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In the blink of an eye. Everyone disappears. GONE.

Everyone except for the young. Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not a single adult. No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents. And suddenly, there are no phones, no internet, no television. No way to figure out what's happened. And no way to get help.

Hunger threatens. Bullies rule. A sinister creatures lukes. Animals are mutating. And the teens themsevles are changing, developing new talents-unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers-that grow stronger by the day.

It's a terrifying world. Sides are being chosen, a fight is shaping up. Townies against rich kids. Bullies against the weak. Powerful against powerless. And time is running out: On your brithday, you will disappear just like everyone else.

Something bizarre has happened in the town of San Perdido. In a flash, everyone over the age of eighteen has disappeared. Poof. Gone. A strange impenetrable force field encircles the town, and as the stranded kids struggle to survive on their own, they discover that some of them are developing new talents—unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers—that grow stronger by the day. And unfortunately, not all the kids with these new-found powers are good...



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Every person aged 18 or over simultaneously vanishes from the school in Perdido Beach, causing confusion and chaos among the pupils. It is quickly established that the adults have vanished from the entire town.


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  Selene Charles / WildBunnii / 7y 351d 4h 26m 53s
The piercing high pitched beeping of his alarm clock woke Damien from his heavy slumber. He looked to his right, at the alarm clock which sat on the windowsill next to his bed. A low pitched groan came from his throat as he hit the snooze button. " 5 more minutes..." He murmured to himself. Sure enough, 5 minutes later, that horrible sound started up again. Damien rolled out of his bed and stood up, leaning over to turn off the alarm clock. He threw himself into the shower, leaving it on cold at first. For about 30 seconds to start with, he would always have the shower on cold to wake him up, then turn it warm. 20 minutes and he was out. He got to work dressing himself and drying off his hair. He headed downstairs, and poured himself a bowl of cereal. His parents had already left, they always were working early. He munched down the bowl of cereal, putting the bowl to his lips to drink down the last dregs of the milk he had used. He headed into the kitchen and left his bowl on the side. Grabbing his bag and helmet, he headed into the garage where his Moped was. He pulled out his keys from his jean pocket, pushed it into the ignition to hear the bike warm up. He pressed a button on his keyring and the garage door opened. He rode out, pressing the button again for the door to close behind him.
He drove off towards school, hand steady on the throttle. His moped wasn't much to look at, but he did prefer it to a car as it gave him a sense of freedom, although more importantly, it cost him a fraction of what a car would of. As he arrived at the school, he parked his moped up up against the same railing he always did. He stood up, lifting his moped's seat to access the storage area and pulled out a large padlock and chain. Wrapping it around the railing and through the back wheel of his moped, he secured the padlock in place. He placed his helmet into the storage area under the seat. Pushing his seat back down, he turned to face the school. He walked towards it, the chatter of the other arriving students filling his ears. The small group of friends he had were all in college now, as they were in the year above him and mostly hung around in the school library at breaks and lunch. Damien was now mostly alone at school. He was still in contact with them all, but he didn't really have any friends inside school. He got on well enough with the other people. He wasn't bullied. But some people considered him a wierd kid. Heh... He didn't care much for the other people who were the same age as him. He drifted through the school day, getting his work done, and daydreaming when he had finished it.
First lesson went pretty normally. Second was a substitute teacher who couldn't keep control of the nuisances in the class. As always, he got on with the work that was set. The work the teacher managed to set anyway. Third lesson. He listened to the teacher ramble on with himself. He had no part in the problems of tuesday, but he still saw no reason as to why he carried on talking about it. But just as it looked as if he was about to explode, he was gone. Disappeared completely. He watched as Selene, a girl that sat in the row in front of him to the right a few seats, stood up and walked over to the desk. After she spoke, the other students collected up their things and made their way to the door. He sat there for a moment, thinking, until the room was left with just him and Selene, and a few others who didn't quite feel like leaving yet. " What just happened?" Damien asked, a confused look on his face. The teacher had disappeared, as had a couple of students. This wasn't an everyday occurrence in San Perdido. This wasn't an everyday occurrence anywhere.
  Damien Harrison / AndroloMakarza / 7y 353d 3h 26s
The same old ceiling, the same old clatter of plates from downstairs, and the same old quiet talking from the most familiar voices in a person's life. The cover over his body was the same, its plain fabric not bringing any life to his morning. He rolled over, as usual, and let out a huge breath as a dare to the early morning. With little effort he pulled himself up and ran his fingers through his hair, grimacing at the tangles that stopped them.
What the hell kind of dream was that? He thought, remembering the strange faces and voices following him around. Without a second thought, he shook it out of his mind, afraid that thinking about it would only make it become a reality.
Within a couple of minutes, his hair was brushed, and the normal outfit for him was already changed into. He had his button-up white shirt, with a tie, and his shoulder bag stuffed with books, and other things.
Silas headed down and grabbed a piece of toast, holding it in his mouth as he put on his shoes.
"When are you going to be home tonight?" His mother asked, not taking her eyes off the skillet.
"A bit later than usual. I have some stuff to do."
His mother shot him a worried look and then shook it off, and jumped at the sound of the front door closing.
The walk to the academy was that of the same. The steepness of the hill, more like mountain, never seemed to change, but it didn't bother Silas as much as it did the first time. Besides, living somewhat close to the academy did have its advantages.
He made it to the gates, and through the front door, and to his classroom, all without minding the figures in the hallways. To him they were all grey, black, and white, and faceless.
Biting his lip, he watched the people talk in the hallways, and those who walked into the room. Someone behind him was moving around chairs noisily, and by the time Silas had turned around, the sound had stopped, and no one was there.
Without a doubt, his head skipped a beat, and his eyebrows raised, his breath caught.
He mindlessly walked through the halls, listening to everyone talking, his head hurting. Gone? What? His eyes were on the hallway tiles, and found himself bumping into someone.
"Hey! You! Go to the cafeteria. We need you in there."
He shot them a glare and did as he was told, but only after he pulled out his phone. Attempting to text his friend on the other side of the building, he noticed that he had no signal, which was strange, as he usually got full bars.
When he arrived at the cafeteria, he found himself a seat at a table, and watched the little kids cry, feeling like crying himself.
  Silas Twine / Tomatolol / 7y 353d 21h 43m 45s
