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For me, my friends, and friends of friends. Not gonna bother with details...


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Roleplay Responses

I'm sorry I've been gone so long ;~; I miss yoooou.
  Lexy and Me / The48thCthulhu / 282d 2h 23m 5s
This place needs some reviving
  Okami / TheGreatKawaiiOne / 1y 147d 14h 32m 18s
Hahahaha nice one!
  :KittyKitKitten: / Kitty-Cat / 1y 261d 21h 12m 12s
I'm better with my mouth then with my hands.

  Lexy and Me / The48thCthulhu / 1y 261d 21h 13m 48s
  :KittyKitKitten: / Kitty-Cat / 1y 261d 21h 15m 32s
You know what I learned from switching from orchestra to choir?
  Lexy and Me / The48thCthulhu / 1y 261d 21h 15m 58s
Epic! :D
  :KittyKitKitten: / Kitty-Cat / 1y 261d 21h 18m 8s
Just finished up a concert for school. So good at the singing.
  Lexy and Me / The48thCthulhu / 1y 261d 21h 39m 23s
They were adorkable
  :KittyKitKitten: / Kitty-Cat / 1y 263d 20h 59m 21s
That was fun... They were so cute.
  Lexy and Me / The48thCthulhu / 1y 263d 20h 59m 51s
Oh goodness Yeah xD
  :KittyKitKitten: / Kitty-Cat / 1y 263d 21h 1m 12s
Remember when we smutted with Luci and Cole?~
  Lexy and Me / The48thCthulhu / 1y 263d 21h 13m 7s
Just how things used to be~
  :KittyKitKitten: / Kitty-Cat / 1y 263d 21h 17m 54s
  Lexy and Me / The48thCthulhu / 1y 263d 21h 19m 27s
That picture brings back memories~
  :KittyKitKitten: / Kitty-Cat / 1y 263d 21h 20m 11s

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