97d 4h 20m 14s
*Deklin shrugged and at the last bit that was on his plate, He sighed softly and got up, Putting his plate in the sink and washing it, Glancing back at Jason*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 97d 4h 24m 50s
"Nothing," He said simply, spearing a piece of food with his fork and lifting it to his mouth, "You didn't do anything, okay?"

What annoyed him more was that he knew that that was actually true.
  Jason Drewfort / HERPDERPDERP / 9y 97d 4h 27m 32s
*Deklin chowed down on his plate of food, Loving every bite he took, He looked up at Jason and frowned* "Whats wrong... What did I do..?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow*

  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 97d 4h 31m 43s
Jason pushed his food around his plate. He'd hardly eaten since he'd got there, but despite that, he still wasn't hungry. He gave a half-hearted shrug, chewing a mouthful.

"Whatever. I don't care."

ooc: He is also the douchiest hipster around, ilhim.
  Jason Drewfort / HERPDERPDERP / 9y 97d 4h 34m 55s
[Damn... O.O]

*Daklin chuckled softly again and bit his lower lip softly, Serving the food on the plates and walking over to Jason, Setting one in front of him and the other on the table, He sat down and nodded* "Whatever... We could work... Or Just Chill.." He said, Trying to sound all cool, He smiled softly*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 97d 4h 40m 40s
"Very funny," Jason snapped, his mouth tight in a humourless line, "I was actually being serious."

ooc: I don't know if I'll ever get to roleplay older Jason with you, but he pm turns into a ridiculous indie fuck slut that would hate his bb self for not taking up that offer.
  Jason Drewfort / HERPDERPDERP / 9y 97d 4h 43m 16s
*Deklin kept cooking, Walking over to a cabinet and getting plates and the forks, He smiled softly as he heard the boy talk* "Me..." He said with a chuckle.

  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 97d 4h 45m 43s
Jason glared at him, rubbing the spot where he'd hit him, making his way back to his chair without a word, watching Deklin as he cooked.

He finally broke the silence, asking, "What am I doing today?"
  Jason Drewfort / HERPDERPDERP / 9y 97d 4h 48m 9s
*Deklin frowned and slapped the boys head, Not hard enough to hurt though. He sighed softly and got up from sitting on the counter and started to cook again*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 97d 4h 50m 58s
Jason batted the hand away softly, sighing.

"But I don't completely trust you," He admitted finally, biting his lip. "I don't know. Maybe I'm being stupid."
  Jason Drewfort / HERPDERPDERP / 9y 97d 4h 53m 13s
*Deklin chuckled softly and kissed the boys neck softly, Running a hand up his hand up the males shirt* "But What..." HE said softly licking the males neck softly*
  Deklin Mortlock / CowXCheese / 9y 97d 4h 55m 35s
"Yeah, well," Jason began, blushing a little, frowning to hide his smile because he was busy trying to be mad with him, "Yes, but..."

ooc: Deklin you dog.
  Jason Drewfort / HERPDERPDERP / 9y 97d 4h 57m 14s

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