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Gabriel leaned his back against the stack of hard pillows and looked over at the male that seemed to be thinking about what he should tell him about their past. “Oh. I usually get more upset when someone I care about gets hurt than when I do. Like I said, I don't have many friends, and when I make one, they're practically family to me.” When his mother got hurt when she worked, or even when she was making dinner, he tended to overreact a bit. Gabriel just didn't like seeing people hurt. It must be what it was like for his mother to see him in the hospital like this. “At least I'm not worse off than this; Mom would be hysterical. I doubt she'll even let me out of the house now.” The boy smiled, knowing that she probably would let him out of the house, but he would have to be more careful than he was that day.

The red-head simply gave the male a look. A look that, if he knew Gabriel as well as he said he did, would tell him everything he needed to know. “Honestly, how hard is it to wait until you're at home and not working? The temptation to have sex in a hospital can't be that great.” That would be the last place that he would think of doing something like that, but then again, his hatred for places like this made sure of that. “Maybe it's just me, but I find it a bit disturbing.” He yawned; he wasn't all that tired, but he'd done nothing all day, and that made him feel lazy.

Hearing that Len would bring him his homework for the next couple days made Gabriel smile. “Thank you; I appreciate it. Y'know, if you're tired, you can go home; I'm sure I'll be fine.” A knock sounded on the door and a small nurse came into the room. She looked young, and was probably new. “Here. Take this. It's just a Tylenol. It'll also help you sleep.” She handed them to the red-head who took the pills. Although the effects weren't immediate, he knew that he'd be feeling them soon. “You should go home; he'll be asleep in a little while. You can come back tomorrow. Don't be surprised if he's not here right as soon as you get here. The doctor wants to make sure that he's really as alright as he says he is. But I promise, you'll have time to visit tomorrow.” She smiled and picked up the empty tray before leading the tall dark haired boy out of the room. She didn't shut the door all the way. Gabriel set his phone down where it'd been before and laid down.


The next day, Gabriel blinked at the brightness of the white room. It was like someone shining a flashlight in his eyes. Though, when he opened his eyes, it was just the sun. An audible groan passed through the male's lips. Even though he didn't have to go to school, he'd like it if the nurses would at least pull the curtains closed. His mother stepped into the room and sat down close to his bed. She must have taken the day off of work that day. “Hey, Mom. How are you feeling?” He asked, sleepily. She looked like she hadn't slept the night before. “About as well as any mother with a kid in the hospital.” That made him feel a bit guilty. “I'm sorry-” “Oh, don't worry about it; how are you feeling?” She had cut him off before he'd even finished speaking.

“I'm feeling a lot better. I talked to Len last night when he stayed. He told me a little bit about the past. He told me that he'd bring me my homework too, so I don't fall behind.” That made the woman smile a relieved smile. She knew that his friend was a good boy. If he wasn't, she probably wouldn't let the two of them hang out as much as they did. “I'm glad you two are catching up again. The nurses told me that they were going to be doing tests on you today, so later on, they'll probably be in and out of here.” Gabriel had expected that. He didn't care. If it got him out of there faster, then he would be happy to do it.

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When Gabriel asked him to tell his friend more about their past together, he paused as he pondered what to say. "...Sure, there's a lot of stuff... Well, we used to ride our bikes all of the time before I got a car. There was one instance when I hit a particularly nasty crack in the sidewalk and went flying," he grimaced at the memory of the impact, "I couldn't get up, so you had to go get my mom. Honestly, I think you were freaked out worse than me," he chuckled, "My ankle was broken and I had to go to this hospital. I recall you mentioning how creepy these rooms are then too, when you visited me," he finished the random flashback, smiling.

He blinked as Gabriel spoke of the redhead's clear hatred for hospitals, his eyebrows scrunching together when Gabriel was reaching the end. He couldn't help it; he laughed a little on the loud side. It was just... so incredibly like Gabriel to talk about something like that in obvious disgust and yet almost with... nonchalance? "Jeez, Gabe, are the nurses here really that slutty?" He'd truthfully had no idea, but that was probably because he could be a bit oblivious and fail to notice stuff like that at times.

