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Adam shock his head, cleary seeing the girl did not understand his tongue so he softly said.
"why are you here, and can I help you with it?" He bowed and offered his hand.

Adam had noticed his elven friend having problems with her shyness, and how she acted near humans, he feared she would one day turn on him and make him her fear, and he dreaded the idea of losing his close friend.

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  Adam Chapman / clash-of-flames / 8y 209d 1h 34m 57s
Lilith did not understand what was wrong with this elven child, nor did she understand the boy because he seem to talk in jagged rhyme. Her mind went blank for a moment then gathered again as she walked a little faster because of the lingering eyes. She did not know why the elven was so worried when she was the demon in the human realm., she replied with her German accent becoming thick then light in an uneven tone and pattern. It matter not what was going on around her, but she never had her wings so pinched closed like this and it made her weary. She made faces as it seemed to become heavy against her back and head then opened them a slight bit.

, she replied sharper to where it sounded like one word yet she saw that they did not hear over their playfulness and charge. Patience was not her strong point and she was eager to learn more about the realm she was stuck in.

  [::.Lilith / DivKun / 8y 212d 6h 29m 32s
She giggled and perked up upon realizing the girl was speaking to them, "Lilith.. what a pretty name," She said with a twirl, "What are you doing here exactly?" She asked with a quirked brow.

She listened to Adam and giggled once again, "I swear, one of these days I will die of laughter from you," She said joking and teasingly to him, she poked his cheek then caught up behind Lilith,

She tilted her head grinning, "You know, despite our.. races.. us 'Females' need to stick together, you know what I mean?" She said in a joyful tone and once again twirled, she had a sudden mood change and was feeling excited, eager,

She looked around once they came across more people, her expression went back to shy and nervous, she fiddled with her fingers and her hair, hoping no one would say anything about Lilith or her, "Well that confidence didn't l-last long.." She said stuttering lowly making sure no one around her heard but the two.

She turned to Adam, "Well, what do we do first? And why is she leading?" She tilted her head at him,

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  Constance / -Juliet- / 8y 212d 20h 2m 4s
Adam now feeling better about her clothes said something rather odd then walks a head of them both.
"Tell me, what does thy fallen angel seek here in the world above hell's flame? do you see power? wisdom? love? or do you just seek to be one of us? I ask you this and offer my help to thy, as I wish one day to ask you fro help" he smiled jokingly as he spoke, Adam was... odd. He was soon to be out of school, and did nothing in there really, but was smarter then most of his friends, teachers or anyone that came in, but he saw no real reason to sue his talent and jsut acted like a kid, wanted to be accepted, but when he was not, he found Constance and found a new life with her.
  Adam Chapman / clash-of-flames / 8y 213d 5h 12m 57s
With the young elven girl babbling next to her, Lilith couldn't help but feel out of place yet she did catch the name part that was very warming to say the most. , she slowly said in her German accent then pulled the jacket over her wings and head. She didn't want to scare anyone just to show she could "fit in" like most people do she suppose. Nothing personal came from her lips as she explained herself a little then went quit while scanning the area. It was some word stuck at the tip of her tongue, from the colorful bird to the vast grasses that seem to show bright mounts of life. It was something she wanted to know about it yet if she would have asked it would have seem suspicious, not like she had anything to be suspicious about but she cured her lips and changed the tone of her voice back to her original Latin.

She saw humans, they were big and small, and other creatures that got along with them. She smelled different foods and different sights gave her out bursting emotions, it felt strange now that she was free from her parents grasp but at th same time it was frightening.

  [::.Lilith / DivKun / 8y 213d 5h 17m 53s
She watched the demon girl and followed her curiously, giggling at Adam. She studied her walking and how the earth re-acted. She smiled softly, "So? just ignore it, it's not that hard Adam, what's so interesting about butts? Silly Adam~" She teased jokingly.

She tilted her head at the demon's question, "Most of them do, yes, they all have at-least one close companion in their lives, it's in their nature," she smiled "So they don't feel lonely or lost," she added,

She stared at Adam, "But we just met her.. and you call her a friend?" she shook her head, "Very odd.. you're too kind," she said strolling after the girl, "What is your name, what do you go by?" she asked nervously, she really wasn't a conversation starter, but if they were going to teach her she needed to know more about her.

