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Good god this was too long ago...
And now there's a limit on what you have to write? o.o
  .:DanceSucka:. / BlueEyedTears / 2y 134d 8h 3m 20s
long time no see
  Don't be racist Be like Mario / ES MOST BLOCKED PERSON / Paradoxofawesomeness / 7y 18d 14h 38m 59s
Dear me this is much too abandoned!
~Dances around
  .:DanceSucka:. / BlueEyedTears / 7y 130d 11h 24m 7s
I just bought the CD for Help~ :3
  *~Meet the Repo~* / The-Arctic-Repo / 8y 160d 13h 51m 13s
Snuggles and noms on bamboo
  mmph / Canary / 8y 160d 14h 24m 29s
Clings to the panda.
  .:DanceSucka:. / BlueEyedTears / 8y 160d 14h 25m 57s
Rolls around as a panda
Um, um, um. >.<
  mmph / Canary / 8y 160d 14h 44m 26s
I have a panda!
Now I just need a puppy >.>
  .:DanceSucka:. / BlueEyedTears / 8y 160d 14h 58m 1s
Apparently I'm a panda.
So you can have me. <3
  OVERTHINKING / Canary / 8y 160d 15h 6m 40s
I wanna puppy...
And a panda.
  .:DanceSucka:. / BlueEyedTears / 8y 160d 17h 18m 28s
Fine, fine. ;~;

I'd rather take smeggy pictures with my Beatles vinyls.
  *~Little piggies~* / The-Arctic-Repo / 8y 162d 13h 39m 53s
Women. Rolls eyes.
Shh Repo~

Okay, if you're sure!
  milky way. / canary / 8y 162d 13h 41m 27s
  .:DanceSucka:. / BlueEyedTears / 8y 162d 13h 41m 58s
  *~Little piggies~* / The-Arctic-Repo / 8y 162d 13h 43m 3s
You lie Repo!

It doesn't matter.
I'll be fine ^.^

Nice :)
  .:DanceSucka:. / BlueEyedTears / 8y 162d 13h 44m 6s

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