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Well this is a 1x1 as you can tell,i love doing vampire role plays, and this is what this one will be =3

rules: NO cybering
NO leaving
NO spamming
NO not posting for days
NO not posting when your online thats so bugging
Other than these rules be creative and go nuts =3
NO one liners >:(

Ok this is how it works, there is a girl called sandy,she a pure blooded vampire,she gose ot a school at during the day times, no one knows yet thats she is a vampire,but she's not feed in some time,so she attacks one of the popular guys in school that used to be her best friend, whats going to happen with him,will her hate her? or will he be in love with her?

vampire girl: me Sandy Bright
human soon to be vampire: IchixShiro

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Sandy saw a boy come into the class room,the teacher ask sandy to stand up and tell everyone her name,she did so "um hello my names sandy and i'm the new girls here" she said and sat back down again,she was blushing a little and just shook her head looking out the window.
  Sandy Bright / darkstartalker / 9y 320d 14h 52m 41s
Damon woke up and jumped out of bed noticing it was eight o'clock. He was going to be late if he didn't hurry. He slipped on black skinnies and his favourite shirt. He ran out the door fumbling for his house key and locked door. He ran to his school and got inside his class just in time for second bell.
  IchixShiro / 9y 320d 17h 33m 56s
Sandy woke up in the day time,she sighed and just rubbed her eyes,she looked at the clock,it was 8 in the morning and she was getting ready for school,she got into her normal dark clothes putting her sun glasses on and hoodied over her,she then left the hous and went to the school,she heard the bell ring 'just in time ' she said to herself, as she walked in and past her old friend,she just looked at him, and walked right past him into her normal class but today she knew something was going ot happen, she just did not know what.
  Sandy Bright / darkstartalker / 9y 321d 1h 5m 35s

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