She looked around cautiously for any sight of people, and bit on her lower lip. "Um.. maybe he should give you his jacket back.. but it on over your wings and wear the hood.. what if they see you? Oh gosh.." She said in a worried tone.

She actually was very interested in the girl, she would love to have a 'feminine' friend to talk to and hang out with. Maybe tell secrets and such like all gal pals do, talk about boys and- she caught herself in thought and giggled, "I'm so silly~" she thought to herself,
  Constance / Christal / 8y 213d 5h 26m 56s
"what do you mean, I can see her bu-butt" he whispered and blushed more hiding behind Constance to shield himself, but as she asked the question he simply answered,
"Ya friends, Constance is my friend as are you" he did not think much of it, to him anyone he trusted and anyone who was kind to him was a friend, and this demon was not a black sheep to this, he thought she was kind, sweet and very one of a kind and that was the kind of person he made friends with.
  Adam Chapman / clash-of-flames / 8y 213d 5h 36m 49s
Lilith nodded her head to everything the elven girl said and watched the boy's reaction awkwardly. She didn't understand what was the problem with the items on her body, they were light and easy to maneuver in yet still he acted "strange" Cringing her wings against her back right while the ones on her head flustered out she smiled and walked towards them. The gravitational pull here, seem to be very light as far as she could tell she might as well walk straight into the sky. Her realm was always thick and heavy, for mostly training young demons and build strength and different environments that might help their survival. Then in still it was probably why demons were one of the mostly feared races. Still with determination she clung to the map she had and walked passed them to a gravel road, which she thought was quick sad so avoided it. "Do all humans have a person to e friendly with", she asked with a long hesitant voice.

No one on this planet could ever be lonely right and the certain urge t earn more with these two perked her curiosity enough she felt lie asking questions in sequence.

  [::.Lilith / DivKun / 8y 213d 5h 45m 59s
Constance tensed up a bit, seeing the demon's fangs. "Kind.. nyah.. friends.." She shook her head, "Were really not supposed to be friends, but.. Adam is different.." she looked around as if they were being watched again, "But don't tell anyone.. please.. I might get in trouble.." she said lowly,

She still liked her voice, she giggled again, "Laws? Rules? Well.. hnn.. for one, don't draw attention to yourself.. which might be a problem for you.." She said frowning looking at her wings and such, "If you go around like that the humans will freak and attack you, or dissect you or or-" She shook her head shivering at the thought,

"And.. don't kill anyone, the humans.. don't take well to that, but who does?" She said lowly, She turned to Adam, "We have to hide her.. preferably your house, she needs to learn, we can teach her, but we don't want to cause a scene with her," she listened to Adam and had a feeling to slap him.

"You human boys.. I swear.." she said annoyed, she didn't like sexual things and such, but maybe that was just her, she just figured she was the odd one out on this one. "Why are you paying attention to that? Just.. ignore it.." she said with a huff.
  Constance / Christal / 8y 213d 5h 56m 15s
Adam blinked and drew his arm back and smiled, he liked her, she seemed cool and different.
"shoot, I will answer anything you need, just name it and I will help, food, water, a roof for your head, ..... so-some new clothes" he said the last part, now use to the fact she was there and noticed her clothes he moved to hide behind his elven friend.
"Constance she is wearing" he said pointing at the uniform, he was happy and go luckly, but he had an odd thing about sexual clothes, he loved them and all, but seeing them he stiffed up and got all shy.
  Adam Chapman / clash-of-flames / 8y 213d 6h 6m 21s
Lilith stood up knocking her knees together and looking down for a bit. She was very young from most demons and sometimes she didn't even know if she could be stronger than most. Her eyes lingered as the young boy talked to her yet she really didn't want to or maybe she did that she really didn't know how to reply in such the manner and poise of his body. Her fangs drew back and her eyes seem to start victimizing different colors like if trying to decide which color to have in twister but in the most she was trying to find a feeling to have towards the two. " I do not know of such matters, you two are very "kind" where do human and elves become friends?", she replied now really having much of a proper tone to her sentence yet still holding her Germanic accent. She didn't want to come off as less intelligent, just the matter she didn't know what was intelligent to these beings.