"This is ridiculous.." Jayson muttered as her entered his new school, pushing past some kids, standing around out front as if with nothing to do, one or two of them - older boys who had a build about as physically fit as his, sized him up as he took the steps up to the door, hitching his backpack higher on his shoulders for comfort. he'd managed to avoid the school's bullies for the first two weeks at this school, and if it were up to him, he could remain completely out of their radar for the rest of the school year. He'd gotten into enough trouble as it was. Hell, that's why he was here now.
"What'd you say, new kid?" One of them said, saying the phrase, "New Kid", as though it were an insult. The larger of the two kids began taking the steps up towards Jayson when he ignored them and kept walking.
He thought they'd leave him alone once he was a few feet into the school.
He was wrong.
The large boy, who he noticed had a blue tattoo on his right forearm, cut him off, steping up in front of him and placing his face real close to Jayson's.
Whoah there rank-breath. Ever heard of personal space? Of course, Jay didn't actually say this, instead, he turned his eyes to the other boy's feeling the shorter one close behind him, and sighed through his nose.
For a second he contemplated uppercutting the boy in front of him's teeth together, but decided against it. He was on probation, and the last thing he needed right now was to be charged for assault and battery on school grounds. He was sure that he could talk his way out of the situation if it did arise, but sometimes avoiding trouble was a much easier solution then getting yourself out of it.
"What do you want? I'm late." He said, taking a step back away from the boy's admittedly nasty breath.
"You say something out there to me?" The guy took a step towards him.
"I was admiring the tattoo, actually." Jayson felt a smirk come across his face as an idea popped into his head, "A blue dragon. You know, I was seriously thinking about getting the same thing. But maybe another color. Something like red, maybe."
The bully raised an eyebrow and straightened himself, lifting his arm to look at his tattoo, the faintest hint of a smile on his face now, "Oh yeah? You like it, huh? I was gonna get it done in red but my bro told me blue would be cooler."
"Well it looks cool, but maybe you should've gona along with your instincts. You were right." Jayson felt his grin widen just slightly when he saw the boy's smile widen. People loved to be told they were right. It was clear by the boy's choice of clothing - White, black, and red sneakers with a red tie and a red bookbag, that he liked the color red. All Jayson had to do was exploit this tiny bit of information, and suddenly, the school's bully was holding his hand out to him, nodding in respect for the younger boy, his friend coming around to stand next to him.
"the name's Ray." The boy said, "And my friend here's Paul. And you are?"
Jayson smiled, reaching for the boy's hand, "Jay." He said, and, as his fingers touched Ray's, both boys suddenly dissappeared.
Jay held his hand suspended in mid-air a moment, before looking around him in surprise. Suddenly, it seemed, the entire school had taken on a strange, eerie silence, and he could feel something shift in the air around him.
A few seconds later, one confused, and curious looking student popped his head out of the doorway to his classroom, staring at Jayson as though he had an answer to some unknown question, then another, and another, untill suddenly the entire school became ablaze with conversation and debate about what had just procured. Jayson made his way through the throng of students in the hallway, which was steadily increasing, and made his way into the main office. Empty. He walked into the principle's office and sat on his chair, looking at the security footage from the cameras situated around the school.
He couldn't quite place what was missing in the video of kids running back and forth in confusion, talking, and laughing, some crying..and the two boy's dissapearance had his mind a bit frazzled, so it took him long enough so that it took a group of students bursting into the principle's office, out of breath and surprised to see, instead of the principle, Jay sitting on the chair, saying, "All the teachers are gone!", incredulidity peppering every syllable, for Jay to piece the puzzle together.
He looked back at the screens and searched each one for confirmation, finding it in the lack of adult figures, and, he noticed also, some of the older upperclassmen. They were simply Gone. Not a trace of them left.
Standing up, Jay pointed at the girl who'd told him the news, the group still waiting anxiously for...something. "What's your name?" He asked.
"Me? Linda."
"Good. Linda, are you any good with computers?"
The girl nodded, though the look on her face asked why this was important.
Stepping out from behind the desk, Jay came up to the group of students and smiled reassuringly, though inside he was still a bit moved and very confused about what was going on.
"I need you to do me a favor. I tried to get into the principle's computer, but it's got a password on it. If you could hack into it for me, that would help us all more then I can explain right now."
"Linda. Please." Jay's voice was sincere, controlled, and calming, and he could tell by the way the students were looking at him, that they would help him, "You may be the only person who can help us right now."
The girl nodded, after a pause, and went over to the computer, muttering an 'ok' as she passed by him.
"Do you know what's going on?"
"I tried to call my house, no one's picked up!"
"The police isn't even picking up!"
"My brother's gone! He was sitting right next to me and-"
"I've got a seriously bad feeling about this, what are we-"
"I'm getting kind of scared. no one's phone's working, and I can't ge online.."
"We should get out of here before we all dissappear too, right?"
Jay hadn't noticed how many kids were leaking into the rooms before that of the principle now, all asking questions and making comments and, innevitably, looking at the guy standing at the door of the principle's office, raising his hand in the air and calling for quiet.
"Alright," Jay said, when the noise had been reduced to a silent murmur, "Listen to me. I understand that some of you are a bit scared right now," he looked meaningfully at some of the younger kids in his rather large audience now, before returning to addressing the whole, "But if we want to figure out what's happened to all the adults-"
"And my brother! He was only eighteen and he dissappeared too!" A kid, looking rather panicked, said aloud, others confirming of similar situations occuring to them.
"And the other students who dissappeared too, I'm going to need you all to calm down and get yourselves under control. We're going to need some of you older kids to keep an eye on the younger ones, ok? This means no more panicking, no more running around scaring all of them with unnescessary information. Right now, there are no adults here, so WE are going to have to start acting as the authority, and take care of this while we figure out what's happened." he paused a moment, to let this sink in, "Hell, for all we know, this is just a prank the seniors are playing on us before they leave." The rumbling of chuckles, slightly strained laughs, and smiles that krept up into the student's now silent faces rearded jay's attempts at calming everyone down, though, inside he was sure that this was no joke, and something very serious was going on here. And he wanted answers. As bad as they all did.
"On the other hand, this could all have been some sort of terrorist attack or somthing of the sort, and if we go off running around like chickens with their heads chopped off, we might end up dissappearing along with everyone else." he paused again, letting this sink in as well. He needed a way to control the large populace now, and fear seemed as good a choice as any at the moment, "We need to stay organized, and stay here, in the school, where we can stick together if something else happens. Understood?"
Most students nodded, while others mutered scatered 'yesses' and 'yeahs'. Jayson even thought he'd heard a 'yes sir' mixed in among the throng.
"Ok. First, we need direction, so let's get all of the younger kids together somewhere and get some of the older ones to babysit them for a bit while we try to figure this out."