When Gabriel requested that he bring the other boy's homework, he quickly nodded in assurance. "Yeah, of course, not a problem," he answered cheerfully, happy to be of service. He wanted to help Gabriel and if the amnesiac required his assistance, he would oblige without hesitation. He stretched then, a short yawn slipping from his throat.
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Gabriel knew there were times that he could be annoying to someone. Especially if they expected him to talk all the time. He really didn't understand how being quiet could annoy someone all that much. Maybe it was because everyone else was loud and talkative.

There was something about the scent of the chips that the male was eating that made him believe the male even more. That smell was so familiar to him. He wasn't completely sure why, but there was probably some truth to what he was being told. “Can you tell me anything else? It's okay if you can't, but I'm just really curious.” Gabriel put the empty tray over to the side. Even if the boy couldn't tell him anything else, he had a feeling that the two of them would be friends again soon. His mother had even said that Len was a good boy. She'd even kissed him on the forehead, like she often did with her own son. His mother wouldn't show affection to just anyone.

His words about the hospital had seemed to amuse Len. He shook his head. He hated hospitals. “Yeah. I try not to get sick. Or try to get hurt. I really hate hospitals. They're creepy and I also hate how sometimes the nurses will come in fixing their clothes after their little bit of 'fun'.” That really annoyed the hell out of him, but he didn't say anything because he wanted to get out of the hospital quicker. The quicker that he got out, the better. “But, yes, I feel fine. I should be able to get out of here by the end of the week. Can you do me a favor and get my school work so I don't fall behind?” He had missed a big test today. Gabriel really didn't want to fall behind any further.

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Lenny simply waved his hand dismissively at Gabriel's apology, grinning at Gabriel to show the other boy that it was alright. To begin with, he knew that Gabriel hadn't meant it to be offensive. Secondly, he was fully aware that he could be a bit annoying at times. Especially when you were first trying to get used to him going from super shy to obnoxiously talkative. Gabriel at least liked him enough to put up with that quality of his and, hell, it wasn't like there weren't a few occasions where Gabriel had bugged him too. That was what being somebody's best friend was about, though; looking past their imperfections.

"No problem," he assured Gabriel when the redhead expressed gratitude for the food, taking back the seat he'd previously occupied. Opening his bag of potato chips, he popped one into his mouth and hummed at the barbeque flavored deliciousness. This had always been his favorite snack; thank God for vending machines!

He nodded as Gabriel spoke, glad to hear that Gabriel was feeling a lot better than earlier. He'd imagine that the initial sensation of being hit by any vehicle couldn't be pleasant, but it was a relief that Gabriel had recovered quickly as far as the amnesiac's physical health was concerned. He raised an eyebrow when Gabriel called the room "creepy", his lips curving slightly in an amused smile. "You never did like hospitals much, did you? Well, it's good that you don't often find yourself here," he laughed lightly, finishing eating and tossing what remained in the nearby trash.
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When he'd said that his friend had been annoying, he hadn't meant to make it offensive, and the male had seemed to see that it hadn't offended him in the least. “I'm glad you didn't take that to heart. I honestly hadn't meant to offend you if it did. But, yes, at first, it was a bit annoying, and then I got used to it and it wasn't really a problem anymore.” At least he'd had a friend, talkative or not; some kids didn't even have that much. “Sometimes I say things that offend people without meaning to. I'm sorry if I do this to you.” The dark haired male didn't seem to care if he said things like that. He'd just brushed off his comment as teasing, which is what it'd been. Though, he figured that he'd apologize anyways to make the best of it.

When Len had been gone, he felt a sense of uneasiness and aloneness wash over him. Gabriel didn't mind being alone, but he didn't want to be alone in a place like this. It was honestly a bit creepy in this room. A sense of relief washed over him when he saw the male had returned with food. “Thank you.” It was hospital food, and probably wouldn't be very good, but it was way better than nothing. “I hope so too. I don't like laying here when I feel fine. I feel a lot better than I did earlier. Most of the sleepiness has worn off by now, and I no longer have a headache like I did when I first woke up when my mom was here.” After he'd woken up the first time, he'd felt horrible. He'd felt like he'd been hit in the head with a ton of bricks. It was worse than the caffeine migraines that he'd gotten when he didn't have a soda in a couple days.

