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The Victor's Academy is the most prestigious school in town. It is one of the best schools in the country and only the best of students are accepted each year. Not only do you have to be a well rounded student, following the school's rules and regulations is a must to keep you enrolled. The only problem is that it is an all boy's school.

_____has been going to the school for years now. He finds out that he needs a new roommate. Little does he know its going to be a girl in disguise.

Valera is just a normal school girl, hoping to get the best education she could possibly achieve. Her current standings in school would allow her to be accepted into the academy, but since its all male, she wants to do whatever it takes to make it in. Dressing up as a teen male, she changes her first name and tries to act like a normal male student. She then is able to live in the dorms with her roommate Jace. What happens when she starts off her classes. Will her classmates find out her secret? Will her roommate _____ find out about who she really is? What would happen if he does? Will they grow closer or grow further apart?

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As Tavin eyed the unfamiliar girl, she scanned her from head to toe. It seemed like she was one of those girly girls, the one who dressed up to impress as many guys as she could, along with wanting to receive everyone's attention. She didnt see her as more than maybe someone visiting since no girls were allowed in this school. Maybe she was one of the staff's kids? But when Tristan introduced her as the dean's daughter, she knew exactly what she needed to do.

She couldnt expose herself to this girl no matter what, but that look Tristan gave her confused her. What was he doing? Did he not like her maybe? She didnt quite understand his motive. "Um, hello. Im Tavin. Im Tristan's new roommate" she kept a confident yet moderately loud voice, enough to sound sort of shy, yet independent. She took the female's hand and shook it, keeping a small smile on her lips to be respectful. The last thing she wanted was to be kicked out of school for being discovered by her.

But when the conversation was out of her hands, she just tried to fill in the blanks. "We're playing a little basketball. Tristan is showing me around campus to make sure I find my classes. What are you doing in a place full of smelly guys?" she tried to learn a little more information about her. It seemed like Tristan didnt like her, but Matt was all over her. WHy did she pay any interest to her? SHe was a girl.

Sorry it took a while. I completely forgot about this one XD
  Tavin / ellocalypse / 5y 268d 20h 25m 41s
"This is Sophie," Tristan replied to the young man's question. He gave Tavin a look that he hoped would warn his new roommate against her, "she's the dean's daughter."

Sophie smiled at Tavin in a way that didn't hide her motives, "It's a pleasure to meet you...?"

She left the question, letting it roll off her tongue, waiting for the young man to chime in, instead Matt jumped on the pause.

"So, Sophie, what's up?" Matt asked. Tristan felt slightly pained by the look on his friend's face. Matt got invested very easily.

Sophie glanced at Matt for a moment and then back at Tavin, "Not much. What about you...?" Again she let the question hang. Just answer the question already!, she thought, before Tweedledum tries to talk again. Luckily, I don't have to worry about Tweedledee--he hates me.

Tristan didn't hate her, but he had no love for her. Tristan scowled at Sophie as she tried to engage Tavin. The poor boy had no defense against Sophie. She was like chickenpox, you only got immune after a dose of her...unless you were Matt, who got shingles.

I thought we should start this up again
  Tristan Carroway / Watson / 5y 323d 18h 21m 8s
The game was getting even more competitive than Tavin found it to be. Matt was really good at basketball, not to mention his height and skill difference. It was only fair that he would dominate on the court, but Tavin wasnt going to give up so easily. She just couldnt blow her cover, not here, and not over something so minuscule as a game of basketball. SHe's worked too hard, and studied even harder to get into this school to prove her point.

Using her tiny size, she ran past Matt, dribbling the ball as best she could, not looking back to see him catch up. He was probably really close since he had his tall legs to support him and as she ran to the hoop, her eyes shined with such intensity as she grinned. Jumping up into the air, she released the ball, watching it fall into the hoop, a satisfied grin on her lips as she turned around. "You liked that didnt you?" she chuckled softly, glancing back to see the male was wandering off to Tristan and to some girl. The sight made her sigh irritatedly. THe only time she proved her worth, there was no one there to see it. Plus Matt had run away so technically she didnt score off of him.

Running her fingers her her hair, she dusted herself off and pushed away the strands of hair blocking her face. When she walked over to them, she panted softly and frowned "I was just about to win! Why did you run away?" she whined in her weak voice. Good thing it was too quiet to sound like a girl.

