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Paige has always been the girl that hung out with the boys, played sports and didn't really hang out with girls, she didn't see the boys as anything more then friends apparently one of the boys saw her another way.

When he asks her out she's stumped, she agrees to go out with him on one or two dates not wanting to break his heart or come off as a cold bitch.

Will Paige start to see him in a more romantic light, past friends and something more meaningful?

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (600 character limit.)

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"Well," Dylan started but then was interrupted. The waiter came by and named off their specials and asked what hey wanted to drink. "I will have an iced tea and you, Paige?" he smiled and refrained from calling her sweet names.

After she ordered, the waiter went away and Dylan continued, "I would like to know what classes you're enrolled in." He wasn't just asking for conversation sake, but because he was generally curious. He liked knowing small tidbits about the people he had interest in. He had always enjoyed asking questions and getting to know someone personally.

He knew they knew each other, he really wanted to KNOW her. He wanted to know what to do if she was angry. What to do if she had an emergency or if she was to ask if he could come over.
  Dylan Chase / Gamerrbabe / 8y 276d 16h 26m 29s
She giggled "You sound so funny when you call me stuff like m'lady, Paige will do just fine young sir, you look so cute though I have to admit, I am a bit excited for our date I hope you didn't go crazy and Dylan I've known you since I was eleven but maybe it will go good" she said grinning at him and then nodded.

"Yes this cd is my favorite, you have very good musical tastes" she commented. She then leaned back in her chair talking to Dylan was so easy and calming she had been his friend and now she was his date she felt he was trying a bit too hard, but it was okay and flattering.

"So what do you wish to discuss, my lovely date?" she asked as she hooked her arm with his as they went into the restaurant.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 280d 16h 25m 31s
"We are going somewhere special. Do not worry m'lady, I don't plan on anything but getting to know each other better." He smiled at her and said, "Find anything interesting?" as he looked over and saw that she was looking through his CD collection.
He couldn't help but think about what a great night they were going to have. He couldn't wait for her to see the great night he had planned for them.
As he pulled up to the restaurant, he got out and helped her out and then gave the keys and money to the valet for parking. He opened the door for her and went in after her. He said his name and the hostess immediately took them to their table.
  Dylan Chase / Gamerrbabe / 8y 280d 17h 49m 58s
She nodded and took his arm, she didn't know if she even liked him, she was just doing it for a favor, she supposed or not to be rude plus she knew his last relationship with that cheerleader had ended really badly and she didn't want to hurt him with rejecting him when he already was feeling low, besides he did look really cute a lot of the girls in school thought he was cute too.

She blushed a bit when he said she looked gorgeous and gently tapped her foot on his butt as a small kick "Don't go all mushy on me now, so you never told me where we were going pretty boy" she teased smoothly as she sat in the car and shuffled through his cds.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 280d 19h 19m 23s
He wasn't expecting her to be that beautiful. She cleaned up well, but then her brothers came to the door and gave it to him and he spit it playfully back before they were dismissed.

He looked at her again and said, "You look so gorgeous Paige." He didn't know where it came from but it just dropped from his mouth. He couldn't help it. He was stunned by how good she looked. "I didn't want to be underdressed," he said with a smile and held his arm out for her take. As he led her to his car, he opened the passenger door for her and closed it once she was in. He went around to the other side and got in and started the car.
  Dylan Chase / Gamerrbabe / 8y 280d 19h 36m 8s
Paige opened the door but not before her two brothers ran to the door and began to give Dylan the third degree, they gave it to all her guy friends but now it was lined with threats "Okay West and Adrian just relax its just a date" she said shoving them away and rushed outside shutting the door.

"Uh hey Dylan, you look really great, love the tie, but you didn't have to dress up, its just me, it probably be better if you didn't" she told him playfully, with half a shrug, what else did you say "So uh where are we going?" she asked shyly biting her lip she ran a hand through her hair she was kind of nervous.

"But you still look good" she admits.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 280d 19h 45m 11s
He got her text right when he pulled up. He got out of the car and knocked on the door. He was a little nervous now but he breathed and it went away. He smiled and tried to keep calm. He remembered when he asked her out...

He was just coming from the locker rooms after lacrosse practice. He remembered how sunny it was and how the soft breeze flicked his bangs softly. He walked to his car and found Paige along the way. He had always thought she was so pretty and had something exotic about her look. He took a breath and just thought he should go for it and she ended up saying yes.

As he stood, waiting for her to answer, he smiled on recalling that memory.
  Dylan Chase / Gamerrbabe / 8y 280d 20h 7m 55s
Paige wasn't sure if this was the best option she tossed off another shirt, so far she liked her bra and underwear combo, the rest wasn't working out, he tossed off her skirt and jeans, finally she decided on something that wasn't too bad she still didn't like it.

She wasn't the dressing up kind of girl. Jeans, t-shirt and okay high heels and she was good to go, so this getting dressed up for a date was hard she decided on her black high heels and a simple black strapped dress and she made sure she didn't smell like she normally smelled jazz-mine and vanilla covering her body with perfume. She sighed wondering if this was even going to work out she had never before imagined them dating before.

She pulled out her phone and texted him *hey how far away are you, I'm ready :) * then put it back into her purse.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 280d 20h 19m 51s
Dylan finished tying his tie and set it against his shirt. He was so excited and confident about taking Paige out. He had such a strong bond with her because of all the years they had spent together. He sprayed a small amount of cologne, as he didn't want to overwhelm her. He grabbed his jacket and jumped into his new Ford Mustang. He had saved up his whole life for this car so he was so glad he got it. He smiled and turned on some light jazz and drove to Paige's house.
  Dylan Chase / Gamerrbabe / 8y 280d 20h 45m 26s
ok and I want to start at the part where they are getting ready for the date. Can you start I'm going to go run outside for a quick smoke :)
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 280d 20h 47m 16s
Cool sounds good to me :)
  Dylan Chase / Gamerrbabe / 8y 280d 21h 22m 35s
probably I'd set the limit to 600
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 280d 21h 33m 11s
Hey what's your character limit that you want? :)
  Dylan Chase / Gamerrbabe / 8y 280d 22h 27m 10s
Hi, join please.
  Paige / pinkbabygirl / 8y 280d 23h 55m 59s

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