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This is a shota roleplay, about a seven year old and his thirteen year old brother, forming a relationship. They will love each other very much.

Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, posts around 1000 characters.
Please try to post at least once a week, and let me know if you want to ditch.
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I would be the younger brother, but that is negotiable.

Please PM me if you are interested.

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i am looking for someone who will like to do a shot rp but where I am shrunken in the mercy of a seven-year-old boy
  Geek24 / 14d 16h 45m 18s
Akio looked up excitedly as his big brother proclaimed he had found the treasure. He kind of wanted to find it himself, but still, it had been found and that was fun. He felt himself be tickled again and burst out laughing, and this time it was even better because he got kisses as well. He tilted his head back in laughter and squirmed around. He fell back on his bottom and kept wriggling around, kicking his legs, accidentally knocking away the parrot that had fallen on the floor. His body was trying to get away from the tickling, but he still wanted the kisses.

Kisses were the best, along with 'I love you's and cuddles. Akio could never get or give enough of them. The kisses landed all over his laughing face and he tried to keep that still while squirming the rest of his body. His kicking legs kicked against Hiroshi's thigh, and he gasped. He had not meant to do that. His kicks were not very strong, since it was only the playful struggling of a seven year old, but he thought he had hurt his big brother.

He managed to pull himself from Hiroshi's grasp and crawled closer to him. He kissed the thigh where he kicked, making it better. He leaned up and hugged the larger male. "I'm sorry." He started to kiss over his big brother's face, returning what he had done. He kissed his cheeks, his forehead, his chin, and finally his lips, giggling as he pulled away. He flung his arms around his neck and clung to him, laughing more. It was a great morning, as it always was when they were together. "I kissed you!" He announced as he laughed and nuzzled his face against his big brother's. "Monsters won't stand a chance against you, you're the best!" He remembered their earlier conversation on tickling and monsters. His brother really was the best, but Akio was a close second best, in his opinion. Akio looked over and spotted the parrot, and released Hiroshi to go and get it. He quickly scurried back to him with the parrot and hugged him, squishing the parrot between them. "I'm sorry to you too Mr Parrot." He had kicked him as well, after all.
  Akio / Amayako / 8y 48d 12m 7s
Hiroshi smiled to himself. He was glad his brother liked to play treasure games. It made things a lot easier and fun at the same time. He left the pantry behind his brother and shielded his eyes as he looked around. "Ai ai, captain!" He said as he let his hand drop to his side. Both being captains probably wouldn't make much sense, but they both enjoyed it so he didn't see a problem with it. Also it was a nice comprise. There was no way he could allow himself to be the captain guilt free if he knew his little brother also wanted to be the captain.

With a nod, he walked behind Akio at a slower pace, so he could make sure he didn't trip of fall on the stairs. He always looked out for his little brother. Seeing him get hurt would be terrible. It was good Akio knew to be careful though. He knew the house rules pretty well. He stopped at the top of the stairs and watched as his brother went on to his own room. Probably to get dressed into a type of costume. Hiroshi walked into the room and looked around, wondering what he could use as a treasure.

He laughed a little when his eyes fell back on Akio. There he was, trying to put a teddy parrot on his arm. It wouldn't stay it seemed. Which only made sense. It was still cute. It seemed he had made up his mind to just put it on Hiroshi's shoulder. He smiled to himself and held it there with his other hand as he watched his brother look through his toy box. He'd have to get dressed himself in a little bit, but for now he had to figure out a type of treasure to help his captain find. "Arrg! Captain I think I've found it!" He then crouched down and began tickling his little brother, showering him in kisses.
  Hiroshi / CircusAct / 8y 54d 23h 45m 59s
Akio was quite content sniffing his big brother as he made up his mind, and he was equally happy when he was picked up. He looked in he direction he pointed and grinned. "Yeah!" Treasure was good, he liked treasure, and being a pirate was great. "I mean, arrrg!" He tried to shape his hand like a hook, and waved it around a bit. He rubbed his cheek against Hiroshi's for a moment, and squirmed out of his arms. He really liked being there, but he wanted to find the treasure! He left the pantry and looked around. "Come on, captain, the coast is clear!" He paused and giggled a bit at using the word 'coast' when being a pirate. When they first played pirates, he thought Hiroshi should be captain, being older and wiser. However, he also wanted to be captain, so they settled on both being captains of the same ship.

