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A young man who once challenged the king of his kingdom was kicked out and banned from human contact, Alone and scared he was saved by a monster girl who soon became his only friend, making a small house to protect them, more and more monsters flock to him and soon he became the monster protecter, he raises them, feeds them and they help him live.

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Adam started to lead and grinned widely.
"Follow me, I will be sure to cook it and feed you greatly, I remember a time when I could not take the birds or bears, and now I am taking on birds the size of my old home" He laughed swinging his sword in a small pattern over his shoulder, his steps seemed light and happy, his eye closed and a small hum. He looked at her, she was not all that big, about his size abit bigger but as any Oni she handled large items and that club like a toy she could simply hold in her hand and run with, He envied her power, he craved to be stronger and be able to protect his new home.
"Why are you down here, your hungry? maybe you are starving to death? He asked, Oni rarely left their mountain.

Adam smiled as he caught sight of The two female he lived with, and as he waved to the two girls a booming sound started as a huge bird flew down at Adam seeking to kill the man who had killed one of his own, Adam did not even see the god like bird flying behind him, nor did he see the danger that was treating his life in this.
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Tressa was taken back by Adam's comment. "No.. No.. I'm fine," she muttered to herself. She climbed off of the human unsure if she was angry or not. "Did you by chance see that green centaur?" the slime girl asked. She avoided saying that she missed him. "I'll bet you are hungry. It was difficult to keep your little garden away from that hungry centaur," Tressa added. With that said she flew out of the house in a blurr. Her slimy body splashed around with her quick movements. Her heart piece glowed faintly as she exerted herself. To the garden she went to pick the rippest veggies where after she flew straight to the kitchen. The slime girl had only started learning how to cook. All from observing Adam from a hidden location. She didn't like to admit when she couldn't do something. Tressa created, or at least tried to make, a veggie stir fry. It turned out to be a burnt mess. She took the pan over to Adam in such a hurry that she ended up spilling the contents all over the human boy. "EEEEEK!" she squealed as she tried to get the hot food off of his body.


Tressa sat at the bottom of the lake. Ever since the accident she had kept to herself, over come with worry that Adam didn't want to talk to her anymore. "I'm going to apologize," she muttered to herself. Upon entering the house she noticed all rooms were vaccent except the bathroom. A light hang out the door and was accumpanioned with a large shadow. "Adam!!!" the slime shouted. Tressa jumped at the figure that the shadow belonged to and was surprised to see it was the centaur instead. "What are you doing?" she asked the green furred girl who was just one size smaller than the bathroom. The only reply that Tressa recieved was a blush. That's all that Yousei could muster anytime she was around the slime girl. "Do you know where Adam is?" Tressa asked. The centaur replied by shaking her head. "Let's go and find them," she asked. With that said she climbed on the other female's back. "Smell him out," Tressa commanded. Yousei nodded before heading out the door. After the last step that took the duo outdoors the centaur hesitated a bit. "What's wrong?" Tressa asked, sensing a bit of tension.

Yousei looked up at the creature on her back. "Please don't tell Adam about my secret. He doesn't need to know that I'm.. in between," she covered her face with her hands. The centaur girl began walking with her eyes still covered. This resulted in both girls bumping into multiple trees. "HEY! Look where you are going!" Tressa shouted. Birds repelled at her voice's power. Other creatures followed in a frantic haste. Branches smacked the gel girl in the face and the rest of her body, making her annoyed beyond belief. That and she almost fell off of the centaur with each hit. "Damn it, Yousei!" Tressa wrapped her body around Yousei's lower half tightly. In response the centaur female rushed forward, but this time with her eyes wide open. "Don't.. touch.. THERE!!!" Yousei shouted, "And stop squeezing!!!" A stampede of two headed toward Adam's location without either of the strange creatures knowing what they were going to expect.
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She didn't really aspect it, but in reality she wanted it to happen and yet it did. Staring at a large bird that sat there barely alive made her eyes flash with stars. Food just fell from the sky as if a fallen star and now she could take it for her own and finally eat! Though the dream soon shattered a slim young man with dirt blonde hair and pinpoint features walked from the foes try and stared with annoyance at the fallen animal.Eva cringed with her fingers twitching at her large club and her weight pressed to her gut. it was do or die, he could die and she could eat or he could eat and she could die of starvation. Oh no, not happening on her part as long as she could still swing the behemoth of a weapon. Yet before she could go on the prowl she was caught off guard with a simple question as the young man eyes seem to avert to her direction. Lowering her stance she stared at his light features then knocked her knees together to show a sign of innocence toward him.

