1x1 pokemon yuri need girl

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Misty was walking down a route and sighs. "Where are some pokemon i can catch"she thinks and sighs again. She pulls out a pokeball and uses it to release a pokemon so she has company. "Hey there treeko how are you doing today"she says and giggles. The treeko responds by nodding.
  Misty Burnheart / SexyChick27 / 8y 154d 19h 51m 42s
okay... can you start?
  <Misao> / Pyro-Toni / 8y 155d 6h 48m 44s
um not really i do mainly go with the flow
  Misty Burnheart / SexyChick27 / 8y 155d 18h 18m 58s
anything in mind?
  <Misao> / Pyro-Toni / 8y 156d 8h 26m 59s
  Misty Burnheart / SexyChick27 / 8y 158d 19h 16m 31s
we could work one out
  <Misao> / Pyro-Toni / 8y 159d 1h 1s
um i never thought that far i was tired
  Misty Burnheart / SexyChick27 / 8y 159d 1h 23m 35s
what is the basic plot... other than pokemon?
  <Misao> / Tonii / 8y 159d 7h 58m 58s

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