Akio waved a hand to signal Hiroshi to follow him, and fast-walked to his room, going slower on the stairs. He knew it was against the rules to run in the house, for good reason. There were all sorts of things to run into. Firstly, a pirate needs to look like a pirate. So, he got out a school shirt and changed into it, buttoning it half way to look like a loose pirate shirt. He then changed into some black shorts and stuffed his pyjamas under his pillow in a heap. His mother had already made his bed, since he had run off to Hiroshi, so he did not have to worry about that.

He went over to his toy box and opened it, getting out a teddy parrot. He put it on his shoulder, but it fell off straight away. He tried a few more times with the same result, so he put it on his big brother's shoulder. He grinned excitedly and rummaged through the toy box for his eye patch. He did not have toy swords, his mother was worried they would hurt themselves with them, but at least they could still look like pirates and search for treasure. He found his eye patch and put it on over his eye. He could still see under it a bit, but at least it looked good. He looked around the room with his one eye, trying to guess where the treasure could be.
  Akio / Amayako / 8y 66d 17h 6m 6s
Hiroshi listened to the many sounds of his brother as he checked here and there. The longer he waited, the more he felt like laughing. If only he could watch his little brother search. It seemed so cute. As his mind drifted from the task of hiding, time flew by. It actually surprised him when light flooded into the pantry. Akio had found him. He smiled, not upset in the least. It wasn’t the most comfortable place to hide anyway. “Man, I thought I had you…” He said as he kept his balance; he was use to his brother jumping on him and he was as light as a feather.

“Hm… I choose…?” Hiroshi scrunched his eyebrows together in thought. Though playing with his little brother was fun, he couldn’t just allow him to run around in their pjs all day. Mother and father wouldn’t approve. “Well…” He trailed off as his brother hugged him. He liked that game too. A smile came back to his face and he sighed softly. “Hm… how about a pirate game?” He picked his brother up and pointed outside the pantry. “There’s a treasure in your room and we gotta find it!” He made up games all the time to get Akio dressed since he liked playing so much. It was always better than telling him to get dressed.
  Hiroshi / CircusAct / 8y 76d 19h 21m 43s
Akio pondered saying 'of course I won't peek', but that would give Hiroshi more time to hide, so he just kept counting. He could not hear footsteps, and he was almost tempted to believe that Hiroshi was still standing behind him, but he knew better. Hiroshi was good at hide and seek because he was older, and he knew how to walk quietly and find super secret hiding places. Akio really admired his older brother, and thought he was the luckiest kid in the world to have him. Once he finished counting to thirty, he turned and look over at where Hiroshi had been standing, surprised and not surprised at the same time to see him gone.

He started to look around, looking behind and under things, even looking in places that he had hidden in before himself, not realising that they were too small for his big brother. He checked all around the living room and the kitchen, not sure if his brother would have gone upstairs. He decided to finish checking downstairs first, and started looking in the cupboards, but they were all filled with cooking items or food. He was checking everywhere just in case, his brother had really found a good spot this time, maybe even better than the one that Akio had been in. He opened the pantry door and actually jumped as he saw Hiroshi there, not expecting it at all. That was such a good place to hide! "I found you!" He jumped on him and wrapped his arms around him, hanging off of him. "My brother is so good at hiding, but what should we play now?" He looked up in him in thought. "You pick, I picked the last game." Hopefully he would not say the 'get dressed game', because Akio just wanted to get on with something fun. "Or, we could play the hug brother game!" He squeezed him tightly and burried his face in his torso. That was always a good game.
  Akio / Amayako / 8y 157d 19h 45m 53s
Hiroshi glanced down at his suddenly captured hand and grinned. It was a bit backwards in the aspect that he probably should’ve been the one kissing Akio’s hand, but he didn’t mind either way so he didn’t ponder on it. It was fun and that was all that mattered. Once letting go of his hand, his brother turned around and began counting. “Alright… No peeking…” He whispered as he stood and tapped his chin a few times. He was wondering where would be a good place to hide.

