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Derppy Derp yaoi chat for me and the dobe.


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*nuzzles Naru*
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 53d 12h 39m 44s
Why not? Then again, maybe I shouldn't, because it means a lot when you do .. and because only I can make you smile like that!

Pecks his cheeks lightly
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 67d 8h 58m 47s
hm? Don't get used to it Dobe *slowly releases him and drops his legs and arms*
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 67d 9h 5m 56s
Laughs lightly ..

I love it when you smile..
Smiles softly at him
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 67d 9h 13m 11s
Your just too easy to tease *smiles wide and laughs softly but affectionately* Seriously way too easy
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 67d 9h 15m 21s
o///o ... R-Really?

Looks him in the eyes Teme.. presses his forehead against his
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 67d 9h 16m 55s
*pulls Naru closer and whispers into his ear teasingly* So so hard~ *pulls away chuckling but keeps Naru trapped between his limbs*
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 67d 9h 29m 42s
Ends up being pulled down more, smiles into the kiss, then taking a deep breath as well, grinning

That's more like it, see, was that so hard, Sasu? chuckles
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 67d 9h 31m 33s
I'm not pretending to be a bottom there is such a thing as topping form the bo-hmph *smirks and wraps his amrs and legs around Naru easily trapping him and taking over the kiss*

*pulls away taking a deep breath and staring up at Naru* some warning would be nice next time..
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 67d 9h 41m 51s
Quit acting like a bottom bitch! I mean.. not that I am.. but..

Okay, that's it, Sasuke! Pulls him into a deep, rough kiss suddenly
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 67d 9h 46m 4s
Mocking you... whatever do you mean Naru-kun~ *bites his lip for added effect, trying not to laugh*

Naru don't shout!
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 67d 9h 51m 10s
... Stares at Sasuke for the longest time, still holding up his arms
Are you mocking me?! D:<

That is pretty exciting though.. > >'

  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 67d 9h 58m 18s
We both know that I do all the heavy lifting in this relationship *smiles casually*

*raises arms above his head as Naru grabs them* Oh... please be gentle with me Naru-kun~ *uses the most innocent voice and look he can muster up*
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 67d 10h 4m 11s
You do all the work? He shivers at the contact
That's not..

o__o .. Looks down at his legs ....
YOU BIG JERK! D< Throws his legs off, quickly crawls onto Sasu, grabbing both of Sasuke's arms, glaring You will kiss me!

I miss you.. ;__;
  N ~ U / NarutoUzumaki / 7y 67d 10h 10m 41s
*smirks* And why must I do all the work *chuckles lowly and brushes his lips over Naru's* will that shut you up for the time being or are you going to whine till my ears bleed.

*lays back, stretching out and tosses his legs into Naru's lap*
  l Sasuke l / SasukeUchiha / 7y 67d 10h 16m 18s

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