,she said slowly as she mounted her club on her back then cautiously took small steps toward him. He was strong, she could sense that yet he had a small spark of kindness to him which made her smile ditsy while picking up the very large bird the on arm. Surprisingly he wasn't even frightened of her, and this was nothing to the strength he might have had. Humans lived far from creatures like her because they seem to think less of each other all the time yet she always had a gentle side for humans even when it came to the evil ones. Though in every creature there is alittle piece of heaven inside of them, if her father were to hear her thoughts now he would have a fit yet she only smiled then stood hesitant as the bird weight easily became lighter with each passing minute.

Umm...where do you want it?"
she said as her mouth drooled and her stomach rumbled with distaste over not having the food right away. Cursed appetite could kill an entire farm if it wanted to.

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Adam woke up, the events of the day passed danced in his head as a blur of joy and pain, but the with a thundering roar, his stomach told him that he was in need of food, sitting up from his bed Adam picked up his sword and tied it to his back and opened the door and left.
Adam was about half way though the forest, closer to the area where Oni and trolls were known to live: The cliffs and hills, a mountain that reached the sky, the largest known to the men who roamed, and to the beasts that fought on it. Here he always hunted here as huge birds flew past the vast sky and one of those feed him and his guests and the slime girl for a good few days.

The bird flew high and safe, so it thought as Adam stood onto of a tree a log in his hand and a grin on his face he threw the log smashing it into the birds wing sending the beast spinning and crashing into the floor near a Oni girl, Adam who saw this cursed and leaped towards the bird.
There was just one hunting rule, its not your till its dead, Knowing the Oni could easily kill the bird Adam ran past her and leaped smashing his fist into the beak and sending the birds head into the lake near by. The bird stood up again and roared stabbing it's beck like a dagger at the the boy who simply stabbed his sword at the monstrous beck, the air around the two blew back and caused even trees to be knocked over.
Adam knocked the beck up and stabbed the birds neck and spun, taking the sword though the birds vain and killing it.

Adam sighed the bird was the size of a house, he did not notice how much bigger then normal it was, looking at the Oni girl he asked.
"Will you help me take it to my house? I'll shall if you wish". He asked, the birds blood covered his face and now torn chest.
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Strength is never overpowered by the beholder yet the beholder may always find the power to be the master instead. Death is never wise unless you've tasted so life of destruction is to only kill...

At the scenery for a circular shaped mountain a large clun crossed the back of fair skin and waves of orange hair. With the stance of five foot three and eyes that seem to bear into the shapeless oxygen a young girl smiled widely showing two medium sized fangs. It had been days since her last hunt and her stomach seemed to be touching her back as her face deteriorated into a frown. How could she not forget to eat in urgent times like this, she plopped a finger to her cheek then tilted her head as her orange waves of hair crashed to her shoulders as if liquid spilling to the floor. Well Eva wasn't the most brightest crayon out of the ox but she did have the natural instinct to survive well in these times at least. She shifted her eyes from left to right as she started to walk forward with her large spiked cub dragging along side of her.

"Awe, I'm so hungry!"
She whined as she pulled herself along a stream then plopped herself there abruptly. She was too much of a hot head to catch fish, it took too much time and her manners of eating things until she almost choke didn't really let her taste much. You could say she was a brute but that is the way her father raised her to be. Hearing her stomach growl at her she tucked her hand under her chest and started to drool thinking of random animal to eat.