Hiroshi tiptoed back into the kitchen and looked around. He could hear the faint sound of Akio counting so he knew he needed to find a hiding spot quickly. He crept quietly over to the pantry and opened the door, looking back over his shoulder stealthily as if he were a spy. When he was certain his brother was still counting he entered the small space then closed the door behind him carefully. Surely he wouldn’t be discovered. It wasn’t a terrible spot. Maybe obvious, but there was always the chance that Akio would check some place else.
  Hiroshi / CircusAct / 8y 163d 13h 46m 2s
Akio was grinning as Hiroshi looked around, he knew he had chosen a good hiding spot. He would not be seen unless he specifically checked that place, and surely he would not do that. He covered his mouth, stifling a giggle as his brother crawled around. He was peeking around the side of the chair and watching, ducking behind it when his brother looked that way, and peeking again a moment later. He was careful not to make any noise moving around behind the chair, and hoped his brother would not look along the floor, as he would see his feet.

Akio held his breath as Hiroshi neared him, careful not to make a sound, but he was found anyway. He did not mind, it was not fun to be in one place for too long. Feeling playful, he grabbed onto his brother's hand as he touched him. "Now I've got you! But I'll let go because you have to hide so I can find you." He pulled the hand up and kissed the top of it, like a prince to his princess. He giggled and let go, turning round and covering his eyes. "One, two, three..." He continued to count, not cheating, keeping his eyes covered, but listening for the sound of footsteps.
  Akio / Amayako / 8y 198d 15h 2m 58s
Hiroshi tilted his head a bit and gazed down at his brother for a few seconds then a smile blossomed and he nodded. How nice. It made him feel somewhat happy to hear those words. Akio was proud of him. It seemed a bit flip flopped, but he wasn't one to care about those small details. It was too nice of a day to be thinking to hard about things. Maybe later he could ask his mother and father if him and Akio could go to the park or something. It was a type of reward since they didn't do it often because of school and such.

"Hide and seek...?" While he stood there thinking about it, his little brother was already out of his sight heading for a hiding spot most likely. "Wait what?" He pouted to himself childishly at the thought of being 'it' but then decided it was for the best. A game was always a good way to start off the day. Hiroshi tapped his lips as he began to walk towards the living room. Akio had a favorite hiding spot that the elder boy knew by heart but usually Hiroshi liked to check other places before going straight for it. "Now where could little Akio be...?" He whispered out loud, crawling on his knees and checking small spaces that only a small child could fit in. He made a thinking sound and continued to crawl about for a minute then made his way to the area he knew well. "Gotcha!" He whisper-shouted as he reached out and touched his brother.
  Hiroshi / CircusAct / 8y 200d 23h 8m 16s
Akio beamed when hearing his big brother was proud of him, knowing the extra effort taken to clean up the milk properly was not wasted. He was determined to clean it up properly from then on, but pretty soon he would forget all about his determination and make the same mistake again. However, it did not happen on this day, and he finished his cereal, drinking the chocolatey milk and following Hiroshi to put his bowl in the sink. "I'm proud of you too, for not spilling your cereal." He said, wanting his brother to feel happy like he did at the praise.

Akio stood in thought for a moment, putting his finger to his chin and staring upwards. He blinked a few times and then look to Hiroshi, an excited look crossing his face. "Let's play hide and seek!" He reached forward and poked his arm. "You're it, I'm hiding, turn around and cover your eyes!" He turned Hiroshi's body around himself, not waiting for a response and quickly made his way out of the room, looking for a place to hide. He knew he should brush his hair and get dressed, but he wanted to play, and he also knew that Hiroshi would probably make them get dressed once he found him, but at least they would get a small game in first. He crept into the living room, being quiet so Hiroshi would not hear his footsteps, hiding in the small space between a chair and the wall. He had hidden there before, but it was a good hiding space.
  Akio / Amayako / 8y 211d 13h 29m 53s
Hiroshi huffed slightly when his objective was hidden from his view. It would be an impossible task for him to get the cereal now. He released an 'oh well' sigh and stuffed another spoon full of his own cereal into his mouth. It looked as if his brother had once again spilt some milk onto the table. He watched carefully to make sure Akio wasn't going to wipe it away with his sleeve as he had done only a moment ago. He stirred the lingering pieces of cereal floating in his milk around with his spoon. He was in no place to really judge, because he was often messy as well, but he didn't want his brother to get into trouble or to get any bad habits. It wasn't like he waited to wag his finger at Akio and tell him 'no'.
Smiling, Hiroshi finished off the rest of his cereal. He was glad his brother had decided to just clean it up the correct way. "Eh...?" He blinked a few times before grinning and shaking his head. "...Ah Don't look so glum, I'm not mad or anything... Actually I'm real proud of ya.." He said as he attempted to fix the hair standing atop his little brother's hair. After trying and failing he stood up and took his bowl to the sink.
  Hiroshi / CircusAct / 8y 214d 14h 26m 31s
Akio smiled, pleased that he had got away with it. He saw Hiroshi eyeing his bowl and pulled it away, covering it with his arms, giving him a mock angry lock. But he pulled it away too fast and more milk spilled on the table. He raised his sleeve to wipe it up but then he starting to think, lowering his arm. He knew she should not, he had already done it once, and while he had got away with it, it was wrong, and Hiroshi would be disappointed in him. He was not a mischievous child, he just liked to have fun, and sometimes that meant doing things that he knew were wrong, because it was easier. But he hated disappointment from Hiroshi, the only emotion he liked coming from him was affection and joy, he certainly did not like disappointment. He did not like doing bad things, and he was feeling very guilty.