Gabriel wondered when he'd be able to go home and go back to school. The boy didn't like missing school, or assignments for that matter. They always had a lot of homework in math and that was something that he was horrible at. “I would take school any day over laying in this creepy room.” He muttered, starting to eat the food that had been set in front of him. It was a bit bland, but other than that, it was good, and above that, edible.

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When Gabriel thanked him for the glasses, Lenny assured Gabriel that it was no problem. It was kind of strange seeing Gabriel with the frames on; he honestly couldn't recall the last time that Gabriel had worn them. Usually, Gabriel used contact lenses. Blinking as Gabriel spoke, his nose wrinkled briefly and then he chuckled. "Annoying, eh? So now the truth comes out," he teased, shaking his head in mock disappointment. He was just glad that Gabriel seemed willing to believe him. Since Gabriel couldn't remember him, he wouldn't have blamed Gabriel if the other boy had found it hard to trust him. He imagined that it would be quite confusing.

Actually, the weird thing was that he'd initially been drawn to Gabriel because of the redhead's quiet nature. He was loud and vibrant if he knew you well enough, but he disliked being in noisy places or with talkative people. It wasn't because he liked the sound of his own voice or any arrogant reason like that; he was unsure how to explain it exactly. Opposites attract was the best example he could come up with. He smiled softly when he noticed Gabriel's blush, nodding and grabbing the money.

"You seem in pretty decent shape, you'll probably be allowed to at least walk around a little soon," he told Gabriel, hoping to keep a positive mood as he left the room to buy food for Gabriel and get a small snack for himself with the change he had in his pocket. He returned a few minutes later, handing Gabriel a tray of lunch and holding a bag of barbecue flavored potato chips that he'd gotten for himself. "There we go. Uh, and how are you feeling? I'm sorry, I don't believe I've asked that yet," he said sheepishly, appearing rather embarrassed about forgetting his manners.
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When he was handed his glasses, he thanked the male and slid them onto his face. It felt like it'd been forever since he'd worn the frames. He had the feeling that what the boy was saying, about the two of them being friends, was true. Len didn't look like the type to lie. Gabriel was thinking about middle school and it made the boy's story seem that much more real. “Really? I remember that I didn't really have all that many friends. We usually grew apart, or they moved to a different school. But I do remember having one friend that talked all the time and he was a bit annoying.” The thought made the boy smile. He'd always preferred solace to a loud, talkative group, and he preferred reading or writing to using drugs or alcohol. He'd tried them once or twice, but found them to be revolting, so he returned to what he was used to.

When his stomach and food were mentioned, a light pink tinted his cheeks. “That would be nice. This afternoon's lunch money is over there. Thanks.” Being in a hospital bed made the boy feel useless. This was ridiculous. What he really wanted was to get up and walk around. Gabriel was sure that he could walk, he could feel his body; it wasn't like he was paralyzed or anything. “I hate feeling so useless. I can't wait to get out of here.” He was just grateful that the damage hadn't been more severe. The most that he had was a small bout of amnesia. Amnesia usually went away, right? At least, that's what he'd been told in psychology.

While Len was gone, his cell phone rang. A groan left him as he sat up from the uncomfortable bed and stretched to answer it. “Hello?” It was one of his classmates from school. A girl that sat next to him in psychology. She apologized and he told her that it wasn't a bit deal and that he would be out in no time. Gabriel really hadn't thought that anyone would really care that he had gotten hurt, or even was in the hospital, for that matter. When the call was over, he laid the phone down on his chest and sighed quietly.

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Lenny smiled a bit sadly at Mrs. Price and nodded, blinking as she kissed his forehead. A faint blush painted his cheeks, but he wasn't really surprised. He'd known the woman long enough for her to show him affection and she had done so before, but it was just a natural reaction that he'd probably never fully grow out of. He gave Mrs. Price a small wave as she left the room, then returned his attention to Gabriel when the redhead began to speak. He couldn't help but grin a little at Gabriel's surprised expression, even though it was rather depressing to think that Gabriel couldn't remember him.

