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Thank you. Bows
  Cobra / GuardianAngel / 5y 163d 10h 57m 12s
:) welcome back
  Jace / ellocalypse / 5y 163d 11h 1m 45s
  Cobra / GuardianAngel / 5y 163d 11h 7m 32s
Mhmm! super excited. But darling should be sleeping! One more day!
  Jace / ellocalypse / 5y 183d 13h 34m 1s
Yus!!!! I cannot wait for the next part!!!!!
  Mercy / Nullification / 5y 183d 15h 5m 30s
I loved the music. All LOTR music is sooo good!

Haha I loved that part. But I'm terrible at riddles...I was like ohhh
  ellocalypse / 5y 183d 15h 24m 15s
Ohoho! I never saw it in 3D. But the music and... Ugh it was amazing! Oooooh and the scene with the riddles with Bilbo and Smeagol!!!!!
  Mercy / Nullification / 5y 183d 16h 38m 41s
Lol that's awesome! Good ol Bilbo baggins :)
I saw it in 3D omg! >.<

Yus! Thorin is yummy
  Jace / ellocalypse / 5y 183d 16h 55m 15s
It was perfect! And I fancy Thorin soooooooo much! Hehehe. And the twins. Keely and Seely. Ooft! It was stunning! Ima see it again. And I'm gunna get the soundtrack. I know the end song already!
  Mercy / Nullification / 5y 183d 16h 59m 32s
It was awesome!!!!! I loved every bit of those three hours XD
  Jace / ellocalypse / 5y 183d 17h 5m 16s
Ooooooh my gosh!!!. The Hobbit! Xysduofci it's so amazing! Eeeeeeee
  Mercy / Nullification / 5y 183d 18h 14m 7s
Really? OMG you need to see it. It's the cutest movie ever! Walk into it after the hobbit XD

And yaaay for the last day of college!!!
  Jace / ellocalypse / 5y 183d 23h 48m 8s
Heheh. Not seen that film yet. :) I might be up but if not I'll be up at 6am for my last day at college before christmas tomorrow!!!
  Mercy / Nullification / 5y 183d 23h 49m 43s
Im going to see wreck it ralph again first XD I love that movie,
then ill be going to the hobbit in about 3-4 hours LOL

I dont know if you'll still be awake darling, but we sure can ^_^
  Jace / ellocalypse / 5y 183d 23h 54m 32s
Yus! We can discuss it! I'm seeing it in an hour or so!
  Mercy / Nullification / 5y 184d 2m 43s

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