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Okay, so I am looking for someone to role play with, if interested keep reading.

I am looking for someone to play male, I do play multiple characters so you will not be just playing a male, but I prefer the female role.

Please be literate, I am a bit of a grammar nazi, I can let somethings slide but if a lot is spelled wrong I have an issue with it.

Please do not join and then quit on me, I will not do it to you so please don't do it to me.

Please come with some kind of idea, I have a few ideas but I want to hear yours as well.

If you have read this far then please PM me and I will let you know, I would also like you to send me a sample of your writings. I also don't want something that is one paragraph with no detail, I want more because I love the challenge of writing, that is part of the reason why I'm here."


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