"Yeah, we went to different elementaries, but we sat next to each other in homeroom our first year of middle school. I was kinda shy until I found out that we had the same favorite movie, then I couldn't shut up," he told Gabriel, laughing lightly. The gleam in his eyes showed his happiness when Gabriel said that the amnesiac would trust him, but his look soon changed to that of a raised brow at the sound of Gabriel's growling stomach. "I could get you something to eat," he offered, going over to grab Gabriel's glasses and handing them to his companion like Gabriel had requested.

He could certainly go for at least a snack himself, actually. His breakfast had been lacking because he was in a rush to get to school like always and lunch had been a couple of hours ago, so he was slightly hungry by now.
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Gabriel was happy to know that he wouldn't be alone, at least for a little while. Even if he didn't remember who this boy was, his mother obviously knew him and felt like he wasn't a threat to him. He had noticed how the boy's smile had disappeared when he asked who he was. “I'm going to go home. I need to make dinner and finish cleaning the house. I know it's hard, but just keep talking to him alright?” She asked Lenny before standing. She kissed his forehead and then moved over to her son and did the same. “Try to remember. He's a good boy, and even if you don't remember him, then I'm sure you two will be close friends again soon.” Gabriel smiled at his mom and nodded. He would do that, for her at least. She left and he looked back over to the raven haired teen who appeared to be deep in thought.

Lenny, or Len, as the teen explained that he called him, explained the basics of their previous relationship with him, his eyes widened a bit. “Really? We've known each other that long?” He was surprised and he wanted to know more. “Maybe if you tell me more, then I'll remember.” It was a long shot, but he was willing to try. “My mom seems to really trust you, so I'm willing to trust you too.” Gabriel smiled slightly and the frowned when his stomach growled loudly. The boy hadn't eaten at all that day, and it was just now starting to catch up with him. There was money on the tray beside his bed that had been in his jeans' pocket this morning. Maybe he could ask the male to get him something to eat.

No, he could just wait. It wouldn't be the first day that he'd gone a night without food. He would live. Gabriel studied the male's appearance for the first time since he'd seen him. He felt like he should know this male, but he couldn't remember him, no matter how hard he tried. Someone had taken out his contacts and everything was a bit fuzzy. “Can you hand me my glasses? They're over there.” He pointed to the tray that had his cell phone, his glasses, and his money on it. They were all basically things that had been in his pocket that morning. “Sorry; I'd like to be able to see who I'm talking to, other than just a blurry figure.”

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Lenny nodded as Mrs. Price spoke, then blinked when she told him about his mother. Huh, and he'd just been about to text his mom to let her know that he wouldn't be home until later. "Oh, thanks," he replied, smiling a little brighter. He'd always liked Mrs. Price a lot, she was so nice. She reminded him of his own mom, to be honest. He guessed that was part of why it saddened him to see her upset like this, because he hated to see his own mom get worried.

About an hour passed and then finally, he immediately sat up straight when he heard Gabriel's faintly hoarse voice. His eyes flickered with enthusiasm, relieved to see that Gabriel was awake. However, any sign of excitement died instantly when Gabriel's question to Mrs. Price reached his ears. Gabriel didn't remember him? But how...? He became deaf to the exchange between mother and son, stunned by the fact that his closest friend had no idea who he was. By the time that he'd readied himself to speak, unfortunately, a nurse had chosen that exact moment to make her entrance.

He soon slipped back into a concerned contemplation, wondering what would be the best course of action to take when someone you've known for years has forgotten your face. Before he knew it, the woman with the clipboard was gone and Gabriel was addressing him as well as Mrs. Price. When he registered Gabriel's words, he quickly shook his head and leaned forward in his chair slightly. "No, it's okay. I can stay for a while." He didn't have an overwhelming amount of homework as usual and he could easily get it done later. Gabriel's current condition was far more important to him.

