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If the world was on fire,
No one could save me but you.
It's strange what desire can make foolish people do.
I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you.
No, I wanna fall in love.
Though this world is only gonna to break your heart.
No, I wanna fall in love...
....With you.
What a Wicked Game to play,
To make me feel this way.
What a wicked thing to do,
To let me dream of you.
What a wicked thing to say,
You never felt this way.
What a wicked thing you do,
To make me dream of you.
But nobody loves no one...

Mia, the flea was pinned to the ground. On top of her a blonde little boy hovered over her. Planting a kiss upon her lips while his tongue penetrated it. The little girl, eight at the time, pushed him off. The result, the two chased each other around her front yard throwing mud at one another. The two never realized that this day would be the day their attraction for one another would change. A burning passion would arise. The boy would be confused and the girl angry. And through that a fire would ignite and their rivalry, friendship, and maybe something more along the way, would begin.


[[Name:]] Mia Irene Contadino
[[Age]]: Seventeen
[[Gender:]] Female
[[Nationality:]] Hawaiian/Italian
[[Birthday:]] November 16th 1994
[[Background Story]]: Mia was a bright girl. Shy and quiet sometimes, she was a strong girl. As a child she would play, sports, video games and help out her father with the dirty work. As she got older, she was aware of beauty even her own, even though she did not care much for it. She was more of a tom boy than she was a girly girl. She wasn't afraid to get dirty or rough when playing sports or doing anything. She had more guy friends then she did girl friends because she was pretty much one of the guys besides the fact that she did not eat meat. Mia was seen to everyone as innocent but was taught her to be tough, especially when it came to standing her ground.
[[Theme Song:]]
Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Mia
Most Girls
Long Way To Go

[[Name:]] Zachary James Smith
[[Age]]: Eighteen
[[Gender:]] Male
[[Nationality:]] Korean/British
[[Birthday:]] November 5th, 1993
[[Background Story]]: Editing...
[[Theme Song:]]
I'm a Fake,
Setting Yourself Up for Sarcasm

"Isn't there someone else you can torture?"
"Probably, but I chose you."

RP Song's

Wicked Games
With Me

Zach to Mia
It's Gonna Be Me
She's No You
Ready or Not
Harder to Breathe
Can't Stop
In Those Jeans
Miss Bipolar
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
One more night

Mia to Zach
Keeps Getting Better
Miss Independent
Best of Me
My life would suck without you
I never told you
What the hell
The Best Damn Thing

You Make Me Feel
Hands All Over
Meet Me Halfway
Love Me


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He was laughing. Of course he was laughing because he didn't care that she was worried about his stupid ass. She narrowed her eyes as he spoke. The movies with a hot chick. Of course, why should expect any less from Zachary. Well at least he was right about that. She didn't need to know If he'd score or not, but st least tell her he was leaving!

Mia rolled her eyes. She should have thrown her other shoe at him, but instead she stood there against the door. She tried to resisting as he pulled her, at least for a moment. But... he managed to get her at least sitting on the bed.

Yes! Yes she fucking hated him. He was a dick, an asshole. Mia shook her head. He was high as fuck. And she refused to pay much mind to it. He was a dumb ass. Why would he say such a thing? Why did he have to give her a little smile... like... Mia shook the thought from her head.

"You're an idiot." She murmured as she finally looked over to him. Mia pushed herself down, laying beside him. Her eyes looking up at the ceiling rather than right at him.

"So why did you leave? I'm sure it wasn't just because you were gonna skip and go out on a date. I mean you were ready to come to class until I asked you for your shorts."

Was it because of her? But she did nothing to him. Or... was it... Mia glanced over to him, her eyes widening though she shook it off. Did... did she... turn him on? Mia stifled a laugh. Zach was a big boy, in the sense that he's had sex with so many girls. How was it not easy to control his situation?

"I'll make a deal... you tell me why you didn't go to class and... and I'll give you a kiss." She puckered her lips. "Or I don't know. What do you want? I just want you to tell me why you left, the real reason... and you tell me what you want in return." She shrugged her shoulders.
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The house was empty. His mother had left with her friends to do her daily routine. His step father off working behind a desk at the hospital. Mia, well he had left Mia behind at the school where he should of been at as well. But the truth was that he did not ant to be there. He wanted to leave, give up on it.

Sure he was a bright child, he was always reminded of this by each teacher, principal, and parents. And sure he was a very good student when it came to grades, but his only problem was maintaining a good standing with not missing school, not getting detention, and staying away from all the girls. Yes, Zach had a bad boy reputation, but that didn't mean that he was not intelligent enough to pass grades without cheating. Straight A student without trying. But he had no interest in it. He had no interest in his grades.

"Hey Zach, Selena and Ashley are going to ditch the afternoon and catch a movie, wanna go with us?" Andy asked as Zach looked up at the male who had suddenly out of no where appeared in the locker room.

"Um.. Maybe. You go on ahead, I will catch up in anything." Zach said soon noticing the male simply leave. A deep sigh escaped his lips.

