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There is a girl, and a lamp. A girl and a boy. A boy who is in love with a girl, who does not return his feelings. He makes a wish, and that wish is granted. His wish is granted, with a few strings attached of course.

{BOY} has always been more of the loner type, he doesn't really have any friends, he lives with his alcoholic father, and he has a bad temper most of the time. He hasn't had an easy life, and all he wants is to be with this girl, although there is a problem, she is the most popular girl in school. She finds him amusing, and uses him time and time again while other popular guys line up to please her. He makes a wish one night on a shooting star, not that he expects anything, but the next morning there is a lamp sitting on his dresser.

She is a genie, well more of a cursed princess. Her family put their lives in the hands of a powerful, but jealous sorceress, her father denied this sorceress' demands and made them all pay for it. The sorceress banished her parents to another land to the end of their days and condemned Clarissa to be a genie until someone would allow her freedom, and that would be the day they would meet again. She now waits around for the prince that she believes in to set her free, but she is now doubting it as time goes on.

Now Clarissa is {BOY}'s slave and she must grant him three wishes and hope that this is the time she will be set free, but just how selfish is this guy? Could he actually be the prince that she has been waiting for?

Note: He does have issues, nothing is perfect about him, this happening is a bit of an escape but he does need to get mad every now and then.


Literacy is a MUST, if you cannot at least get two to three paragraphs in your post, then I will have to kick you out, this is a lit role play which means grammar, spelling , and punctuation. I know that I sound mean but I hate when people consider themselves as lit when they use computer and text language, which is completely semi-lit.

Make sure you are following the story line, and please be creative at the same time, I love twists and it would bring this role play many possibilities.

Romance is fine, but none of that instant stuff, love doesn't just happen, it needs time to build.

Violence is fine, stuff happens.

Please post and be on everyday or tell me if you will not be able to post then please inform me, I do understand when things come up.

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"You really need to be covered up, and things have changed, Clarissa. You have to wear these, or we will both get in trouble. Here, I'll show you how to put them on."

Shane was getting a little sorry for this little girl that didn't seem to understand things. He didn't want her getting into trouble.

"If you don't put something on that covers you up better, I'll have to ask you to go back where you came from until we are in a more private place," he warned her.

What was Shane going to do with an out of date girl following him around? He couldn't see how her kind of wishes would change his problems at the moment. He had to think about what to wish for...

"So, I guess either put the pants on or go back in the bottle," Shane said feeling a little bad for making her choose between the two. He didn't think it was comfortable for her in there.

Shane then turned to get some clothes for himself pulling on some jeans over his own pajama pants because he didn't want her to see his underwear. He took off his undersshirt though and dressed into a clean shirt.

"I guess I'll take you to school with me," he thought loudly. "Maybe something will help me decide on how to take care of you. Do you need food?"
  Charlie / NPR20 / 7y 75d 37m 2s
Clarissa frowned again as a look appeared on her new masters face and she looked around as she let out a small sigh and looked out the window. "I am not playing any tricks on you, my lord, this is all real and if you don't want me hearing what you are thinking, then I recommend that you do not speak so loudly in your head." She said as she looked at him. She frowned when he called her honey, now that was a new one, she hadn't heard that since she was a child and even that was very rare and it only came from her mother, other then that she was always addressed as princess or daughter. She bit her bottom lip once more and she stood up as the chair she had been sitting on disappeared.

"Clarissa." She said, not mentioning anything about being a princess, it was hardly necessary. When he told her the year her eyes widen. "1986? America...? Last time I was outside the lamp I had been in London and I was a slave to the king's adviser...." She said remembering the chaos she was to unleash on the king and allowing the kings right hand man to take control of his kingdom. She shook her head as she cleared the memory from her head for now and looked at him. She frowned when he stood up and grabbed something from the dresser and handed it to her. She looked at the pants and then to him as he told her to put them on.