For the next few minutes, discussion was had as to what the next moves would be. Glancing at his clock, Jayson noticed it had been almot an hour and a half after the dissappearance, and still no one had come to the school, and still no one's phone could get signal.
But at least now things were more under control. jayson had helped orchestrate the way things would run for the time being- the little kids held in the cafeteria where a group of older ids could watch over them, and the rest on school grounds, the gates closed and locked, and no one allowed out yet.
Linda had taken a break from finding the principle's password, and Jayson sat at the principle's seat and watched as his plans came to fruition, most of the kids, glad to have some sort of stability after the FAYZ, as the dissapearance had begun to be called, following his order without complaint.
but he stil felt a nagging sense of doom as he watched the screens, trying to put together exactly what had gone down. As if the worst was yet to come.
  NIL / Nil / 7y 354d 1h 9m 9s
The dining room was empty when Selene slipped in, breakfast in hand. She'd always been an early riser, but it was normal for the house to be this empty. Her father was at Power Plant, working. He wasn't alone. Every day her father will take Little Lucian to work, where he will spend his day playing his video game. Her mother was resting upstairs, waiting when the time came to go shopping. The plate clicked onto the table, the only sound in the house that anyone else would be able to hear if they were around. The blonde girl herself couldn't either, since a pair of headphones were now firmly in her ears. A little music in the morning never hurt anyone, especially not her.

