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Paige and ____ where great friends always together, but then something drastic happened. She's pregnant and with his un-born child will she be able to tell him what happened? Will he still care about her? Paige hopes this won't mess up their friendship but she doesn't know what else to do.


we know the plot :D

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Paige looked at her watch "Ya would you mind picking me up, hey what do you mean I thought we where bodies, what's the matter can't I call up my buddy, your not going to go all weird on me because we had sex are you?" she asked him as she put on some make up to make herself more presentable.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 281d 8h 38m 13s
Jay found it odd that Paige wanted to hang out, but he didn't object. The boy mentally shrugged then he climbed into the car, and closed the door. Of course that was after he shut the back part of this truck, "Yeah, that'd be fine. What time do you want to meet? Now?" 

The buckled up his seat belt then put his key into the ignition, starting his car up. It was a beautiful car, blue and shiny. It ran smoothly, and amazingly, "What made you call, Paigie?" That used to be his nickname for her, just to tease her.
  Jay Skyes / Chewitoverwithatwix / 8y 281d 8h 52m 55s
Paige smiled when she heard his voice she sat down on her bed and said "Oh hey Jay, how are you? I was wondering if you wanted to meet up for a bite to eat or something?" she asked as she bit her lip she wasn't prepared to tell him yet, maybe she should just try and ignore it but not tell him to late, maybe a limit or a timing had to be good, how did you even bring that up?

"Uh how about we meet up by the burger king" she suggested still rubbing her tummy in fear.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 281d 9h 4m 2s
Jay laughed and waved at the girls as they walked away from him. He had gotten their number. The boy smirked in glory, as he walked back to his car. Once there he pulled down the back of it down and sat on it. The boy did his usual hair flip, and then ran a hand through his hair. The beach was always beautiful, and amazing. Of course it was very hot outside, that's why he was even at the beach.

After a whole his phone rang. Jay hopped off the back of his truck then walked to the drivers doors once it was opened he grabbed his cell phone and put it to his ear, "Hey there."
  Jay Skyes / Chewitoverwithatwix / 8y 281d 11h 36m 24s
Paige groaned as she looked at the three pregnancy tests she had done her brothers where going to kill her and then kill Jay also. She bit her lip as she read them. "All positive, how is that even possible?" she complained out loud, what did she do now, she paced the room wondering what to do, who to tell just little things like that. She sat back down before running to the bathroom to puke once or twice when she emerged she felt like 'road kill'.

She pulled out her bright blue cell phone and then she sat back and searched for Jay's number when she found it she pressed the call button she waited for him to answer while rocking on the balls of her feet. She felt sick well maybe she would do what her brother usually said to do 'lure him into a false sense of security' and then take it all away, her brother could be a bit sadistic at times.

She waited for him to answer.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 282d 5h 42m 20s
It had been a week since Jay had gotten sexually satisfied by a girl, and that girl happened to be his friend since he was little. Weird right? It's not like they were was just a moment where they were both wanting it.

The boy shook his head, and hand a hand through his golden brown hair. Sun beamed down on his body. The sand fell between his toes as he walked down the beach, in only his swim shorts. The sand was starting to feel hot, like fire against his feet. 

He had a bad feeling in his gut, but he simply pushed it away. A smirk came to his lips when he saw a few girls walk to the beach with bikinis on. He was a rather charming man. Which would explain why what happened did happen. 
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ok cool
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I'll post is minute.
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okay &.&
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