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Krissy, a red head girl, hit the snooze button as she heard her alarm go off. She had been on a plane to the United States not even twenty-four hours beforehand. She was exhausted because she had been so excited to finally be returning to her real home. For the past nine years she had been living in France. She was only eight when she moved there and for the first couple of years she didn't understand why she had to stay away, she hadn't understood anything that had been going on. She knew that it wasn't good and the her older brother, Oliver had disappeared from her life and she thought that it had been her fault. So many questions had been running through her mind the first couple of years and so many of them had gone unanswered until she was fifteen.

She had been staying with a close friend of the family while attending a private school. Her father would come a few times a year to visit her and he would spend a few days with her and then return back to the states. She had begged him to take her with him each time he visited and each time he had told her no, that it was too dangerous for her to be in the states. While he visited he made sure that she had kept up with her school work and that she had been tending to her other studies, studies that weren't exactly studies, they were more self defense and at the time she hadn't known that one day they would be of great use to her. She learned after nearly black mailing her house mother out of it that she was a mafia lord's daughter and that her brother had been killed back when she was eight.

Her house mother had told her everything, from her brother being killed, to her father putting her away into hiding so that she would not be next. Her father even went to the length of spreading the word around that he still had another son but no daughter. She had to digest everything, she had believed for eight years that her brother was still alive, that she would see him again, but that wasn't the case. All the training and learning the uses of guns had been her training for her future role in her family. She had then promised herself that she would confront her father on this the next time he visited because she was not happy that he had kept any of that information from her. But she had guessed that her house mother had somehow gotten word to her father that Krissy knew everything and he hadn't come to see her for a year and a half after that, knowing that she would not take no for an answer this time when he went back to the states.

When he finally showed up, they had much to talk about and this time he didn't lie to her, but he was resistant to actually take her back, fearing that she would be targeted, however that didn't work either since she contradicted him by telling him that their rivals thought she was a boy and that they wouldn't know that she was his daughter. He was defeated and he made arrangements for her to leave a week after he would and he would enroll her in a private school. She agreed and after thirty hours of waiting in airports and getting on planes, she was back home, in the states. Her father had set a room up for her, and boy was it big, a lot bigger then the one she had in France, and she could finally think to herself that she was right where she belonged, even though she really missed her friends back in France.

Krissy let out a sigh, not thinking that her father would make her go to school the first couple of days that she would be there, but he wasn't about to allow her to miss any days because she was now living with him and she didn't really have a choice after that. She rolled out of her large bed and got ready for the day. She pulled her red hair back into a pony tail and pulled her favorite pair of jeans on as she threw a t-shirt on and her batman hoodie on, her father had given it to her, he was her favorite super hero. She grabbed her backpack and went downstairs, she was told that she would be getting her own car, since she had already obtained her drivers license in France, but her father wanted to make sure that she could here and that she knew how to get around as well.

Krissy got into the black BMW with a sluggishness to her movement and she watched out the window as the driver drove her to school. He told her that he would pick her up after class. She nodded and went into the building, lost at first until she was shown where the office was. They gave her her schedule and the assistant showed her to her class. The teacher and everyone else looked up as she entered the class room, making her feel a bit embarrassed. "Ah, class I would like to introduce our newest student, Krissy Lael." The teacher said, although that wasn't her real last name, her real last name was actually Cortez, but her father wanted to make sure that if there was any of the Willis family or spies out there, they wouldn't grow suspicious. "Krissy, please take a seat in the back." the teacher said as he checked her off for attendance. She sat down at the nearest seat she could find.
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