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Several years ago, two brothers lost their home, their village and their family to a group of bandits. They were taken into the Heroes' guild and learned the art of combat, the skills of a hero, and the arcane teaching of their will.
Upon their life in the guild they had met many people, and in their graduating class, only four became heroes that were able to follow in the footsteps of those before them. Two girls became heroes along side them, now they all compete against each other and the older heroes in their quests.

User name:
Skill Set:

User name: HarpyGirl
Name: Drina Ariane Beaux, Or just Ari
Age: 24
Skill Set: Will
Weapon: Obsidian Katana
Likes: Drinking, Dancing, Fighting, Reading, Quests, Fruit, Will, Flowers, and People.
Dislikes: Bandits, Trolls, Rotting Food, Backstabbers, Evil, and Spiders.

Username: KayElric
Name: Rin
Age: 17
Skill Set: *Strength Will*
Weapon: Dual Blades
Likes: Friut, Meat, Training, winning, strength, speed, skill, Wisdome, justice, try-hards
Dislikes: Bananas, braggarts, snobs, slow progress, laziness, failing, evil.

User name: Alum
Name: Crest
Age: 27
Skill Set: Strength and Will
Weapon: Obsidian Greatsword
Likes: apples and people and the other heroes, despite their snobbyness
Dislikes: Bandits, hobbes, werewolves, sparkly vampires, anything that just gets annoying on quests and won't just lay there and die when you gotta hit it.

User name: andy6
Name: Austin
Age: 25
Skill Set: he can do basically anything if he tries to succeed.
Weapon: guns/ knives
Likes: his girlfriend, his tigers and his family
Dislikes: bitchy people and naggers

Don't ditch it, I'm sorry if I don't post after a while, I can't get on that much, I do have school during the week.
Secondly, keep in your specialty range with powers and weaponry.
Next, if and when someone gets a quest, anyone can take up the opposite.
We already know each other, grew up in the guild remember.
There are other Heroes, they don't like us novices because we are trying to take their jobs.
Have fun, not too much maturity, this is based off the first Fable game.

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Ari could barely contain her excitement when she woke up in the morning. It had taken a lot of hard work to get where she was at now and it was all going to pay off. Drina Ariane Beaux was no ordinary woman. She was a Hero. She had spent most of her life in the Guild and this was when she was finally going to be able to leave it and live a life of adventure. She dressed quickly and ran down the stairs to where everyone else was gathered to listen to the words the Guildmaster had to say. Ari took a seat near the back and listened with wide eyes as the man spoke.

This was the real deal. Only four would make it. The woman's heart was racing as she thought about how important it was that she was one of those four. Sure, she had never fought a Balverine or a Hobbe before, but she had been training long enough to know that she would have a pretty good chance at defeating the creatures. It was just the fact that she'd have to do it better than others that really got her worried. Ari was good, but she wasn't sure she was that good.
  Drina Ariane Beaux / HarpyGirl / 8y 168d 17h 35m 44s
Crest noticed one of his clasmates, Rin, in the crowd. He ran to her quickly before the Guildmaster was finished talking, "Rin, glad to see you made it, I was kinda late myself, did I miss anything?" he asked the girl giving a little laugh.

The guildmaster continued to give his speach, listing out the rules and the dangers, "I don't want you to be slaughtering each other, you'll have plenty to fight with all the balverines and hobbes."

Crest's eyes widened at the last word and he looked over to Rin, "Did he say... Hobbes?!?!"
  Crest Greystone (warded) / Alum / 8y 169d 3h 20m 37s
Rin got dressed out of her night clothing before heading down the stairs, skippeng breakfast so she wouldn't be late. Today was it-Graduation day. She had trained hard for this and she swore she would make it. Running towards the woods, hoping she wasn't too late, Rin took her place in the crowd.

Rows apon rows of fellow trainees were lined up, and Rin realized, only four of them would make it back. Only four would be able to fufill what they worked so hard for. She clenched and unclenched her fists in anticipation. When Rin heard the assesment, she was glad she had skipped her meal. Her stomach was fluttering from slight nerovusness. Looking around, she exchanged a glance with a boy in the crowd. Rin prepared herself to be teleported to the woods-the place where basically the rest f her life would be decided.
  Rin / KayElric / 8y 169d 4h 18m 12s
<<>You guys can post when you want now, I'll set everything up at the graduation day<>>

Flames rose high in the sky as strange men ravaged and destroyed straw huts, and murdered people in the night. Women raped and men slain, the children captured, save for two who hid behind the scarecrow in their pumkin fields. He shielded his little brother's eyes from the torture, the bloodshed.

"Wake up young one, today is a big day," the boy awoke to a tall bald man with a small beard and long tattoos that streched across his head. "Quickly now, you need to go meet the other other chilren in the forest for your final test."

The boy pulled himself out of the wooden chair that he had propped in and gave a little streach. His hooded uniform was laced with a green stripe down each arm and leg then one across the top of the hood that went down the back. He wore gloves that looked like belts that laced up his arm a bit, and his boots were of the same green and tan materials as his uniform.

Given about a few minutes he easily found his way across the small area in the woods to find fifty other kids standing out in a little clearing. His brother must have been somewhere in the crowd or he was late just like him.

There wasn't time to go look for Austin, the Guild masters stood up at a stage that was built up at the far end of the area. He raised his arms to stop the children's commotion throught the entire fifty students.

His voice echoed through the clearing and his glowing tattoos seemed to glow more brightly as he spoke, "My children, listen closely. This is your graduation day, and only four will graduate from this." he summoned the Wardmaster to walk closer to the stand with a flick of his finger, "Wardmaster will teleport all of you into the deepest reaches of Darkwood. The first four to return to the Guild Hall on foot will graduate, the rest will either be dead, lost, or teleported back to the guild."
  Crest Greystone (warded) / Alum / 8y 170d 12h 56m 48s

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