It wasn't long before he had left the school's premises, and had made his way back to his house. The empty black and white colored house. Entering his black and red decorated room. Zach closed the black drapes that hung on the window. He wanted to be in darkness for a little while. At least for the time being.

Turning up the speakers, and playing his melancholy playlist. Zach kicked off his converse, and threw himself upon the bed, grabbing his controller from the nightstand, flipping the tv on, and grabbing his game station controller along with his happy sack and metal pipe. It didn't take long for it to take effect on him when it touched his lips and seeped into his lungs, to his head.

But what was really hours had felt like minutes, when Zach had finally realized that someone had gotten home. His eyes stared over at his door as it opened, revealing the young brunette. Hearing as she yelled at him, he stared at her in a daze, soon feeling a wisp of wind hit his face as he realized she had thrown her shoe at him. Zach chuckled at the sight. "I actually was supposed to go to the movies with some hot chick and her sexy friend." He said a bit too bluntly before sitting up and making his way over to her.

"I didn't tell you because I did not think you needed to know if I was going to score or not. But yeah I should say sorry for not at least telling you that I was going to leave. But as to why, well that is kinda private. Or was. I didn't go. Didn't feel like fucking anyone. Oooh Surprise! Spoiler alert!" He chuckled before reaching down and pulling her towards the bed to lay next to him. He looked over at Mia, a small smile. "You hate me, and that's alright. I still love your crazy moods. That are always my fault. Want to feel the stars like I feel right now? IF you don't it's fine. I don't really mind. I feel happy right now. Next to you. I always do."
  Zᴀᴄʜᴀʀʏ J. Sᴍɪᴛʜ / Sin / 2y 328d 6h 56m 10s
Mia rushed home. No word, no text, no information.... why the he'll hadn't Zach told her he left early? He seemed perfectly fine this morning and right before gym, but when their class had started, he was no where in sight.

He couldn't do that to her. He couldn't just leave without a word. Did he not know she cared? Yes, Mia cared. This was Zachary. She knew him since forever. Sure, she didn't like him half the time, but that didn't mean she didn't care about him. They were friends weren't they?

"Hey Mia, where you heading?" She heard from behind. Mia stopped turning to the brunette male with a smile over his face.

"Home." Mia sighed softly.

"Your staying st your house still?"

Mia shook her head. "No, I'm staying with..." with... could she really tell him, Darse of all people who she was staying with? No, no one was supposed to know she was staying with Zachary and his family... or, maybe someone could know? No... because then she'd have to explain they were sharing a room and all that complicated stuff. No, she wouldn't tell him. "A family friend." She shrugged.

"You seemed annoyed." He chuckled, Mia only rolling her eyes at him.

"I'm on a mission ok? Zach left, no word at all."

"Oh Zach left early? And your concerned?" The male raised an eyebrow. Everyone who knew Mia knew she was hardly ever concerned about Zachary J Smith, or at least she'd never actually admit it, so for her to do so was actually a surprise.

"Well, he brought me to school... and he's been nice since... you know."

"Uhuh," Darse chuckled, "Well have fun then." Mia watched as the boy walked away, her eyes narrowed at him. He.... Darse was an ass. It was nothing... all she was doing was heading home... where she was staying and she was going to make sure Zach was ok. And if he was, she was gonna hit him for worrying her.

Mia made her way to the Smith's house quicker than she expected. She headed upstairs, listening at the door before entering. Her eyes falling upon Zach, lying on the bed, smoke covering him.

"What the fuck? You left school to come home and her high?" Mia dropped her bag at the door, slipping off her sneakers and tossing one right at him, missing on purpose. "I was worried about you, you asshole. Why did you leave? Why did you not tell me?"
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"Hey, Zach!" Markus called out as he wrapped a towel around his waist. And to Zach's dismay, he had seen way more than he wanted to see. "What's up?"

"I heard that you gave Mia a ride to school today. It's that a little unusual for her to let you do?" He questioned, but Zach smirked and shook his head as he pulled up his gym shorts on. "I don't know what you are talking about. I usually take Mia to school."

"Yeah, but doesn't Ms. Bitchy pants loose her parents about a month ago? She shouldn't be letting you even be touching her or letting you be four feet close to her..."

Zach pulled his shirt over himself, soon taking slipping on his black and red Jordans. "Mia is actually letting me because..." Was he even allow to say it? Had Mia even told anyone about them living together now? No, she hadn't. He could still remember the fight they had over the little subject. No one could EVER find out that they lived together. Yet alone slept in the same room, same bed... Because no one would believe them when they would say they have NOT done anything sexual. Because, according to Mia, Zach was a disgusting, perverted pig! "...Well I guess we are better friends now. Nothing out of the usual. I just take her when she lets me. Beats taking the bus or walking to school." He said before looking over at his friend who narrowed his eyes at him.