When he asked her again about the three wishes, she nodded. When he said Aladdin, she cocked her head to the side. "Aladdin?" She asked, not sure who that was but he obviously knew the ways of the genies. They stared at each other for several minutes and then he came over and grabbed the pants from her and tried to help her into them. He apologized and she shook her head backing away from him. "Women are not allowed to wear those, they are for men only." She said as she put her hands together in front of her.
  Clarissa / AzraelSkylu / 7y 75d 56m 37s
Shane looked at her really thinking that something was actually genuine about her. His heart melted as she ask his forgiveness, and he wondered if she really was for real. What kind of trick was this to play on a kid his age? How did she get a chair out, and if she was faking about the computer thing, then she was a really good actress.

"Tell me your name, honey," he said the word honey a little shakily, but that was what his mother said to him she meant to calm him down. "It is 1986, September the 4th. You are in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the United States of America."

It felt funny saying these things to her. He wondered if she even knew that she was dressed a little provokative in that Genie get up of hers. He knew his pants were going to be a little big for her, but he went to his dresser and pulled some jeans out for her anyway.

"Put these one at least," he said trying to make her a bit more decent. Her panties showing was just kind of freaking him out a little inside. He thought it was wrong to look at girls' panties without their permission and if she didn't understand the wrong in it, then that made it a worse crime in his opinion for him to take advantage of her.

"So, I have three wishes," he said. "And like in Aladdin, I cannot wish for love or someone's death or for bringing back the dead? And I cannot wish for more wishes?"

He contemplated thinking about how Aladdin had tricked the genie in the story. If she didn't know about that Disney movie, then maybe he could trick her into doing something for free....

Shane thought a moment, and then realized she probably didn't know anything about clothes in this century and helped her get into the jeans and zipped her up.

"I'm sorry for touching you," he said to her politely and blushing.
  Charlie / NPR20 / 7y 75d 2h 46m 3s
Clarissa gave the boy a strange look. What was he talking about? Did he not know that he had just become one of the luckiest people in the world? It wasn't everyday that someone received the lamp of a genie. "My lord, I assure you, this is no...trick, I am yours until you make your third wish." She said as she gave him a once over. She wondered why he was so dumbfounded to see her, all of her other masters were thrilled when she appeared in front of them and they took every advantage that they could with her, they never looked as confused as this boy did right now. She looked around the room again and noticed so many things that were different, they last time she had been released from her prison was back in the seventeen hundreds.

"Pardon my rudeness, but what year is this, my lord?" She asked him as she noticed many gadgets that were foreign to her. She had no idea what he said when he told her that they, which she assumed his family, his his wife and children, didn't even have a it was, it was hard to pronounce and that what he said? She cocked her head some as she tried to figure out what either of those things were. "A" She asked him curiously, not sure if she was going to be punished for not knowing what either of those things were.

Clarissa was more then confused at this point and she was sure that she would be punished for it this time because that was how all of her other masters were, they punished her if she had looked at them wrong. She decided that she would apologize now before he got angry. "My apologies, my lord, I just don't know what these things are...they are foreign to me, I have been trapped within the lamp for too long, I ask for your mercy." She said as she bowed her head to him.
  Clarissa / AzraelSkylu / 7y 75d 2h 59m 27s
Shane sat back on his bed, and smiled at the girl for a moment dumb-founded. Was this for real? He wasn't ready to make any real wishes, and he wondered what he'd say about her being in his room to his parents. Then he realized that this had to be a trick.

"How did you get in my bedroom?" he finally asked her in a whisper. "It's a really cool tri..." and he saw the chair appear out of thin air. "It's cool," he said gulping. She was obviously putting on quite a show.

"Look, doing magic tricks or sneaking into this house is not going to get you anything valuable," he whispered to her. "We don't even have a computer and our TV is more than 20 years old, so what do you want from me?"

(Edit): "My name... is... er... Shane. But I don't even know yours, and this is my room."
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Clarissa, an heir to her parents throne, and now condemned to be a genie until someone could free her from her curse, which she hardly thought anyone do because they would be too wrapped up in their own greed to do so, she was forever a prisoner of the lamp and whoever possessed it at that time. She had been a prisoner for 1500 years now and she was rather quite sick of it and wished to return to her old life, but she couldn't that was long gone along with her parents and she wouldn't see them until after she entered the after life, but even then she was unsure if she would see them, it was still a possibility that she would end up in a different place then they were.