As she looked up at Tristan, her eyes fell onto the girl, wondering why a girl was here at the school. "Who is she?" she asked curiously.
  Tavin / ellocalypse / 6y 88d 7h 3m 37s
Tristan threw some punches at the hanging bag before he was called to by a sweet feminine voice.


Tristan closed he eyes briefly, groaning internally. He threw a last heavy punch at the punching bag before turning around.

There standing before him was the dean's daughter, Sophie. In Tristan's eyes, she was the bane of this prestigious institution.

"Well, if it isn't Hester Prynne."

Sophie tsk-ed, "Tristan, don't be mean. I was just visiting Daddy and I thought I would come down and visit the troops."

Tristan rolled his eyes, "What do you want?"

"Who says I want anything?" she asked coquettishly.

"Call it a well-informed guess."

"Oh...well, do you know who that guy over there is?" Sophie pointed toward where Matt and Tavin were playing basketball.

Tristan sneered at her, "You can't tell me you've forgotten your most recent conquest so easily?"

Sophie had the decency to blush at his remark which made him feel slightly bad. "No...the other one."

"My new roommate, Tavin," he frowned at her.

"Well....aren't you going to introduce me?" she persisted.

Tristan scoffed, "Not bloody likely." But, that was slightly ruined by the fact that Matt jogged over.

Sophie just smiled at Tristan before greeting the man-turned-puppy, Matt. She had won again.
  Tristan Carroway / Watson / 6y 97d 18h 25m 30s
Tavin was excited to finally be seeing more of the activities around the school. He may be all about learning and doing homework, but it wasnt bad to have fun once in a while. But sadly when Tristan said the sport was more Matt's thing, he frowned a little, but did his best to hide it. He didnt want Tristan knowing that he was disappointed that he couldnt do the sport with him.

So Tavin didnt complain one bit, although he didnt really enjoy hanging out with Matt. The man scared him deep down, but he didnt want Matt to figure that out, or else he would torture Tavin even more.

He looked up at Matt, nodding his head "Yes, please dont break me. Im very fragile" he walked over to where the courts were, seeing a few large guys running around and throwing the ball. They were already sweaty and smelly. Tavin couldnt help but wrinkle his nose. Guys were so gross sometimes.

"So lets get warmed up? Take a few shots?" he suggested to Matt, leaning down to pick up the round, orange ball, aiming and shooting it into the hoop with ease. But his step was kind of off, more like a feminine toss than a shot.


As Tavin shot a few hoops, the Dean's daughter was wandering around the school grounds, finding her days off to be boring around home. At least at her daddy's school, there were cute guys around. When she made her way to the activity and recreation center, she peeked around, stopping in the basketball court area.

It didnt take long until she stopped and began watching Tavin shoot some hoops. That was it. The perfect guy. He was a unique pinkette and athlete. His stature was thin and small enough to be the perfect size compare to her.
  Tavin / ellocalypse / 6y 161d 2h 16m 36s
Tristan eyed his new roommate. He really needed to stop hanging on him like that. He wasn't some sort of jungle gym.

"I thought you said you liked to box?" he asked him. Watching the kid bounce on his toes like a child Christmas morning. This kid really needed to get out more if he was so moved by a gym. "Anyway basketball is more Matt's thing. Why don't you two go one-on-one. Matt, just don't break him please."

Matt smiled slightly maniacally, mostly for effect. Well Tristan hoped it was for effect. He watched as his new roommate was led away by Matt who promised "to minimally damage" the new student.

Tristan went over to the boxing ring. An acquaintance, Jim, was in making heavy blows against his opponent. He nodded to the guy when they took a break, "Lookin' good man! We should spar sometime." Jim smiled and agreed.

Tristan then went to his gym locker and changed into more boxing appropriate attire. He pulled on some shorts, took his shirt off leaving the tank underneath and wrapped his hands in gauze.

Tristan looked for Tavin and Matt as he made his way to the punching bag. Where we they?
  Tristan Carroway / Watson / 6y 161d 7h 14m 42s
Tavin found the two to be really immature at times, but at the same time, they were such good friends. It reminded her about the days back home when she hung out with her girlfriends at the mall, or at the park. She wished she could be really good friends with these too as well.

Once they arrived at the activity center, Tavin glanced around the room, seeing the endless amounts of students trotting the hallways, working out on machines, and the smell of new sporting equipment filled her nose.

THen without thinking, she was bouncing on her feet in excitement, grabbing onto Tristan's arm once more. She was much too happy to think about being a boy. SHe wanted to try out all of these activities.

