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Atem turned evil under the influence of the oricalchos so now he works along side Dartz. He's supposed to collect souls for the great leviathan to return. But when he's out looking there is one girl who draws his attention and even though he wants to capture her soul instead he takes her as his prisoner.

What will happen?

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Britt didn't say anything while he was getting her out of there. looks like I'll meet them later. she thought and heard Atem tell her his name. All the way to her home she was quiet. Her parents were not home right when they showed up giving her extra time to figure out something.

She had found a way inside through her extra key under the doormat. Using it she unlocked the door to let them inside. Once inside she had the perfect lie in mind. I can tell them his parents are out of town and he needs a place to stay. she thought with a slight smile. Right after she figured it out her parents showed up at the house.
  Britt** / BrittStalin / 7y 4d 22h 3m 37s
Atem saw that things were going to take far too long so he decided to take her home, introduce himself to the family... That sort of thing. He'd give Dartz all the information later. Getting her away from Valon was his main concern. "Name's Atem." He murmured to her, easing her away from the others. He looked away from everyone, hoping to keep the blush on his cheeks a secret.
He wasn't supposed to actually like the girl... but he did.
  Orichalcos Atem / IgnisAurelius / 7y 5d 27m 57s
Britt didn't say anything to him and she had every intention to keep Valon at a distance. When she felt Atems arm go around her waist and pull her into a hug she blushed slightly because she hadn't expected it. Not that she liked him or anything except she was defiantly starting to like him and actually was starting to think this fake relationship might not be so bad. She remembered how he said that she would get to know him very well and she could see why by how he was protective of her.

She noticed more people showed up slowly and she just relaxed in Atems arms. She had agreed to work for them as bait and she hadn't fought with Atem when he talked about the relationship thing. She couldn't believe that she was just surrendering to Atem so easily ever since she had become his prisoner. She hoped this slight meeting with the Doma organization wouldn't take very long since they needed to have things look normal as she was starting her new job and having to get used to her new boyfriend who she had to come up with a lie to get her parents to let him stay at her house since he wasn't going to be leaving her side at any time soon. As she was going through all her thoughts she looked at Atem through the corner of her eye remembering that she had gave her name to him but she had no idea what his name was so what exactly was she supposed to call him.
  Britt** / BrittStalin / 7y 8d 5h 42m 37s
Valon approached Britt, smirking. "Who left such a pretty little sheila all alone in here?" He joked, extending his arms. He had every intention of hugging her. She was so beautiful...

Atem coughed when Valon's arms were inches from Britt. She as probably going to push him away anyway, but Atem was protective of her. After all, he was supposed to pretend that she is his girlfriend. He walked over, slipping an arm around her waist and pulling her into a hug. "Hands off, Valon." He growled, narrowing his eyes at the Australian male.
  Orichalcos Atem / IgnisAurelius / 7y 12d 8h 54m 20s
Britt sighed as he left her sight and for a minute she thought she could relax. Then she heard someone walk in and she had her guard back up. "Hello." She said to him though she kept watch for Atem to return.
  Britt** / BrittStalin / 7y 36d 4h 15m 44s
"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere." Atem said, not telling her where he was going. He was just going to the bathroom, but that was none of her buisness...

Valon walked into the room, once Atem was gone. The others were coming back soon, but he was the first one to arrive back. "G'Day~" He purred, smiling at the girl that was standing in the room. She was quite lovely.
  Orichalcos Atem / IgnisAurelius / 7y 36d 4h 26m 18s
Britt stayed standing "fine, I'll introduce you to them tomorrow." She said to him. She actually was starting to like him a little but it wasn't enough to put her guard down around him. She was easy to be stubborn around anyone she didn't know well. Now she only had to wonder when were the other people he was going to introduce her to were going to get there.
  Britt** / BrittStalin / 7y 36d 5h 12m 42s
"I guess, as your new boyfriend, you need to introduce me to your friends... So I know who to avoid. I don't want to take their souls, after all." Atem said, letting a hint of compassion slip into his voice. "Then maybe we can go out for dinner." He added, a chuckle finishing his statement.
  Orichalcos Atem / IgnisAurelius / 7y 36d 6h 24s
Britt felt a blush rise to her cheeks then and knew if she claimed to be an apprentice she would actually have to prove it. She knew there wasn't much of a choice when her options were only two. Thinking things through she had no idea how he could win against her so easily when he narrowed her options down like that. From his remark about their "Relationship" It was like he knew that it would come down being in one.
  Britt** / BrittStalin / 7y 36d 6h 3m 5s
"Well, it looks like your only options are claiming to be my apprentice or my girlfriend." Atem said, a victorious smirk growing on his face. The girlfriend idea might be fun... Just to see how she felt about him.

"If you don't like how our 'relationship' is going, you can 'break up with me'." He joked, making it sound like they already agreed on the idea.
  Orichalcos Atem / IgnisAurelius / 7y 36d 6h 34m 41s
"I'm only seventeen. So until I'm 18 you can't expect me to stay here." She said and knew that was one thing she could bring up. She calmed down but was still being stubborn about things. "If you want to make people not suspicious on what's going on then I have to keep a normal life so everyone who knows me thinks nothing is going on." She said to him and knew she was right about that. Her friends were by her everyday unless she was sick or had decided to go home. So being without them would throw suspicion on something. She knew they would need to come up with something to make him blend in with her. She thought about her options on how she could refer him when they were out and people asked them. She thought about it for awhile so many ways to give him a way to blend in, the only one she wouldn't think of is calling him a boyfriend because she doubted he could pull it off.
  Britt** / BrittStalin / 7y 36d 6h 42m 44s
Atem had to admit... The girl's stubbornness and spunk was cute. Not that he was going to let anyone know.
"How do you know what I can and can't expect of you? Maybe I expect you to stay here every day, never leaving unless Master Dartz gives you permission to leave. And even then, I would leave with you." He sneered, trying not to go soft and let her come in closer to him...

Trying to get closer to her without letting her get in close was difficult. Harder than he ever imagined.
  Orichalcos Atem / IgnisAurelius / 7y 36d 6h 52m 30s
"You can't expect to keep me here everyday." She said to him and wasn't sure how to take that chuckle. Plus she knew all her belongings and clothing was in her parents house so she would have to somehow get back there where she knew her beloved cat was too. Somehow a thought had popped into her head that if he wasn't letting her out of his sight then it could mean that if she wanted to return home then she would have to come up with an excuse to keep him there.
  Britt** / BrittStalin / 7y 38d 7h 52m 17s
Atem stretched out, a bored look on his face. "Well, you are going to get to know me very well. You aren't leaving my sight and I won't let anyone hurt you." He said, a slight smile on his lips as he chuckled.
  Orichalcos Atem / IgnisAurelius / 7y 38d 7h 55m 40s
Britt was getting curious on why he wanted to know about her. Honestly she had not very much to tell about herself. "Well I know a few people who don't like non-duelists. My friend Miranda actually took them down on her own while I just really watched. Obviously you already know where I live since you took me from there and I only live there with my mom,dad and my cat." She told him
  Britt** / BrittStalin / 7y 38d 7h 58m 34s

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