Selene rose, putting the remains of her breakfast into the trash and doing the few dishes in the sink before grabbing her bag from the large table next to the door. The door shut quietly behind her, although the same couldn't be said about her car. The beat-up, although she preferred 'well-loved,' VW Bug. All that love seemed to have taken it toll, since the engine did nothing but sputter pitifully before dying completely. Selene got out in a huff, stuffing key in her pocket out of habit. It had never shut down before, but now, at the most inopportune time possible, it did. Sometimes she got the feeling that the universe was out to get her. She slammed the door and walked into the street, trying to wave down one of the few neighbor kids driving by to school. It was still much too early for any sane person to be going, but Selene liked going to the library before school started. Selene like picking up books for Lucian to read to him since he couldn't attend school because of his 'health'. Lucian suffers severely from autism and in that way, he is usually in a mental world of his own, completely unaware to his surroundings, mostly through his favourite object: his GameBoy. That was going to happen, now that her hobo routine had failed, she it was time to hit the road. The school wasn't too far, but it was still a pain to have to get there on foot when she least expected it. But, she won't be able to pick up the books for her brother. At least the weather wasn't too unbearable, though, and the sun rising above the trees was more than a welcome sight. Today could be a good day after all. Selene smiled and closed her eyes as she ambled down the straight sidewalk, hands in the discreet pockets of her shorts. The birds chirped, the sun shined, and the children were sound asleep in their beds, waiting for the mothers. Selene continued on her walk to school, just in time, to hear the 9 o'clock bell of the day. Selene went to her first class which was math, taking a seat in front of class and waited for her teacher to begin class.

Her first and second class went fast, moving from one floor to another, stopping only to fetch her books from her locker. Selene stopped at her locker. It was the time to check on her brother, she always like to make sure he eat and that his game always had enough juice to last for the day. It was her mother and father's job but no one understood him more than she did. She started to text her father, but her phone was completely off. Weird. It had been charging all night. She pressed the power button to try and restart. Somehow it wouldn't come on at all. Oh well, maybe she could charge it during third period and call then. Selene reached for her AP Chemistry textbook, stuffing it into her bag and headed towards her third class.

Selene took her usual seat, the corner at the back of the room, and waited for the daily parade to begin. Mr. Phillips graded papers in his usual bad grace at the desk, not even pretending to acknowledge her. Not that he did that to anyone, but still. The room filled, and it wasn't long before the spectacles started. A girl with brown hair got into it with the teacher, even going so far as to get up on the desk. Selene eyed her eagerly, wondering just how she could even think of doing something like that.