"Oooh! Oooh! Maybe we should go try out some basketball?" she suggested, having played that back at her high school a lot.
  Tavin / ellocalypse / 6y 217d 18h 8m 13s
Tristan glared at Matt and answered his probably traumatized new roommate, "No! Of course not, he left just because he felt overwhelmed. Matt is just kidding, as per usual."

Matt looked less than contrite as he said, "I'm just kidding, BabyFace." And gave the new student a playful double-slap on Tavin's cheek.

Tristan rolled his eyes, "Stop man-handling my roommate Matt, yeah?"

"Or what?" Matt asked sweetly.

Before Tristan could reply, Tavin tugged on his arm urging them to get a move on.

"Um...yeah, Tavin's right we should go." Tristan thought it a bit odd that Tavin practically clung to his arm as he pulled.

"Ooh Tristan you're lucky BabyFace was here," Matt baited.

Tristan raised his eyebrows, "Oh yeah, Helders? Out of the two of us, who's dick going to fall off?" He teased his friend with up raised eyebrows.

"You wish yous was, Carroway," Matt retailiated. Matt gave Tristan a push as the three of them walked to Tavin's first class.

"Mm, right. I forgot that's what everyone wants." He gave Matt a shove back.

Soon they were laughing and rough-housing in the hall.

Eventually they managed to show Tavin all his classes and ended up at the Activity Centre.

"So Tavin, what do you want to do?" Tristan asked.

  Tristan Carroway / Watson / 6y 235d 1h 16m 20s
Tavin wasnt supposed to be scared of anything. He was supposed to be a tough, teenage male, capable of being one of the top guys here at the academy. But as Matt mentioned Tristan's old roomate, the look on Tavin's face went from being so strong and serious, to one of more fear, and shyness. Deep down she was afraid to find out what really happened. "W-What happened to his old roommate? He didnt die did he?" she wondered, about to say something else before she shook her head, looking down at her schedule. "Okay guys. Lets just hurry and find these classes so we can head to the activity center" she smiled and reached over, pulling Tristan's arm as she read them the first room number.

The rest of the day was spent finding her classes, wandering around campus and peeking through classroom doors as she memorized where they were as best she could. They managed to finish within two hours, having enough time to work out, or try a sport.
  Tavin / ellocalypse / 6y 240d 17h 51m 6s
Tristan chuckled at Tavin's words, "You and Matt should get along fine then. What d'you say Matt?"

"I'll let you know the next time I decide to committ some mindless vandalism, then."

Tristan laughed at his friends words. They continued walking to Tavin's first class.

Tristan's interest was piqued when Tavin mentioned his athletic interests. "Really? Do you want to go after we look at your classes? We can just spar a bit."

Matt chuckled, "You better be careful Tristan, you don't want to break your new rommate." Matt stage-whispered to Tavin, "You wonder what happened to his old roommate?" He raised his eyebrows and indicated Tristan with his thumb.

  Tristan Carroway / Watson / 6y 242d 20h 52m 12s
Following the other two guys, Tavin kept on his toes. His eyes scanning all the way around the area, trying to memorize how to get back to their dorms, along with trying to keep his eyes peeled for his classes. Even though he did have a bounce to his step, he kept the male thing at the back of his mind. So it was as if he was walking with an abnormal step a few times.

"Physics? Oh right. Ya. I have physics. Not my favorite subject, but Im sure Ill do great with a little thinking you know?" he smirked and crossed his arms, entering the buildings after them. "But you're right Matt. Chemistry is so much better. Um...Burning things and um...getting dirty!" she stated, thinking that guys were usually like that.

After walkng around a few times, Tavin found a few of his classes, one of which were with Matt. As they trodded further down the carpeted hallways, he paused and peek out of one of the large glass window, watching the view and scanning the campus. It was really beautiful. It didnt look new, but more distinguished, having its share of history. No wonder why the guys here were so smart. THey had the resources and the professors knew how to teach.

With his back towards Tristan, he shook his head. "Well I really do like Biology, studying the animals of the planet. Its one of my favorite subjects. And I like to do...Sports. Um...Tennis? or...Boxing!" she tried to come up with something tough, to surprise her new found friends.
  Tavin / ellocalypse / 6y 268d 6h 43m 32s
The three of them started walking down the hall. Tristan noticed Tavin practically skipping. Tristan smiled at the new student's excitement. He couldn't remeber the last time he was that elated, especially within these walls.

