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How did we end up here?
How did we manage to destroy the world?
What did we do to become these monsters?
Let me tell you how
We were born with these gifts, we trained, made friends, rivals, enemies. In the end, the good and the evil fought. It was an all out war. Nothing was held back. The good kept the war secluded from society, keeping the evil from taking it into highly populated areas. After awhile they had no choice. That's when it happened. A large portion of the worlds population was annihilated. And the number kept dropping. The humans were dropping like flies. Humans...aren't we humans? No..humans can't have these gifts.
Soon, warriors from both sides began to die. They had reached their limit, and were being killed. Only few remained, but they soon dropped.
It was the end.
But does it have to be? Can't we stop this from happening?
Stop it before it is too late!

Don't let this be your future

~End Transmission~

We received this a few days ago. We don't know where it came from, but we understood. We have to stop this from happening. Which side will you choose?

People born with gifts, these gifts are special abilities.
They begin to use their gifts for good, or evil.
The usual

Specific Abilities : -Optional-

I care nothing of your bio.
Oh, you can make these based off of anime/video game characters. Try to make it interesting.


Username: Lyus
Name: Lyus Blackrose
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Side: Good
Gift: Lightning, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Gravitational Forces
Specific Abilities: True Lyus has all 6
Jack is the leader of the 6. He controls gravitational forces.
Lea is the only female. She acts as 2nd in command, and a summoner for the group. She has control over flames.
Jugo is the strongest in terms of physical strength. He has control over earth, and is immune to most attacks.
Rain is the healer of the group. He is also the one that can create weak shields, while Jugo can create tough shields.
Zephyr is one of the faster ones. He can control wind, keeping foes at a distance.
Pulse is the fastest one of the group. He controls lightning, and fought Crow earlier.

Username: TheDarkSouledDemon
Name: Blade
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Side: Good
Gift: Gravity
Specific Abilities: Gravitron: Increase, Gravitron: Decrease, Gravitron: Expand, Gravitron: Implode
Optional: She carries a blade around that helps her channel her power.

Username: TheDarkSouledDemon
Name: Magna
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Side: Bad
Gift: Magnetism
Specific Abilities: Magnetic World: Anti____ Magnetic World: ____, Magnetic World: Protect, Magnetic World: Transport
Optional: She may look cute and innocent but get her in a fight and everything changes.

Name: Shayla
Age: 20
Side: Good
Gift: Shape shifting
Specific Abilities : -Optional- Any animal, any persons appearance no longer belongs to just one person. As long as it's alive she can take it's shape.

Name: Crow Blackrose
Age: 18
Gender: male
Side: Bad
Gift: Chaos
Specific Abilities: body control, beast summoning

Username: TheDarkSouledDemon
Name: Zak Brune
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Side: Evil - he's the leader
Gift: Copy
Specific Abilities Nothing special, he can copy other's people's gifts. He can only confirm the learning when he says "Learned it!"

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Roleplay Responses

These are only the newbies, the farther we go the more skilled they are" as the smoke clears men with some skill charge at them with weapons as others contenue to fire arrows
  Sexy Russian / Mrbluesky / 7y 242d 3h 19m 44s
"Magnetic world: Anti Arrows!" The arrows fly back the way they came and many agonizing screams are followed. "Ah, if only Beethoven could make his music this beautiful,"
  True Magna / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 242d 3h 22m 31s
He kisses her cheek "howsd I know" he winks mockingly and blows the door and rock surroundings sky high. Arrows shoot out at them from the smoke
  Sexy Russian / Mrbluesky / 7y 242d 3h 24m 58s
She stopped and then returned to his side. "I don't think so..." she smiled sweetly.
  Magna / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 242d 3h 30m 36s
Fine then I'll kill them without you, more fun for me" he charges a blast right at the door
  Sexy Russian / Mrbluesky / 7y 242d 3h 32m 58s
"Jeez, your so mean." she grumbled and walked away
  Magna / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 242d 3h 40m 12s
He ignores her "it's around this corner" they turn and find a large rock with a magically sealed door on it "it's full of assassins
  Sexy Russian / Mrbluesky / 7y 242d 3h 52m 49s
"Oh yeah. You and yoyr stupid revenge." she giggled, catching his finger and bending it. "See, towards me that question can be answered. Towards you....well your too much of a jerk to love."
  Magna / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 242d 4h 26m 7s
You know how I hate any average person trying to be stronger then me" he explains withe venom in his tone then flicks her again
  Sexy Russian / Mrbluesky / 7y 242d 4h 30m 0s
"Oh, my pedo friend, I can experience love. It's not sweet. It's cruel and heartwrenching." She said plainly, then focused her attention to the map. "What's that?"
  Magna / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 242d 4h 31m 59s
Therefore you can't experience love wich makes your original question pointless" he says and pulls out an old looking map
  Sexy Russian / Mrbluesky / 7y 242d 4h 33m 52s
"But I do have feelings. Just not the sweet and innocent kind." She said, running beside him and clinging to his arm.
  Magna / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 242d 4h 36m 11s
Not ganna work on me" he says as he starts to walk away "we've been partners to long for me to beleve you have feelings" he states
  Sexy Russian / Mrbluesky / 7y 242d 4h 37m 49s
She yelped a bit. "That was mean, crow!" She said, beginning to tear up. She did this commonly; the guilt trip. She'd make crow feel sorry for what he did, then she'd somehow pay him back.
  Magna / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 242d 5h 29m 55s
Pulse, in the confusion, sped behind Zak. Lea jumped back, the flames disappearing. She considered herself beaten. Pulse started up Chidori, swiping at Zak. Pulse was too fast to be copied, he knew it. He could be in china by now, if he wanted.
  The Six Paths of Lyus / Lyus / 7y 242d 5h 29m 55s

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