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This an Adventure Time rp where all the characters have united! Of course, not everyone knows each other well, from the two different lands, but in time they may all be bestfriends/frenemies, or even lovers.

So join, now!

Marshall Lee the Vampire King: Deity

Marceline the Vampire Queen: --

Fin the :

Fionna the :

Princess Bubblegum: RawRz

Prince Gumball: MonoMyth

Lady Ranicorn: SorrowInRage

Jake the Dog: DropDeadDrez

Cake the Cat: Al

Anyone else you want to be, just ask! I want this to be full of humour and whatnot. Everything is allowed...except cursing and cybering, duh! Cursing because it's not Adventure Time appropriate....I love when Fin says "What the Freak!" Cybering because it's against ES rules and it would be disturbing to see Fin and Princess Bubblegum having sex...Or anyone from Adventure Time naked!



Characters such as Lady and LSP, are allowed to be humanized. No need to, if you don't want to. But it's allowed!^^

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Jake lets out a sigh. Its gonna be one those days. I feel it. Jake mummbled following Finn out the door.
  Jake / DropDeadDrez / 5y 221d 2h 44m 1s
"Oh, does she?" Finn asked, looking outside the nearest window, squinting slightly at the light of noon.
"Oh glob, you're right. Hey, I'll be back in a sec, Jake."
He sprints into the closet and jumps out a literal second later.
"Math. Alright, let's go."
He smiles, grabbing his backpack and sheathing his sword onto his back, headed towards the door.
  Finn / Nil / 5y 227d 3h 8m 46s
Uh its past noon bud. PB needs us to come to the castle right away. Jake said.

Jake looked around then leaned towards Finn whispering, You might not wanna go in your funderwear. Pointing at Finn.
  Jake / DropDeadDrez / 5y 228d 1h 57m 29s
Finn shot up in his bed, still curled up in his sleeping bag, and looked around the room as though searching for the voice.
"Oh, it's you Jake."
He rolls side to side a bit, then hurls himself into the air, flipping out of the sleeping bag.
"Had a weird dream. What time is it?"
  Finn / nil / 5y 228d 10h 9m 29s
"Hey Marshall Lee," Fionna greeted the vampire giggling at a scared cake. Fionna looked back to Marshall sighing slightly ,"well we were going to go on an adventure but there's nothing to adventure about. Cake and I must have explored the land more than a thousand times." Fionna's lips turned into a small pout turning to cake.

"So what are you up to Marshall?" she asked turning back to the vampire.
  Fionna (Adventure Time) / Nyu / 5y 233d 2h 39m 27s
Finn. Wake up. Jake said in low whisper. Jake stood by Finn's bed waiting for him to move.

Jake waited long enough. He drew in air deeply and yelled. FINN!
  Jake / DropDeadDrez / 5y 239d 4h 31m 3s
Marshall Lee the Vampire King barely flinched as an apple was tossed at toward him; a shiny, big, red apple. How he loved~ apples. It was one of those few fruits he actually enjoyed eating; not just indulging for that breathtaking color.


It was quite possibly the only thing that had been on his mind all day, since he warily realized he most definitely was no longer in Aah. Mostly because he was adamant to believe that somehow he had slept through yet another dreadful war. And he knew he could probably be dreaming right now, snoring lightly and hovering just above his bed, except for the fact that vampires didn't sleep. Or at least, he didn't.

The apple that had been given to him--some small elephant by the name of Trunks handing it over, without lack of fear--was sucked free of any color, and tossed carelessly aside. He could've eaten the fruit, but it momentarily slipped his mind as his gaze landed on two familiar figures--seemingly, standing idly by. His approach was stealthy and inhuman, so he'd be surprised if they'd noticed him.

"Sss~" his mouth was beside Cake's ear, and he knew full well how frightened she was of vampires. Of him. 
Maybe it was because he himself was worried, more than he'd like to admit. Or maybe, it was because in all his time knowing the pair, he'd always reveled in the fact that scaring the magical feline always made him shudder with inexplicable joy.

Probably the latter.

"What's up?" He pulled back, making sure to get a good view of Cake yet, his question was directed at the human girl--his sidelong glance was indication enough. For some reason, Marshall always expected the girl to know just about every elaborate scheme she got herself caught in. It was why he'd asked her, instead of searching for answers he might never find himself--her strong will was endearing. Still. 
Despite the circumstances, he had that ever-present, sly grin on his face.

Serious pic....I know. I just love how it looks~!
  Marshall Lee : The Vampire King / DeityRin / 5y 246d 9h 10m 59s


This rp is now officially starting. However, if you want to keep it chat-like, I can leave it be.

An ooc is also an option, to go along with the actual rp.

  Marshall Lee :Fries: / DeityRin / 5y 246d 9h 16m 51s

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