"I'm going to die of starvation.."
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Adam looked at the slime girl and just smiled, his eyes heavy and his body sore, blood still stuck to his skin he said
"I am at war" Adam had told the king he would kill anyone who entered his home and even went as far as to cut the man's hand off. Adam would have went on, but, her eyes he blushed madly and said.
"are you gonna rape me? or are you gonna eat the blood on my skin?" he asked, he wanted to make more joke's but looking at the girl who saved and nursed him when his own kind, the men and woman he loved and helped threw him to die, he felt a smile grow and asked.
"May I help the lady, or shall she stare at me like this all day?"
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At those words Yousei's face turned bright red. She felt completely speechless that someone actually wanted her. A small chuckle came from a back row of centaur teens. They whispered to themselves quietly and laughed even more. Yousei could hear the words clearly, which made her glare at the older females. The elder nodded to Adam's requests.
"You don't have to go alone, Adam," Tressa spoke, but knew it was futile to try to persuaded the young male. Once the human was out of sight a few tears began to fall from the slime girl's face. Tears made of the same dark substance that she was. "Go on, Yousei. I hope you well on your new life," the elder spoke to the green centaur.
A part of Yousei was sad to leave her herd, but more of her was relieved to get away from the bulling. Tressa guided the hoofed creature back to the lake where the house stood. They cleaned the mess together that the invaders left without a word. Tressa was too deep in thoughts of worry and Yousei was still speechless with the human's actions.
The two waited for Adam's return.

During the time span Yousei spent the time eating the various flora that surrounded the lake. Tressa was cleaning the lake as usual. There was the occasional visit from the centaur elder who kept asking if Adam had returned safely.
Adam didn't have to wait long for when his body hit the bed's surface a slime tentacles wrapped around his leg. "Well.. well.. well.. Look who finally came back," Tressa emerged from underneath the male's bed. Her formed climbed its way onto Adam's. "It was boring! Very boring!" Tressa half lied, although she would never admit to what happened while Adam was away. She had a hungry look in her eyes. A new and unusual look as if the current diet of scum wasn't enough anymore.
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Adam looked around at the girls, sad faces and sorrow filled the air, Adam breaking lose of his bonds as he always could have stood up, The ropes that held him were weak, but he was hopping to save that for later maybe get away by surprise.
"I see..... then I ask you just one thing, I Want my sword, I want her" he said pointing at the green Girl Tressa had fought.
After he had gotten his sword he took some of the wool the centaurs kept and covered most of his face with it and simply said.
"I also wish to see the children when the men return" And with that he started walking to the south. Turning to Tressa and said.
"I wish to do this alone, I will return, and when I do I will want to give you something" he laughed at his own image.

Adam snuck into the southern kingdom and left a trail of blood and fear as he ripped though the knights that wished to stop him. The kingdom he was in was known for using monsters as show and as tool's, but feared to use them as weapons. Adam had just freed the men of the tribe when he saw him, on top a tower was a man in a rare beast rode and a sword that was stained in the blood of 1000 monsters, and a crown made from the bones of a dragon. Adam growled in a way most humans found inhuman and ran into the tower and marched his way up.

Adam now locked in combat played a game of trade with the king of this land, blows were traded as well was words of hate.
"A king?! You are just a killer" Adam roared and charged.
"And you have the right to say? Your a beast, a Monster MY ENEMY" The battle raged for a while until Adam cut the king's hand off and pointed his sword to his throat and just said, his voice dark and cruel.
"Today, this begins the Monster war, your kingdom shall fall unless you stay out of the forest, Any man who enters my home and defiles it, I will make sure they pay" Adam said, blood dripped from his sore and torn body.

