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You know how your always hearing about the same old thing on the news?
'You steal me fish!'
'No. I no steal fish.'
'You want war? We shall fish slap yoo too chinaville.' <<Sorry, needed comedy in it.>>
Family wars are always so boring to hear about, but it's a lot of fun when your actually part of the war.

Right now, there are about three hundred and seventy nine wars, in total, taking place all around the world. Most of them are because of territory issues, others simply for the sake of fighting, and then there are some that are for stupid things like sticking a finger up at a member of another family. Sounds a lot like mafia wars, right? Wrong.
You'd be surprised at who takes place in these wars. Microscopic creatures that look almost human, say for their cartoonish looks and adorable personalities.

These little creatures are known as Chibi. The wars that rage between their families are known as Chibi Mania. Lets read one of their stories now.

The Hirukia Family;

The experienced one - open
The Cute one - Taken
The magical one - Taken
The kiddish one - Taken
The Sexy one - Taken
The cosplayer - Taken

The Tsukita:

The Hot one - open
The magician - taken ()
The otaku - open
The immature one - open
The dirty-minded one - Taken
The prince - open (Not a literal prince, his character is just charming.

Other characters will be accepted. Join and tell me who you want to be, each of the girls in the Hirukia family have set pictures cause I found them and they're cute. Sorry, but they're all girls in the Hirukia family and all guys in the Tsukita family. Dx Guys in the Tsukita family have to find their own pics.
1. Always ask to join!
2. No skellies! You must have character building skills!
3. No one liners or I'll fucking ban you!
4. This isn't a primary school role play! Swearing and violence.
5. I swear to god if you join and leave then I will hunt you down!
6. Tell me--and other people--when your leaving.
7. Third person! () This is literate!
8. At least a paragraph.
9.Put the title of the role play--so I know you read all the rules--in your post to join.
10. Kay, you see the characters? They kind of have set love interests, right? WRONG! The sexy one cannot be paired up with the hot one. They have to opposites. So take your love interest up with me in PMs first.

Disclaimer- I will change the and add new rules a lot!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Cute one is here!
  The Cute One / Feline_Chic / 10y 112d 16h 29m 12s
  Momo / Valkyira / 10y 113d 12h 26m 42s
wtf lol.
I have to go, sorry.

BIBI Chbi Buddies

Kori out
  The Cute One / Feline_Chic / 10y 113d 12h 27m 41s
  Momo / Valkyira / 10y 113d 12h 32m 13s
o-o no one rests on this thing xD
  Mikeru Chibi / Mikeru / 10y 113d 12h 33m 0s

Infront of our house then. :P

  The Cute One / Feline_Chic / 10y 113d 12h 45m 2s
<infront of our house>
  Momo / Valkyira / 10y 113d 12h 46m 17s

I think we are in our house... Yes :)

  The Cute One / Feline_Chic / 10y 113d 12h 48m 42s
[Errr... Where are you both exactly? Maybe I can pass by.]
  Gabriel / StrifeX / 10y 113d 12h 52m 18s


  The Cute One / Feline_Chic / 10y 113d 12h 54m 42s
[Aren't the two families enemies? o.o So doesn't that make the two of you my enemies?]
  Gabriel / StrifeX / 10y 113d 12h 56m 44s


  The Cute One / Feline_Chic / 10y 113d 12h 58m 18s
[How about Kori? o.o]
  Gabriel / StrifeX / 10y 113d 13h 37s

God I need a name for my charrie. Help anyone?

She giggled, hugging her back. "We shoudl go for a walk!" She said happily.
  The Cute One / Feline_Chic / 10y 113d 13h 6m 26s
<no,she says we should have ,love interest with our opposite one!>
Momo smiled and hugged her.
  Momo / Valkyira / 10y 113d 13h 8m 50s

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