Selene was getting rather annoyed with the constant rambling about how their class had been on the previous tuesday which was old news and what could have expected from this class besides that. Right, he is a teacher that explains why he expected more from a class that acted the same way to him. Then it was almost like in a twisted way she got her dream come true..he stopped complaining because he had just up and vanished. Leaving, many of the students breathlessly confused about what had just happened. Now she wasn't the one to believe in magic and such, but there was nothing else that made sense to her what so ever. Selene met eye contact with the student next to her whom was as confused as her was. Selene walked over to the desk and looked at the now empty seat as another student checked outside of the door. She looked at the rest of the class to notice a couple of empty seats which was filled with students a couple fo seconds ago. " I am going to have to say that school is most likely out now." She had said it uncertain as she question each word as it came out. Because she still didn't exactly know what to think besides what the hell just happened.

  Selene Charles / WildBunnii / 7y 354d 2h 52m 56s
Laughter came from the entryway and Leo could tell right away that his father was home. He raced from his room and looked down the stairs to see his mother in his fathers warm embrace.
The both looked up with smiling faces and signaled him to join the hug. He shook his head.
"I'm too old for group hugs!"
"Would you rather us come up there and tackle you?"
He shook his head back and fourth.
"Then come here!"
A little embarrassed he made his way down the stairs into their arms.
"That's my boy!" His father laughed.
"Leo! Let’s go make a nice lunch to welcome your father home!"
She was practicality jumping with joy.
"I want to help!" His father wined.
"No! You will sit, relax, and drink some wine!"
"Fine, but i am going to be at the bar, in the kitchen, no exceptions!"
We all went to the kitchen and started making dinner.
"So how was your business trip dad?" Leo asked while adding spices to spaghetti sauce. No one answered then there was a crash and a thud. Leo quickly turned around to see a pile of steaming noodles on the floor, and a wine stained counter top. His mother and father were nowhere to be found.
"Mom? Dad?"
  Leo Starr / Ariyuki / 7y 354d 17h 23m 16s
“What the hell are you doing! Give me this!”

“Lalo No, give it back right now! Im not playing!”

“Seriously! What kind of a mother does this? Especially right infront of her kids?!”

“Well no ones perfect. Now give it back.”

“Thats it. We're leaving...”

“Go ahead. As if I claimed you as my child to begin with! … What are you doing? Put his stuff down – Your not taking Leo!.”

“Wow mom, im surprised you even knew about him!”

The fight continued as Lalo searched for his brothers shoes. No longer was he going to put up with this womans shit. And there was no way he was going leave poor Leo here alone with her. She was a druggie, and that was never going to change. No matter how much he prayed. She was never going to stop. “Lalo, No, No!” Her fragile and pale arms hung onto him, trying to pull the clothing that was held in his hands. But Lalo quickly shoved her back, knocking her down to the ground. Leo, had been hiding underneath the kitchen table the entire time. Frightened by what was going on. He kept silent. Making it hard for his older brother to find him. The woman shouting grew louder and louder, to the point where neighbors where stepping out their houses. Lalo called for his younger brother as he made his way up the stairs in search of a nice size bag. He stuffed it with clothes. More of Leo's then his own. Once the bag was sealed, he snatched his keys and cell from the counter and headed back down stairs.

Leos eyes were watering as he crawled out into the open. His body trembled. Catching sight of him Lalo picked him up and held him close. “Its okay...” he whispered, kissing his forehead while heading to the door. He quickly stopped however once he seen his mother standing coldly in front of it. She could hardly stand. She was far from sober. “Your not taking my son...” Her words only made Lalo hold his brother even tighter. “The hell I am...” Taking one quick step, she picked up a vase. “Your not taking my son!”

Lalo turned his head, protecting his brother at the same time. But things took an awful turn. The room was silent, and nothing was thrown. Slowly the two opened their eyes only to find that their mother had magically disappeared. The even doubled checked their surroundings. But she was no where in sight. The same vase was, now broken, scattered the floor.
  L E O / RevoltinglySweet / 7y 355d 3h 1m 46s

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