Adam finally had made it back to his home after what seemed like forever, he crashed onto his bed with a small pack on his back.
"I will have to find Tressa and ask what the tribe has done while I was gone, or if she did anything"
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"I'm not worried about the trivial things," Tressa commented. Without any yield the slime girl continued to fight the tribe of centaurs. At first glance the fight seemed to be going no where, but Tressa was growing weary. She climbed on the green centaur known as Yousei and wrapped her slimy body around the hoofed creature. The two females both blushed as the two found the touch to reveal a strange secret. "You're a," Tressa was about to comment on Yousei's body, but was interrupted by the green girl's glare. "Don't say a word," Yousei commanded.
While the slime girl was attached to the centaur there was a momentary cease fire from the others. An older looking female from among the centaur herd from a nearby tent. She appeared to be the respected leader. "Enough," the elder silenced the entire group with just her voice. All bowed to her presence. Her beady eyes seemingly peered through Tressa, which forced the slime to release Yousei. "We don't need fighting at the moment with our numbers so low. Especially with the one responsible for keeping our rivers pure," the elder spoke. She looked to the human male with an earnest smile. "We will release you to go where ever you please. I'm truly sorry things happened the way they did," she said. The old centaur's voice held a hint of sadness.
The Centaurus were forced to steal human males, much to their distaste, ever since the king of the South Kingdom captured all of their male centaurs. The elder didn't want to have to mate her tribe with 'lesser' beings. "I heard about how you were abandoned by your own kind, human. If you help us we will do the same for you," the elder offered Adam to help in his cause in exchanged for children. Tressa looked at the elder with great concern, unsure if the centaurs could be trusted.
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Adam looked at the grex, a horde of half horse like fighters. Adam had woken up in this chair and only a few moments ago fully understood where he was, and his purpose here. Adam was by far the oddest beast in the monster's forest, but to how he got here was a tale of shame and rebirth.

--Adam looked out of his house, Knights walked around telling tales of monsters and demons, beasts that could take over kingdoms. Adam grew up with this, a fear that they would be raided by either Wolf's army or fall by the hands of the monsters. Adam now an 18 year old boy nodded, this was a powerful kingdom, but was still too weak, but surely they could get the monster's to agree to fight for them and take Wolf's land and untie the lands. Taking his idea to the king he only shock his head and called Adam a dreamer.
"A man and a beast shall be just that" He said But Adam shock his head and shouted
"A MAN IS A KNIGHT, A BEAST THEN TOO MUST BE SOMETHING" He pulled his sword, a form in his kingdom of a challenge, if he won he would gain the crown or make the king grant him a wish, but the same would be for his lose, the king would do as he pleased with him, but he had to fight for his dream. The king stood tall and pulled a sword from his belt, a sword that put a fear for Adam's life in his ever bones.

Adam screamed and swung his sword, the air in it's way sharply parted and the steel soon meet the kings blade, The battle still rage in the cliffs. The king now started to pick up the pace, every second slash seem to cut into Adam's flesh, soon Adam jabbed at him all his might behind one stab, but he missed and the king stabbed his shoulder. Adam screamed in pain and fell to the floor, in his own blood they picked him up and stripped him of his weapons and beat him as the king walked away, Adam watched this in rage and pain as the king said his final words to the boy for many years to come.
"You will die at the hands of the monsters you seek to fight beside and then you will see the fool you have become" He waved his hand and soon his vision faded with a punch to the face.---

Adam winced at the memory, but what happened next did put a small smile on his face, slowly opening his mouth to be feed he recalled his first time seeing a monster.

--Adam woke up to a slimly feeling on him, and as the feeling faded he found himself missing the feeling, Getting up, Adam saw her, a girl encased in slime, but soon he found himself wrong. She was the slime, a dark form of beauty and lust. he blushed and looked away--

after that he forgot most of it until the day he saw a knight.. the day he gained his title in the world.