Tavin suddenly turned on his heel, deciding that they would visit his classrooms.

"Okay, cool. I noticed you had a Physics book, we can start there. You have Physics too don't you Matt?" Tristan and Matt began to lead the way to Math and Science Wing. Although it was a very old building, for American standards, the Math and Science Wing contained state-of-the-art equipment.

Matt affirmed it, "Yeah, it's a complete bore if you ask me. I much prefer Chemistry, blowing things up and such." Matt grinned at the both of them. They reached one of the numerous staircases and began to descend the glossy wooden steps that were covered in fine carpet. Tristan trailed his hand against the polished banister, so finely grained it almost felt soft.

Silence settled among them which amplified their muffled steps. To break the silence, which was not awkward just not the friendly atmosphere he enjoyed. It especially weird since Matt was usually loud enough for the both of them. Perhaps, he was still thinking about their missing peers. Neither of them had known the missing students well, but they had had a certain rapport with Carlos. He was a pretty good boxer and had a knack for computers, also he had lived on their floor.

Tristan shook his head in the hopes of clearing his mind. He didn't want to think of that just now. He instead focused his efforts on engaging his petite roommate.

"So...what subjects are you interested in, Tavin?" Tristan asked.
  Tristan Carroway / Watson / 6y 266d 20h 34m 16s
Tavin wasnt one to lose things, but he was starting to get a little nervous by the words Matt spoke. He didnt want anything to do with this Larson guy. Ever. Two people disappearing confirmed that for him. His mind got sidetracked from the thoughts of what he could give this Larson person in return just in case he did lose his card, but when he heard Tristan's sudden excitement, he blinked back to reality.

Walking down the hallways, her dark, pink hair began slipping from beneath the back of her head. It slightly came past her shoulders, but since he had a hop to his step, he didnt really notice. Once he came to a stop, he pivoted his heel and faced the boys. "Well I would like to find out where my classes are. So I dont get lost tomorrow. That would be a big help" he suggested before coughing a little to regain his raspy voice. "Um...then maybe we can check out the activities" he slipped his hands back into his pockets and raised his shoulders more. He really had to observe more guys. It was becoming obvious that he didnt really know how to act like a guy.
  Tavin / ellocalypse / 6y 282d 18h 57m 27s
"Larson is the groundskeeper. You see, if you lose your pass card, it costs a pretty penny to get it replaced through the normal channels, red tape, blah, blah, blah." Matt explained, "But, Larson can get a new one for you, however he's a bit creepy and usually will ask you for something in return. The request is different for every person, sometimes truly bizarre or just mundane, occasionally grotesque, often pretty tame." Matt grinned, "It's Russian roulette."

Tristan again rolled his eyes at his friend's dramatics, "He's really not all that bad. I lost it once and he just made me clean his windows. He just made Matt help him weed. There's no big mystery really--"

"But, what about Carlos Gonzales and Ryan Styles?! They both went missing after--"

"Matt." Tristan said in a warning tone, he did not want to upset his new roommate. He was going to be traumatized as it was being his first day there, he did not need to hear Matt's conspiracy theories.

Matt gave him an irratated look, but he would be quiet--for now. Tristan knew his friend and they trusted each other, Matt would be mum on the subject.

"Now! Where were we?" Tristan asked, forcing cheerfulness which sounded strained even to his own ears. "Right, we were going to show you around." He lead them through the doorway, locking the door behind them. "Where would you like to go first? We could visit your classrooms, if you would like, or we could go straight to the activities center. It's up to you."
  Tristan Carroway / Watson / 6y 266d 20h 33m 58s
Tavin stared at the boys, listening as Tristan invited his odd friend to come along. WHen he agreed, she felt a slight discomfort in the pit of her stomach, but she shrugged it off, not wanting to think about this any longer. She new that Matt was Tristan's friend, but this easiness she felt around him made her disappointed that he was coming along.

As she prodded towards the door, she quickly adjusted her step. Her back began to slouch, he hands shoved into her pockets as she looked to the guys. Feeling the card in her pocket against her fingertips, she smiled "I have it dont worry. Although I would like to know about this Larson...Is that a person that I should be familiar with? Or..." she spoke in a curious tone. Of course it was muffled mostly by her attempt to sound deeper and manlier, but she was sure Matt understood.
  Tavin / ellocalypse / 6y 302d 17h 56m 22s

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