MLP CHAT!~ yes another one :3

/ Chat~ Mlp~ Create Your Own :3 / By AnarchyTubesock [+Watch]

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Allowed Users

  1. [Allowed] MasaomiKida
  2. [Allowed] KayElric
  3. [Allowed] Innocence
  4. [Allowed] Kiyoa
  5. [Allowed] RailroadRunaway
  6. [Allowed] Doll_of_Bones
  7. [Queued] riflemeister308


This is a chat were all you ponies can get together and chat!!"
doesn't have to be a main character Pony either!! :3

This is the Creator I use to create my ponies ;3 you can use it as well!!


All es rules apply here!

Ponies Skelly :3

Username: ~....~
Name of Pony: ~....~
Pony Mark: ~....~
Pony Pic: ~....~

Ponies on here

Username: AnarchyTubesock
NOP: Butcher
Cutie~Mark: A Clever ;3
Pony Pic:

Username: KayElric
NOP: SunnyFlash
Cutie~Mark: A blazing sun
Pony Pic:

Username: ~MasaomiKida~
NOP: ~Titan~
Cutie~Mark: ~Skull~
Pony Pic:

Username: Kiyoa
Name of Pony: Electric Blue
Cutie~Mark: Blue Lightening Bolt


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Roleplay Responses

I have neglected my chat?! O>O
  Butcher / AnarchyTubesock / 1y 362d 19h 16m 36s
Twitchy Rainbow is Twitchy. XD
  Applejack / Innocence / 2y 23d 14h 40m 24s
Rainbow Dance
XD no i have one with the same exact moves only rainbow. XD this is just twitches
  Rainbow Dance / MasaomiKida / 2y 23d 14h 41m 28s
Oh now that's just copying me! XD Lol jk jk
  Applejack / Innocence / 2y 23d 14h 43m 7s
Rainbow Dance
XD ty
  Rainbow Dance / MasaomiKida / 2y 23d 14h 45m 38s
Oh yay! :D And lol.. that's an epic Derpy gif. :3
  Applejack / Innocence / 2y 23d 14h 46m 27s
Mails Here!
hmmm....... idk the letter i have for you says no.
  Mails Here! / MasaomiKida / 2y 23d 14h 47m 23s
So I'm not in trouble? :D
  Applejack / Innocence / 2y 23d 15h 2m 58s
XD its fine
  RainDancer / MasaomiKida / 2y 23d 15h 5m 9s

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