-- Adam had lived in the woods for a long time now, He felt stronger and better here then he did at his old home. He trained with the monsters and grew strong enough to match them one on one, Feeling he had finally turned his back on mankind he meet a knight who dared enter to steal a beast to make a pet. Enraged by this Adam went to fight the man, dressed in the wool of a Minotaur Adam was soon attack and a battle took place, But the many passing suns under the trees and with the power of the monsters has matured him into a powerful man, and he soon broke the man's sword and scared him off.
after that people started to spread the rumour of a beast man, the Blade beast.--

Adam shock his head and was soon to stand and find himself in whatever they had planned, he could not fight so many, and they had taken his sword anyhow. But as he waited for his fate, He was hit with a different fate, Tressa had appeared and vowed to protect him, standing behind her, he growled.

"Tressa get out of here, I can stand here and see you be killed over this" As happy as he was she cam,e he did not wanna see her lose this fight.
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Three Weeks Ago...

The mid-day sun shinned down upon a gentle scenery. A long dirt road wined and curved along the grassy hills. The path was once a shallow river before a new damn was built further up north. Rare flash flood storms would fill up the path and the river would return for a few days. The sun would dry it up shortly afterwards. Beautiful and tall trees live close to the path yet far away to keep their shade to themselves.
This path connected two kingdoms to each other, although that didn't mean it had many visitors. Due to its many turns and bends no one wants to travel on it. There is also rumors of monsters living in the forest. The humans call the forest that accompanies the path The Dark Forest. The rumors of monsters are completely true.
A small lake rests at the heart of the forest. The water somehow stays pure enough for drinking. The reflection of the water is like crystals and diamonds. Most animals and monsters that drink from the water are just visitors. There are a multitude of fish that live in the lake. A rainbow of colored plants also dwells within the waters. They all help maintain the lake's purity, but they aren't the most important creature of the lake.
The entire forest depends on the lake for water. The one who guards the lake and purifies it is an extraordinary slime creature. The humans know this creature as a slime girl. There is a variety of slime girls in the entire world, but this one is slightly different. She carries more emotions and will power. It is rare when a slime girl is as intelligent as a human. This one is even more intelligent than most humans. A dark slime that resides in the Dark Forest's Lake. She eats all of the toxins in the waters to keep it pure and fresh.

The dark slime rose from the water's surface. She expected to hear silence, but instead heard the sound of a horse and carriage. She was greatly surprised to hear of a human visitor. Soon she could see the carriage and was even more shocked to see who was in it. Besides the driver and a couple of knights there was a young male tied up. The men in armor tossed the boy out of the carriage without a word. The driver turned the horses around and they left the boy stranded in the middle of the Dark Forest.
The slime girl watched the events unfold with peaked curiosity. She didn't know why they were leaving a human in the forest and this only made her imagine a bunch of crazy stories. Her final thought was he was an offering to her. Just like humans the slime girl had pride in herself. Or maybe it was her big ego that made her believe the boy was for her. She went to investigate the boy's body up close.
There were bruises and cuts covering his entire body. All injuries were minor enough, but he was in no condition to be what the slime considered a proper offering. She scoffed at the thought of being given trash as a sacrifice. The slime girl paced back and forth. As she walked a strange artifact in the middle of her chest bounced slightly. It was close to where the heart would be on a human. The artifact was indeed the slime girl's heart. Without it her body would collapse into a pool of slime.
The female slime looked over toward the boy whom was still tied up. She let out a soft sigh. He looked too innocent to be hog tied like that. She knelt down and began to eat the ropes. Soon the boy was free from his binds. The slime girl couldn't help but to laugh a bit at the boy. Without even much communication between the two the girl was already enjoying the boy's company.

One Day Ago...

