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She's a mere servant who helps with the cleaning and the cooking around the Palace. He's the Pharaoh who's in charge of everything in Egypt. So what happens when the Pharaoh decides to make her his personal servant to get what he needs. This time spent together has pulled them close but this love that has started between them is forbidden by the law. Then again he is the Pharaoh and his word is law if he so chooses to take his personal servant as more than a servant.

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Britt had many things on her mind, Kamari was keeping up with Rei and Atem while Keda stayed by her mother. Keda could see there was a lot going through her mother's mind.
Atem took point leading the way as He looked back seeing James on the roof meditating he smiled softly as Adam rode his dragon above them.
  Yami / ganondorf / 4y 139d 12h 47m 27s
Britt nod, though she feared the worst already but didn't want to say anything. She got on her black horse ready to head out.
Atem yawned softly as they mounted the horses. "Today is a bad day. I can sense it." he said softly to britt. "Be prepared incase anything happens."
  Yami / ganondorf / 4y 140d 15h 23m 9s
Kamari and Keda wondered what was going to happen. Britt was nervous by her father's sudden request for her prescence. She could almost feel that it wasn't going to be good news but she couldn't let her judgement cloud the possibility that she was wrong.
Atem smiled as he descended readying his horses. He spoke to Rei and had him ready the girls as well.
  Yami / ganondorf / 4y 142d 16h 11m 55s
Britt smiled as she finished, she decided to be quick before she was ready to go.
Atem nodded as someone knocked on his door. "My good King." Bakura called. "you had best hurry."
  Yami / ganondorf / 4y 148d 10h 9m 58s
"Yes, it'd be good for them and the news of our coming child. " Britt said and smiled.
Atem nodded. "we have been busy as of late so we could not go visit him like we want to." he said. "Maybe our children would like to accompany us and see their Grandfather."
  Yami / ganondorf / 4y 151d 14h 12m 42s
Britt carefully got up and got herself prepared for their departure. "It is not common for father to ask of my presence meaning this must be really important." Britt said though she was blushing at Atem's words of the most perfect woman. Her back was to him so she was glad he didn't notice.
"Almost." he said as he put on his arm band. "We had best hurry. I do not wish to keep your father waiting. After all he gifted me the most perfect woman."
  Yami / ganondorf / 4y 154d 2h 9m 41s
Britt yawned moving the cover from her head,she looked over at her husband with a slight smile. "Almost could make you forget all our troubles?" She asked
Atem got up dressing himself as he looked out the window. "Ah beautiful sunrise.
  Yami / ganondorf / 4y 158d 1h 58m 50s
Akila rubbed against Atems hand,then went by the cover pawing on the blanket Britt had over her head. "Alright, I'll get up soon." Britt said

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