Akio went over to the sink and wet a cloth, cleaning up the spilled milk and the area where he had wiped it up before. He cleaned the cloth and put it back by the sink, wetting the sleeve of his pyjamas, worried the milk would mould there. He sat back down by Hiroshi, avoiding eye contact. "I'm sorry I wiped it up with my sleeve, I know it was wrong. I won't do it again." He hoped he would be forgiven.
  Akio / Amayako / 8y 222d 20h 2m 38s
Hiroshi laughed and shook his head a bit at Akio’s actions. He didn’t protest but he could help his laughter. “Akio…” He murmured as he smiled ever so gently down at him. He was not one to lecture when it came to his younger brother, but at times he felt it was his duty to do so. There were napkins and dish towels and other things to use to clean up messes and they were all conveniently in the kitchen! It was a lazy weekend day and he understood that but still… His lips parted for him to begin his well thought out complaint about Akio using his sleeve rather than the various items in the kitchen but he was so easily sidetracked when it came to the other boy. “Ah… that’s not fair…” He pouted then began to eat his own cereal, waiting for just the right moment to swipe some of his little brother’s cereal once again. It was playful revenge and not at all serious.

Despite Hiroshi being about six or so years older than his brother, they did almost everything together. That included eating together whenever possible. So whenever he was given the somewhat rare opportunity to eat with Akio he would play with him. Food always seemed to taste better when it belonged to his precious sibling anyway. He glanced over at his brother’s bowl then back at his own as he chewed.
  Hiroshi / CircusAct / 8y 223d 1h 59m 28s
Akio giggled as Hiroshi tried to look up at his hair, it was funny, he knew he could not do it, and his hair really was a mess. When Hiroshi stumbled, Akio would stop and look back at him, making sure he was okay. He was especially careful on the stairs, knowing they were dangerous. Akio was having fun this morning, he slept in, woke his brother, got tickled, learned how to defeat a monster, and made a promise to have sweets and hugs when he did. It really was perfect, he wished every day was a weekend so they could have more times like this.

He faked a gasp and shocked look when a spoonful of his cereal was stolen. He quickly dipped his spoon in his brother's bowl, spilling a few drops of milk on the table as he brought it up to his mouth. He wiped the mess up with his sleeve, he knew he should not, but he did not want to go and get a piece of kitchen roll. He grinned sheepishly at his brother, hoping he would not comment on it. To distract him, he reached back over with his spoon and took a single coco pop, plopping it in his own bowl and continuing to eat.
  Akio / Amayako / 8y 223d 20h 1m 22s
Hiroshi tried to look up to see his hair, but it was physically impossible. He would need a mirror for such things. Still, he gave it a whirl. He was going to have to rely on the assumption that it was like his brother's. As his brother had stated, they were a mess. 'Oh well...' He thought to himself as he stopped straining his eyes.

He stood up and took his brother's hand, allowing him to lead the way to the desired destination. A few times he stumbled because of this. He began to wonder what they would eat for breakfast. It wasn't that difficult of a decision since they both liked the same food groups, but they had their moments. Disagreement between the two boy's was rare though. Hiroshi simply made the same meal as Akio then took a seat. His brother sitting beside him only a moment later. It was a perfect mourning in his book. Despite them having the same cereal and the same milk he still felt the need to dip his spoon into his brother's bowl and steal some of it then eat it himself.
  Hiroshi / CircusAct / 8y 223d 20h 30m 31s

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