"Um... I'm Lenny, but you call me Len. We've known each other since sixth grade," he informed the red haired boy, frowning thoughtfully as his green gaze was fixed on Gabriel's. He left it at the basics for the minute, not wanting to bombard Gabriel with a bunch of random tidbits about their relationship. It was clear that he was extremely puzzled and wanted to continue talking, desperately hoping that it might jog Gabriel's memory. This was simply too bizarre; it felt completely surreal to him. And it was scary as hell.
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The sad woman smiled a bit; she had noticed how the boy was always so shy around her, but when he was around Gabriel, he had no problem talking and being loud. “From what I've seen, the amnesia isn't severe. But the doctor and the nurses don't know how far it goes.” She'd been in such a panic this morning when she heard about it. At least someone had called and helped him out, since the person in the car obviously didn't care enough to slow down. It was difficult to see her son in a hospital bed, even for something like this. Mrs. Price knew her son caught sickness quickly, especially if he was around someone who had it, but he was rarely in the hospital. “They said that we should let him sleep for now. The medicine they gave him will wear away in about an hour or so. If you want to stick around, I already talked to your mother about it earlier today. She knew where you would be when I told her.” She gave the boy a small smile, hoping that it would ease some of his troubles.


About an hour and a couple minutes later, the red headed teen woke from his chemically induced sleep. The medicine's pain killing factors were still there, but the sleep part wore away fairly quickly. Gabriel opened his eyes and noticed that there was a strange boy sitting next to his mother. He had no idea who that boy was, but he had an idea that they were supposed to know each other. “Mom,” his voice was quiet, and a bit hoarse from not having used it pretty much all day. The woman looked at him and smiled. “Who is that beside you?” His gaze once again turned to the boy that was sitting next to the woman that had raised him.

She frowned, not having expected that he would have forgotten his best friend. “You don't remember your friend?” They were friends? He didn't even know the boy's name. How could they be friends if they didn't know each other? “I'm sorry; if we're supposed to be friends, I don't remember you at all.” Gabriel slowly reached a hand up from the covers to run through his red hair. He winced when he came to a tangle and then looked to see a nurse come in through the door. “Okay, good. So, are you guys having any progress here?” She asked, clipboard in hand to jot down any of the notes that she could. “The only thing that I don't remember is what happened this morning and him.” Gabriel pointed to the boy that his mother had called his friend. “Hm. Well, maybe if you spent some time together, then you'll remember him. Call me if you guys need anything. Visiting hours are over, but I can make this a special occasion.” His mother thanked the small girl as she walked out of the room and then looked back over at her son.

Gabriel wanted them to stay; he didn't want to be awake and alone here in the hospital, but he knew that his mother had to get back and make something for her husband so that he would have leftovers to take to work. Unless she'd called him while he was asleep. And the boy probably had homework to do and get back to his life at home. “You guys can go home if you need to. I'll be fine; it's not like I'm going anywhere for a while.” He smiled slightly at the attempt at making them feel a bit better; he hated being the cause of someone's pain.

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Lenny blinked as a familiar feminine voice reached his ears and quickly turned to the woman who was addressing him. Oh, duh. He'd been so consumed with panic that he'd kind of forgotten that Gabriel's mom would obviously be here for her son. He shook his head as she apologized, smiling weakly. "No, it's okay. I heard about it in school and came as soon as I could," he replied in that soft, timid voice he always used when speaking to a stranger or an adult. The truth was that he was actually a very outgoing boy when around his family and friends, but he tended to fade into the background when he was in a crowd.

He adjusted his slightly crooked glasses , frowning sympathetically as Gabriel's mother continued speaking. Of course, she must be hurting even more than him. He was fully aware of the fact that he couldn't possibly understand the pain of seeing your child in a hospital bed. His gaze filled with sorrow as he watched her wipe at her eyes, wishing he could think of a proper way to console her. There wasn't much he could do, though, was there? Then something dawned on him. "Memory loss...? I hadn't known all of the details... but yeah, it's great to know that he should be alright."

Physically, at least. But he didn't want to say that; it would probably only upset this poor lady. For an inexplicable reason, he had an uneasy feeling about Gabriel's amnesia. 'Don't be a worrywart. You should be glad he's not...' He cut his train of thought off there, not wanting to dwell on such a depressing scenario as that. Sighing, he went to sit in the empty chair next to Mrs. Price. He would wait with her; he wanted to see Gabriel when his friend was awake.
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Gabriel woke from his sleep in the middle of the night. He couldn't believe the dream, or nightmare, in this case that he'd just had. It was of him getting into an accident before he got to school. It had been so vivid that it seemed so real. At least it hadn't been. The male was happy to be alive and not hurt. He laid back down and pushed his covers away from his body. “Just a dream.” The boy whispered to himself, turning to face the wall before slipping back into the sleep he'd been in before.


