love at first sight ( Yaoi, real pics please boy needed)

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A boy named mark has just moved here ,and is now going to a school,most girls have a crush on him,but what they don't know is he has no intrest in daten girls he loves daten guys, one day at the school he meets someone called ___ and they get to know eacher other, this boy ____ is very popular in the school,soon getting makr bullied by the others in the school.


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Romance is a must
Fighting is aloud
Swearing is aloud
Killing is also aloud


gay boy: me Mark tisdale
popular boy:
best friend of mark:GoldenDelicious Tia Merritt

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  rae jergardo / trickynicky97 / 9y 291d 22h 18m 11s
{No luck... I'll keep looking, though.}

Tia smiled at Mark. "I'm great, Mark," she said, crossing her arms. "You?" she asked, walking beside him. She walked at his pace, unconciously matching his steps. They were similar, in some ways. Tia was just a bit more outgoing, though, whereas Mark was quieter. Mark was also sweeter than Tia - she could be a bit 'unkind' at times.
  Tia Merritt / GoldenDelicious / 9y 321d 1h 31m 59s
its ok any luck with the guy xD

mark stopped and took one of his headphones out and looked at tia "hey tia, how are you today?" he asked her in a very soft and gentle tone,she was his best friend for as long as he coul remember, he then looked at where the school was 'yet another school' he said to himself and he just looked back at tia again.
  Mark Tisdale / darkstartalker / 9y 321d 1h 38m 27s
Tia was laying on her bed, slipping in and out of sleep. She'd had a long night last night, but a productive one none the less. She knew she had to wake up anyway - she had school today. She also knew that her friend from overseas, Mark, had just moved into town. She would see him at school that morning, so that motivated her to get up.

She rolled out of bed, slipping into a pair of shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. She walked downstairs, still tired, and picked up a granola bar on her way out. She stepped out of her front door to see Mark passing by. "Mark! Hey, Mark!" she called, half running toward him.

{Hehe, sorry...}
  Tia Merritt / GoldenDelicious / 9y 321d 1h 42m 0s
oh my god come on xD
  Mark Tisdale / darkstartalker / 9y 321d 1h 43m 19s
Mark had just moved here in the middle of englsnd, he smiled at everyone that past by as he moved his stuff insde the house with his parents, he then just headed up to his room and put his music on as he started to unpack,he then put his cross skull curtains up and he then just fixed the rest of his stuff up,and as he was about to sit down his mother called up to him "Mark!! mark your going ot be late for your new school hurry up and leave" she shouted to him.

Mark just sighed and got his bag ready,he put his favorite neckless on and just headed down stairs grabbing an apple and his ipod and earphones, then just left the house, he blared his music into his ears, as he headed to school.
  Mark Tisdale / darkstartalker / 9y 321d 2h 4m 55s

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