Suddenly she felt something...something...something familiar...someone had the lamp, her lamp. She was about to be free once again, but a slave to another. She was suddenly shot out of the lamp , and she looked around to see a small room, a messy room at that. She frowned as she walked over to see a calender and saw how many years exactly went by. She shook her head, no one had found her for over a hundred years, no wonder why she felt so restless and free. She heard a noise and turned around to see a boy, well, maybe a little more then a boy but not by much. This was her new master, clearly since he was the one who was holding the lamp.

"My good lord, I am honored to meet you." She said as she gave him a small bow. "I am the genie of the lamp and I will grant you three wishes. However there are limitations, I cannot grant you anymore then three wishes, I cannot make anyone fall in love with you or anyone else for that matter, and I cannot bring anyone back from the dead." She said as she looked at the boy. Somehow he looked so...lonely...somehow just like she was, but she couldn't let her feelings interfere with her job. She was a genie and he was her master, she granted him his three wishes, and that was it.

She looked around his room and gave him a look. "Please don't take this the wrong way, master, but I have never had a master who was such a...mess. All of my other masters were" She said as she looked at him to make sure that he didn't take any of this too serious, after all she was his slave at the moment. She snapped her fingers together and made a chair appear behind her and she sat down and crossed her legs as she looked at him as she awaited for him to say something, apparently he was tongue tied from what she could see, which she found oddly adorable. It was new for her to actually feel that way towards one of her masters since the others were powerful and fierce men, so this was somehow a nice change for her.

"My lord, are you well?" She asked him as she looked around the room for a moment, not sure if he was going to faint or if he was going to have an outburst. She bit into her soft pink lip as she waited for him to say or do something. "May I ask my new masters name?" She questioned him to break the silence.
  Clarissa / AzraelSkylu / 7y 75d 3h 37m 10s
Shane looked out at the night sky thinking back to what had happened at school that day.

"Nerd! Nerd! Nerd!" Those words rang through his system all day. His brothers and sister were watching television in the living room, his mother was puttering around in the kitchen after dinner and his dad was already in bed. He was gazing through the living room window just in a day dream about one Katie P.

Her golden blond bouncing wavy hair was just about shoulder length, maybe a touch shorter. Her cool blue eyes were so lively and sparkled like sapphires and she always looked happy. He would like to just be able to talk to her sometime and tell her how special he thought she was, but it wouldn't happen.

Then he thought about walking down towards the last class, his arms laden in books and some funny tall slender boy stepping under his left foot and using his foot, lifted Shane's foot higher than was natural for him causing him to trip and his books to fall out of his arms.

He jumped up and looked around, but that lean kid's laughter was heard as he disappeared into the crowd that walked past him. Shane could only sigh and gather up his books.

Then, he saw through his daydreams, a shooting star! He had heard that if you wished, a dream could come true! He closed his eyes and tried to think about the best wish that might change who he was at school... He thought and he though and he though...

Finally, he went to bed.

The next morning, whatever would possess a fifteen year old to get out of bed so early with snow out on the ground was mysterious enough, but he walked up the stairs of the low income family housing they lived in, and opened hte door. He couldn't believe his eyes. There was something sitting on the doorstep.

Shane looked around for someone that might have left it, but saw no one. He took the unexpected give down to his bedroom and put it on his dresser. He stared at the mysterious tea pot for a few minutes noting how the outside sparkled as if it were really made of gold. It had some gems in it. They had to be fake. This had to be a toy. No one would leave something so valuable like that.

He then thought about his favorite disney movie, Alladin and smiled. He walked to the "lamp" and rubbed the side of it playfully. "I, Shane of Cheyenne, Command you to come forth Genie," he whispered mostly to himself. It was a nice dream, and hey, just because he was fifteen, did he really have to stop believing in magic and playing with such fantastic ideas?
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