An annoying rapping noise sounded on his door. His mother came into the room and touched his shoulder. He swatted her hand away and opened his eyes. “Wake up. It's time to get ready for school. Be extra careful today, it's slick from all the rain.” She left and Gabriel took to the task of getting ready from school. Combing his hair, brushing his teeth, putting in contacts that he needed to see, getting dressed, etc. Finally, when he deemed himself ready, he stepped out of the house and began the walk to school. Gabriel always preferred walking to riding in a car, or taking the bus. He always got a bit nauseous in the car, even just on the way to school or home.

The boy was listening to music and not paying attention the car that was behind him. The person was speeding, and before he knew it, he was on the ground with a crowd of people surrounding him. His vision went blurry and all the sounds of people talking were just noise. When he woke up next, he was staring at a blank white ceiling. His mother was standing by his bed and she was in tears. A soft smile appeared on his lips. When she saw his eyes were open, she rushed over to the bed and threw her arms around him the best that she could. His head felt fuzzy and his memory was blotchy. Gabriel must have hit his head when he'd fallen that morning.

A few minutes later, the nurse came in and gave him a sedative to relax. She told his mother the majority of what she knew already, and that he might be there a couple days, but other than a small bit of amnesia, he would be fine. Gabriel went back to sleep after that. Soon, there was a knock on the door and the nurse opened it to reveal a spiky haired teen with glasses. Gabriel's mother smiled when she saw the boy, knowing that the two of them were close. She filled the male in on what she'd been told and then took her seat once more. “I'm sorry; I would have called you out of school, but I figured that you would find out sooner or later.” She knew that Lenny, or Len, as her son called him, had his own vehicle and would be able to get there as soon as he called the news. “I'm just happy that he's still alive. It could be worse than just amnesia.” She offered the boy a small smile and wiped her eyes on the sleeve over her long sleeved shirt.

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It started as just any regular morning for Lenny Harolds. He woke up to his alarm clock, showered, got dressed, ate a quick breakfast and called goodbye to his mother as he stepped out the door with his backpack slung over his shoulder. He drove to school, parked his car, went into the institution and walked straight to his locker because it was on the opposite side of the building from his first class. Annoying, right? He looked around a bit for his friend on his way, but had yet to catch a glimpse of his friend. It wasn't that unusual, they often didn't see each other until later in the day.

His first couple of periods passed and then it was time for history; the subject that he shared with his friend. When he ambled into the room, he blinked olive green eyes as he instantly noticed that his friend wasn't there. That's odd, he thought as he frowned confusedly. His friend was normally there before him. He waited, but as he suspected, his friend didn't show. He assumed that his friend was simply home sick or something of that nature and continued with his lessons, unperturbed for the most part.

And then he was going to lunch, strolling down the hall towards the cafeteria when he overheard the conversation of a familiar group of kids passing by. "Hey, did you hear...?" He froze as his friend's name reached his ears, soon followed by the word "hurt". Stopping his peers, he hastily asked them about what they'd said. They didn't know much, but his friend had apparently been involved in an accident. Feeling his blood run cold, he thanked them quietly and then went on. Finally, finally, the last bell had rung and he was hopping into his vehicle with a sense of urgency.

So now he was here. In the hospital. His heart pounding in his chest, he talked to the receptionist and signed in as she told him where to find his friend. Nodding, he hurried in the direction she told him to go and paused briefly as he spotted his friend's door. The woman had said that his friend had a head injury. It wasn't fatal, but still... Gulping, he rapped his slightly tanned knuckles on the wood thrice and entered. Scratching his spiky raven hair covered scalp nervously, his gaze landed on the boy in the bed who seemed to be unconscious. "Damn..." he breathed, his voice trembling as he chewed his bottom lip with worry. It didn't appear to be that bad as far as he could tell, but that didn't prevent at least some concern.
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