the ancient beast awakens!!!!!!

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this is set in a fantasy world were the sides of the Orion alliance

and the dark alliance have been at war for countless years but a ancient evil has surfaced known only as the ancient beast it was said centuries ago it almost destoyed all life in the world so due to this the two sides set down there weapons and too sword and axe to the dark evil that had returned


you can be ether side

any class accepted

accepted characters

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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you need to add grammar to your back story as it is a long sentence at the moment, also plot or a long term goal or objective would be nice, also lead by example and present your own character first so people know what kind of characters they should make. also a character skeleton with name, age, description, and class is a good idea.

hope this helps.
  FoxWriterDeluxe / 9y 324d 12h 9m 40s

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