Scoping out the two and giving back the young man his jacket, she stared in curiosity then whispered in a elder woman's voice,May you two help me understand the laws of this realm?". She wanted to elaborate but she didn't know if they could understand her at all, comparing the faces to her words was very new to her.

  [::.Lilith / DivKun / 8y 213d 6h 10m 45s
Constance twitched her ears at her, she hadn't heard this kind of accent before. She actually liked it, she almost giggled but caught herself and ended up smiling brightly. "Oh okay, what are you doing here though?" She asked curiously.

She frowned and bit her bottom lip, the demon didn't seem very bad now. Surely if she was she would have just bared fangs and attacked. "Sorry... about t-that.." She found herself stuttering and speaking lowly, a nervous expression she couldn't help. "B-back there.. I think we got on to a wrong start.. I'm Constance.." She finished the last part off quickly and shook her head.

"I shouldn't be this open.. giving strangers my name.. eep!" She fretted to herself in her head. She stared at Adam confused, "Adam that isn't very bright.." She muttered, "Besides.." She looked up and took a deep breath, "The earth says she's not hostile," she said calmly, "At-least not now she isn't.." She whispered that last part to herself.
  Constance / Christal / 8y 213d 6h 25m 15s
Adam walked towards her and looked at her a small amount of time. he was a nice guy and trusting, but never too trusting he stared at her, his eyes bored into her, his stare was often said to shake a person to their core. Adam saw many things from her, hope, hate, love,lust, sorrow,greed. but no evil.

Seeing this he smiled and offered his hand, pulling his sleeve back showing he was unarmed.

"I offer you 2 choices. I will help you, take my hand, or take it off. I trust you now please choice my fate" He said his voice smooth and strong, no hint of fear or worry was there, and for good reason.
  Adam Chapman / clash-of-flames / 8y 213d 6h 36m 31s
It had been an hour, no maybe a day since she landed here. Events seem to flow like a river bed, not knowing where to go yet at the same time Lilith couldn't help but to lay on the thick grass hoping something may come to her mind. She had intended on going back home but her heavy wings warned her to stay down. The slight sigh breezed passed her lips as she gave sudden glances in opposite directions. As a voice seem to collaborate with her thoughts then suddenly becoming more clear she turned her body to the direction it came from and saw the same two. Human and Elf. It was a bit g a surprise to say the least but the questions seem to be foreign as she tried to find a way to translate her own tongue into that of which they spoke., she gestured in a thick German German accent then sat there waiting for their response.

The human smelt weird while she still didn't get the scent of the elven at all, it was like trying to find a need in a haystack yet you got nothing. Maybe she was just that weak? usually you could sense stronger of her kind but all you could really smell from her was "nothing". Question was if she should get up from her spot or just continue to find a certain way to devour them before they do her.

  [::.Lilith / DivKun / 8y 213d 6h 43m 43s
She tilted her head glaring in the direction of the demon, wondering why she hadn't spoke yet, she watched her fly away and sighed with relief, "Finally.."

She turned upon hearing Adam speak, shocked when he took her hands and stared into her eyes, as if he could see into her soul.

Constance stared at Adam a bit longer, her face warming up from a slight blush. "Fine.. I suppose your right.." She sighed, "No one likes to be alone.." she muttered. "Plus I can't say no to you buddy.." She thought. She closed her eyes and went to a stand still, her ears twitching. She felt the earth whisper to her, she turned her gaze and began walking slow then hasting up a bit when the wind blew. "Come on Adam, this way.."

She lead him to where the Demon lay in the grass, she stared at her for a moment, the earth seemed to approve of her for some reason, she watched the grass wave around the Demon and she tilted her head. "Can you speak?" She asked curiously, she didn't like this but she couldn't resist. "Are you alright?" She asked awaiting her to answer.
  Constance / Christal / 8y 214d 1h 28m 30s

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