Kira's not dead.

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Kira's story.

The legend of Light Yagami is not a short one.Nor is it a pleasant one.The story of a boy that became a God of sorts,he passed judgement upon the criminals who deserved the ultimate punishment...And some who didn't.Light had the power to kill anybody in any way he saw fit,and so he did.He became a crazed tyrant hidden in the shadows.For a very long time,he continued his rule under close eyes of Ryuk,the Death God,or Shinigami that dropped the Death Note in the hands of Kira as he would soon be called.But Light wasn't free to do as he pleased all the time,he was always under the watchful eyes of L,the genius detective who knew who Kira was,but just didn't have enough evidence to convict Light...But that's a different story.Now,we're going to hear the story of Salem,the self-proclaimed...New Kira.

The beginning of Salem's legend.

March 3rd.12:52 AM

The killings were getting ridiculous,not only were they dying in ways that were very peculiar and unique.The body count was also growing by at least five percent a week.No killer could affect the body count in Tokyo that much.It's not possible,and there were no clues as to what could have caused the deaths...A fourth were heart attacks and the rest were a variety of different factors causing the deaths...Z's mind was whirring as he heard a familiar voice behind him,"Z...Z,sir?",the young looking boy blinked and turned around,giving a small smile."What is it,Desmond?"Desmond nodded and gave a smile back."We seem to have new information that might help with the case."The boy's heart skipped a beat,but didn't let it show."What is it?"


January 15th.5:03 PM

"So...You're saying...If I write someone's name down in this book,that person will die?",the boy muttered,more to himself than to the floating demon-like creature in his room."That's right.~",Ryuk's scratchy voice sounded throughout the room."Hm...I must be going crazy,seeing demons,black notebooks falling in my yard from the sky..."The Death God snickered,"The correct word would be Shinigami."He said with an amused smile."Why not try it out?No harm in trying if it's fake."


March 3rd.1:30 AM

"...So you're saying,there was a supernatural killer named Light Yagami,who went by the nickname of Kira...And he killed criminals and innocents alike,calling himself a God...And you got all of this from old police records?"Z looked at Desmond,an amused and skeptical look on his face."Yes,sir.",He replied with a serious face."...Well,being one of the world's best detectives,I'm not one to say something isn't possible...Did you say the detective covering the case back then went by L?...L is my inspiration,why haven't I seen that case when going through all of the old files of his cases?"Desmond took out a file and handed it to Z,who opened it and read through the first page quickly."...This is astonishing.I think we have a big case on our hands..."


March 3rd.5:10 PM

Salem stared at the television screen with a bored look on his face.He must be crazy...None of this made any sense,the person on the TV wasn't gonna die and he was just gonna live the rest of his life with some kind of Demon guy following him around."Ten seconds...",he blew the hair out of his face.Five seconds......Three,two,one.Salem's eyes flickered as he watched the news reporter clutch his chest,his teeth gritting together,and then seconds later,his head hitting the ground.Salem couldn't say aything as he watched his test subject die,the screen cutting off to a black and white screen with the words 'Please standby.'"..."Salem turned to the laughing Shinigami.

The rules.

No God Modding.If I see the need to God Mod to progress the story,I will.

No whining about what I choose to do with the roleplay.

If I say you're out of the roleplay,you're out.No exceptions.

Don't be mad if I decide to kick you out.

If I decide to kill off your character,feel free to create another one.

The last,and most important one is,HAVE FUN!

The character skeleton.

**Note:If you were confused,Z's and Salem's conversations were two months apart.

**Another Note:You must put -c ol exactly how I did.Use correct grammar and periods and all that good shit.

-c bl
ES Username.:
Other important info.:
-c bl

**Yet another note.:Don't put something stupid like 'Second Kira,second L,Z etc.'

The characters.

  • ES Username.:Shadow
  • Name.:Salem Scarlett
  • Age.:17
  • Personality.:Quiet,smart,Persuasive.
  • Faction.:Kira.
  • Other important info.:Salem can get very easily annoyed and doesn't like to be proven wrong.
  • ES Username.:Shadow)
  • Name.:Z--- ------
  • Age.:17
  • Personality.:Quirky,arrogant,Kind-hearted,smart.
  • Faction.:Leading case detective.
  • Other important info.:Z is very smart,with a near genius IQ.He has a very bizarre habit of sitting with his legs dangling over one arm of chairs and his back resting against the other arm.He also loves suckers and a variety of fruity sodas.

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