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Um lol now that you asked I cant remember the name of it... but i'm hoping to transfer once i get my associates at the school im at right now... i'd leave sooner but i don't want two years of schooling to go to waste might as well finish and get the damned degree.

Originally I was going to go to Georgia or Texas but my dad talked me out of it because he wanted me close for my first two years and then he'd let me transfer

Craving the Sasuke...Dobe
  C u r s e / SasukeUchiha / 7y 245d 56m 31s
What school? University or something?
o 0'

I was once actually gonna go to Florida.. x__x' but .. I can't .. don't wanna go so far anyway..


I am! I've been craving the Sasuke!
  D ☼ b e / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 245d 1h 29m 14s
The school I was looking into is like 2 hours from San Diego its more northern CA....

Just stating the facts as they are laid out

You are overly excited for this Dobe
  C u r s e / SasukeUchiha / 7y 245d 1h 35m 13s
Then go to school in San Diego? 0: be close to your brother I mean if it's a must to leave NY! You'd live in the same city as Chris, lmao! x'D

.... I'm just saying; I much prefer to live with my family, saves me money, and what not ^.^ and I dunno, just like it here.. no matter how annoying my family may get..

OH, jeez... thanks =_=' I'M NOT A LOSER! D<

  D ☼ b e / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 245d 1h 38m 6s
It's like a major step yeah but everything I want to do I need to leave NY to do so it's just something that I've had to deal with. Plus my brother is based in San Diego when he's not on a ship so it's not like I'd be totally alone. I'm the most independent out of all of my siblings I'm already hours away fro my fam.... its either Cali or Utah as of right now...

Your not a loser for feeling safe at home and wanting to stay there.. its just a different mentality then my own. Plus i mean your my friend you kind of already are a loser....

SasuNaru neglect... we shall fix that then shall we
  C u r s e / SasukeUchiha / 7y 245d 1h 44m 44s
Lies! 0: I kid, I kid!
Okaaaaaaay! You done lecturing me?!

I be craving some SasuNaru x_x' been neglecting!

Really? Wouldn't that mean struggling though? I'd think about it real freaking hard :l that's a long way from home..leaving the nest, lol, screw that, Ima live with my parents FOREVER!! Not really.. not till I get married.. till then, I do plan on living with my parents :l

Don't care what anyone says.. no point in leaving and paying a lot of rent money.. -_-' plus.. I feel.. safe.. and.. fuck me, I need to be quiet, I sound like a loser but oh well
  D ☼ b e / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 245d 1h 50m 8s
Haha I already saved it Dobe! I do communicate with you, friendships go both ways you gotta communicate too... I'm always here for you

Oh btw I may or may not be transferring to a college in CA.... depending on how things work out and you know...mother has to approve of the baby bird leaving the nest and all that.
  C u r s e / SasukeUchiha / 7y 245d 1h 57m 36s
ME?! D'< Teme! YOU are the one who needs to communicate with me MORE!

By the way; Verizon changed my number >:( so.. yeah, save my new number!!
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 245d 2h 1m 18s
DX you need to communicate with me more dobe!!
  D a r k // / SasukeUchiha / 7y 245d 2h 37m 41s
Lol, RAPE! c;
  G o l d e n / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 265d 1h 44m 42s
its okay love *kisses*
  Matryoshka Sasuke / SasukeUchiha / 8y 51d 20h 30m 38s
Sorry.. > >'
  D ☼ b e / NarutoUzumaki / 8y 52d 2h 58m 1s
you never answered me
  Matryoshka Sasuke / SasukeUchiha / 8y 52d 3h 46m 44s
I didn't see that before I left
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 8y 91d 3h 33m 39s
I can't text right now D8
  D ☼ b e / NarutoUzumaki / 8y 91d 9h 28m 21s

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