In the country of Eden are three kingdoms. The military kingdom of the north lead by a king known as The Wolf. He is tough yet just to his people, but ruthless to his enemies. He is constantly fighting with the king of the south kingdom. Thanks to the dangers of the Dark Forest they never resort to a full scale war. Currently The North Kingdom and the South Kingdom are under a treaty. It won't be long before that is over and done with.
The kingdom to the south isn't as military based as the kingdom to the north. South catches the fish from the ocean that they border. Anything that has to do with water they are usually experimenting with in some way. The king here is known as Trident. He loves the water even more than the fish that live and breath in it. If a battle was to be fought on the ocean his kingdom would come out as victors.
There is one last kingdom to be mentioned yet. It lies to the east. All kingdoms are positioned to avoid the Dark Forest, which lies almost in the center of the country. The East Kingdom isn't ruled by any king. A Parliament rules over it until a new heir can be crowned. The kingdom provides trade to the North and the South. The East buys weapons and furniture from the North and buys fish and produce from the South. The East also produces its own goods, but not as well as the other two kingdoms.
The Dark Forest is in the center of the country. It is dangerous territory filled with monsters and other blood thirsty creatures. Or at least that is what is told to children to keep them from running away from home. The monsters aren't as dangerous as people may think. They live similar to the way humans do. Some live alone while some live in packs, herds, or even clans.

A magnificent house nested close to the Dark Forest Lake. A new resident was now living in the Dark Forest, and an unusual one at that. The only human to have lived in the forest among the monsters and animals in the longest of times. The house wasn't large, just the basics. That's all that were needed for the human boy. The slime girl lived next door to the human.
"Adam! Come out here!" the slime girl shouted. She splashed around in the lake trying to get the boy's attention. The morning was always the worst time to try to talk to the boy it seemed. "What is he up to now?" the slime girl asked herself. She was getting quite impatient with the boy. He was the first person she ever bonded to, although she'd never admit to liking him. The slime girl was known as Tressa to the human.
Tressa couldn't wait any longer for Adam to come out and play. She left the comfort of her lake and charged into the house. The place was a mess. "Why don't you ever clean up after yourself?" she spoke. Her tone of voice made it clear that she was pissed off. The anger hid her worry well. This wasn't an ordinary mess. There were hoof marks printed everywhere. Every bit of furniture was tipped over and nothing remained unbroken. Anger soon consumed the slime girl, but in truth she was completely scared that something bad happened to her friend.
Tressa looked through the house to find nothing. She looked around the surrounding area and still found no trace of Adam. The signs were clear. A Centaur kidnapped him. The slime girl screamed at the top of her lungs. In the corner of her eye she spotted a trail left by the hoofed creature. She followed in hopes of finding her friend.


The Dark Forest Lake hasn't seen its slime girl resident in twenty-four hours. She's spent the entire time looking for Adam. Tressa was filled with guilt. "How could I let this happen?" she asked herself. After hours of traveling to the southern portion of the Dark Forest she happened upon a small tribe of Centaurs. There were many of the hoofed creatures walking around the encampment. At least seven of them were by the campfire. (r Tressa made sure to stay in the bushes undetected. For how long she would remain hidden was up to fate.
The Centaurs moved to reveal Adam in a throne like chair. They seemed to be worshiping him for some reason. This not only puzzled the slime girl but filled her with jealousy. She held herself from storming in to attack. The Centaurs were feeding him grapes and other fruit. This would have continued on if one of the younglings hadn't tripped and fallen into the bush where the slime girl was. She was immidiatally captured by an adult Centaur but oozed her way out of the other creature's hold.
Tressa slipped through their arrows to reach Adam. "What's going on?" he asked the boy, "Why are they worshiping you?" The answer to that question came from one of the Centaurs. She had bright green fur and a child like appearnce. "We need him for mating. He's the only male around for miles that won't try to kill us," the Centaurian spoke. "You're part male!" another Centaur laughed at the green hoofed girl. "Look! I don't care why you took him away! He is my friend and I won't let you hurt him!" Tressa shouted. She changed her arms into multi-tentical appendages and readied to punch anyone who got into the shape shifer's way.
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