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i would like to do a princess and a knight roleplay and i will be knight.


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"Yes princess right away"she says and smiles. She quickly runs off to go get ready. She looks around and grabs some cloths she thinks she will need. When she finishes up she goes back to where the princess said to meet her. She looked around and scratched her head not seeing her. "Where is she"she thinks and yawns a bit.
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"I will hold you too that Sakura" Minosha kept walking as she listend to the silence. "We are going to my room I must get ready to leave soon I was due to visit a friend of mine in another kingdome she had requested I come and stay a few days Father would not let me travel alone" Minosha reached her room and smiled the helper had already gotten her cloths packed and ready.

"Princess everthing is ready for you and your trip shall we dress you for travel or would you rather wait we still have to staddle the horses" Ai spoke up for the group.

Minosha smiled and shook her head. "No no please go ahead as saddle the horses I will travel in this" Ai nodded as they all left out of the room.

"Sakura you should gather what things you need and meet me back here in my room we will depart soon I would rather reach there within a few day or so there are lost of bandits around and it is hard to say for sure what could happen my father worries for me even when I as of him not too"
  Minosha mizuashi / suzaku1 / 8y 154d 7h 2m 58s
"I can be patient"she says and smiles. "No wonder a guy was afraid when i first joined"she says and laughs. "Where are we heading princess"she asks and looks around. "Oh and thank you for choosing me i will not disappoint you"she says and smiles. "I will be the best knight i can possibly be"she says and looks at her. She watchings the girl go off and get her room ready.
  Sakura Notaichi / SexyChick27 / 8y 154d 21h 24m 2s
"I already like the sound of you Sakura..." She smiled brushing back the dark strands of hair that hung loosely on her shoulders. "Your room will not be far from mine actually I will see to it that it is right across from mine...." Minosha smiled and looked for someone she smiled finally Finding her.

"Ai please make it that Knight Sakura's new room is right across the hall from mine"

"Yes ma'am I shall get that do this instant" Ai nodded and smiled as she went off to do what was asked of her.

"Sakura...I would gladly like you to teach me the sword though I hope you have pateince with me and my skills I have been known to scare some of the other soldiers when I loose grip of the weapon...I almost decapitated one of the young soldiers he is still afraid to see me with a weapon though I did not mean to he is still a bit worried" she giggled lightly.
  Minosha mizuashi / suzaku1 / 8y 156d 19h 57m 46s
She looks at her and nods. "I would like that"she says and smiles. "you are very gernous"she says. "I will guard you and teach you the sword"she says and smiles. "It will be very tough though"she says and looks at her. "You up for the challenge"she asks. "I will go gardening with you whenever you want as well"she says and giggles. She looks at the sky and then at her. "so where will my room be"she asks and looks at her. "i hope i am your choosen knight as well"she says and smiles.
  Sakura Notaichi / SexyChick27 / 8y 157d 19h 30m 59s
Miosha laughs "Well you my knight have shown me mor charater than the others have well I should go next i is only fair.....I am the eldest of 5 younger brothers they can be a hand ful at times...I love to garden I kow little of the sword my father won't allow me much time to pratice so sadly I have barely learned to swing it without losing the sword completely" Minosha laughed a little at herself As she looked at Sakura "Would be happy if you were my choosen Knight the others are alright but you have shown me honesty and freely answered all my questions and for that you heart and sword are pure....So I want you to come and live in the palace I will have the workers prepare you a room here I hope that it will be to your liking."
  Minosha mizuashi / suzaku1 / 8y 157d 19h 52m 35s
"Yes it is miss"she says and thinks. "Well i have been training for a long time to be one of the best of course"she says and looks at her. She likes the way the princess loooks but doesn't say anything about it. "I have fought in one war but i didn't do a lot"she says and looks at her. "My swordsmanshop is very refined"she says and smiles "i don't have a family"she says and shruggs. "I have been living alone for a while now"she says and looks around. "Never even got anything close to a realtionship"she says and looks at her. "I can be very clumsy at times"she says and giggles.
  Sakura Notaichi / SexyChick27 / 8y 157d 20h 39m 33s
"Ah you have arrived Sakura...this is my Daughter the princess Minosha" Minosha walked from behind her father and smiled she looked at the knight this time a girl. "A pleasure to meet you Sakura I assure you will treat me well" King Arashi laughed and pushed Minosha forward. "The othere canidates have gone off on there own why don;t you get to know this knight Sakura she might be the one you choose." Minosha looked at her as her father walked away.

She turned to the girl Sakura she had never seen a girl Knight before this was the first time she had ever laid eyes upon one and much to her fantasy she was a beautiful girl. "Well Sakura tell me about yourself A little background is good to break the ice right."
  Minosha mizuashi / suzaku1 / 8y 158d 58m 54s
Sakura finally arrives and walks in at the attention. "Sakura Notaichi reporting"she says and looks at her king and bows. "You sent for me your majesty"she says and looks at the kind. "Was it about my new assignment"she asks and looks at the princess and back at the king.
  Sakura Notaichi / SexyChick27 / 8y 158d 18h 51m 20s
Minosha sat down on the small couch that lined there living room. She had already met 3 of the four Knight's that were potentiol for her true knight. She had been okay with the first the second seemed to cocky and the third was a quiet person. She was unsure about this really she wasn't to comfortable with the idea of having someone be with her, The knights were all skilled fighter he father had only choosen the best she was waiting and hoping that the last would show her somthing different that the others had not had.

"Father I am tired when will this person Arrive I am tired and you know I have to Travel to meet Faia later Her father has wanted me to come and visit for a while and I would really like to do so soon so that I can please leave with my Kight and be back in time for the ball"

King Arashi looked at his daughter "Pateints my child they will arrive and assume you will pick as fast as you can but have good judgement right?" Minosha nodded and was happily waiting she wanted to move around but she would be content untill the last knight arrived.
  Minosha mizuashi / suzaku1 / 8y 159d 7h 19m 12s
Sakura pants as she is over at the training grounds attacking a dummy. She wipes her forehead and flicks the sweat away. "Ah so much has to be done today"she says and stabs her sword in the ground. "I was one of the ones nominated to be the princess' knight so i must try my best if i can make it"she adds. She had a habit of talking to herself and looked around. She went to get some water. After she got her water she headed toward her own home so she could be ready and be sure she was chosen. After she got her armor on she went to the designated place the king ordered her to meet the princess.
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Well that is fine i do not mind
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you dont have to im just saying i cant do it that big your fine
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well thats fine do as much as you can I can try making shorter post if thats okay I normally can post 600 words or more but I ca make it shorter
  Minosha mizuashi / suzaku1 / 8y 159d 18h 42m 8s
um i cant post taht much o.O)
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