For me and MY dobe

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Expecting a pair of soft lips ..... Waits for it

Feeling the lips on his cheek instead, he growls lowly, his eyes opening all the way
Sasuke!! Quit being such a tease, and kiss me already, you stupid, cranky, son of a .. complain, complain, complaining
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 74d 18h 27s
*almost looses balance but situates himself and tilts his head, grazing his lips over Naru's cheek, smirking evily*
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 74d 18h 8m 24s
True.. but.. If I'm allowed to be loud in bed then I have just as much trails off, leaning forward as well, inching closer to his face, closing his eyes just slightly

Me: Takes a million pictures at once with super super advanced camera
Aha! >://D
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 74d 18h 12m 0s
Of course I do...

*wipes hand on pants leg*

There is a difference between loud in bed and loud in general Dobe

*leans forward, pushing against Naru's hand and smirks*
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 74d 18h 21m 16s
You always have an answer.. don't you?


Tongue is grabbed, blushes, panics O//o!! slaps Sasuke's hand away

But you like it when I'm loud.. smirks when I say your name, huh, Teme?
Sexy pose, places a hand on Sasu's chest
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 74d 18h 25m 18s
Whose cheating dobe your the one speaking of other men wanting you


I'm almost positive that Kiba would do Shino and Neji before he even glanced at you. *grabs Naru's tongue*

Your so loud
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 74d 18h 35m 26s
Frowns angrily
Are you cheating on me?! D'<

No! Sai would have.. Thinks about it
.... ..

... ... ...


Shakes his head
Kiba would ALWAYS want this! points at himself I catch him drooling while looking at me ALL the time! so~ Sticks his tongue out at Sasu
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 74d 18h 38m 3s
You wish Dobe..

*sits beside him yawning* Sai would have what? Sai would have called you belittling names and made fun of you that's what Sai would have done
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 74d 18h 45m 44s
Teme! =.=' ... Fuck you!

Crosses his arms onto his chest, looking away
Sai would have.. > >'
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 74d 18h 48m 12s
*chuckles lowly* I might actually like this game but *sighs* nope not craving you yet
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 74d 18h 52m 6s
D//< ?!

What about NOW??
  NarutoUzumaki / 7y 74d 18h 55m 34s
It's a decent view but... *leans back* hmmm nope still not craving you
  C u r s e / SasukeUchiha / 7y 74d 18h 58m 3s

What about now? c;

  NarutoUzumaki / 7y 74d 19h 1m 20s
The Naru? I highly doubt that anyone craves The Naru. well other than Hinata
  C u r s e / SasukeUchiha / 7y 74d 19h 4m 37s
Oh, I see 0:

Well then, finish that shiz!

Wha? > >' ... I am, you know you crave the Naru!!
  D ☼ b e / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 74d 19h 8m 36s

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