"Whatever you say Zach..." Markus spoke before dressing himself and leaving the room. At last, Zach had finally been the last one in the locker room. And he could feel the ultimate peace. Sometime to think over the things he had to do... Things he had to prove... But the peace had been smashed to dust when he heard his name being called out by...

"Mia?" He asked as his eyes soon noticed the small brunette's head pop from around the corner of a row of lockers. "What the fu--" His eyes soon noticed her uniform. His eyes widening as she twirled. He... He couldn't... He wanted to... But couldn't. Why was she... She was teasing him.

Zach couldn't avert his eyes. He wanted to stare, but was forced to look up and away when she had asked him for his pants... The male simply took the pair of spare pants he had in his locker and threw them at her. His cheeks soon feeling the heavenly feeling of her lips upon his cheek. And like that she had left him...there... with the new predicament. Fuck.

How was he supposed to go to gym now? He... He just couldn't... he shook the image out of his head, slamming the locker door shut and grunting with frustration. Why did he have to endure this kind of shit?
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Mia blinked twice, watching his hand as he simply poked her shoulder. A chuckle escaping her lips as he spoke. She rolled her eyes listening to his speak, sarcasm clear in his voice. Though, he doomed sigh and his tone was much more serious.

So, then he did want to touch her. Did that mean he wasn't entirely a sleaze ball? No, that just meant he had the decency to not force himself into anyone, because his mother raised him. Though, that didn't change the fact that he did sleep with a bunch of girls. She shrugged, yeah, he was right, she didn't want him to. And maybe... just maybe some other guy would come around... she glanced out the window. Would she really want some random guy coming around or did she really just want...

"Zach, I'm not into girls." She rolled her eyes. "But sure, if you feel uncomfortable all you had to do was say so." Mia crossed her arms. "Besides, your gross. Make my toes curl." She chuckled, was that even possible for anyone? Or was it just a saying? No doubt a saying but still.

"I asked you because.... I've known you forever... and being someone who wants to fuck every girl who will allow you to, I had to ask." She shrugged her shoulders. "It was just a question... mostly because I already knew you'd want to touch me, so long as I'd let you. And... wanted to see if you'd admit it or lie."

Besides, he was still there for her... no her feelings wouldn't change. She'd still not want to end up with someone like Zach who messed around basically all the time. Feelings wouldn't change a person. Unless he was already like that.... what if Zach was actually trustworthy... faithful, would she want him then?

She'd probably never know. Mia would just admire the moments she'd share with him when he wasn't an ass.


Gym time.

Of course! Of course the school changed the gym clothes again, to much shorter shorts. Mia had it, she couldn't do this, how the hell did they expect every girl to be ok with wearing shorts that ride up so much to show their cheeks. How could parents not be angry about this?

Mia rushed out of the locker room in her regular clothing. Her hand holding up those shorts as she stood in front of the gym teacher. "Do you really expect us to wear this? It's degrading!"

"Miss Contadino I understand your dilemma, but this is the schools gym uniform. It's school policy."

"You don't care because your just as much of a disgusting person as the one who chose this!" Furious, Mia stomped back out towards the locker rooms. She struggled for a while, standing there, watching all the other girls wearing their shorts. It fit, it fit them perfectly fine, not as terrible as it fit her. Curse her large hips and behind.

Oh, wait... but they never said she couldn't wear the boys shorts did they? Mia smiled brightly, pulling her pants off, she put the entire damn uniform on. Mia walked out peeking left, then right before walking into the boys locker room. "Zachary! Zachary James Smith."

Mia searched around soon finding the blonde already fully dressed in his gym uniform. "I need you to take of your shorts." She instantly said. Mia walked over to his standing right in front of him. "I need a pair, look at this! They don't fit me." She turned around showing him her problem, before leaning up against the lockers.

Mia watched as he grabbed another pair of shorts. A night smile plastered on her lips. "You're the best." She pressed her lips to his cheeks soon leaving the boys locker room.

Back in the girls locker room, she changed quickly. Zach's shorts fitting her perfectly. He really was the best, looking out for her. She should do something nice for him... Yeah! But what?

She'd figure that out later.
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Zach smiled as she pulled him closer. He wanted to kiss her. To mess with her head. But he wasn't going to mess up this moment either. He chuckled as she called him a liar. Of course he was. But he would never tell her that. Then again, he could tell her the truth, or maybe fake make thag he had posted it. Photoshop it? He could ask Daemien to do it just to spite her. Make her pay for... Earlier...

His eyes turned to watch her get into his car. Unwise choice. But then again, when did she ever make a good choice around him? She was only setting herself up for disaster and awkward situations. Zachary turned on the car, driving off to school. Adjusting his mirror to see her in it, he smiled at her. But her question had sinply caught him off guard. His smile fading as he raised an eyebrow. "What?" he mainly asked himself. Had he heard right? Did... Did she want him to... No. Even though she denied it, he was more than sure it was a simple cover up to hide her... Feelings. Maybe she was just horny and was speaking rubbish again. Or maybe just wanted a reaction from him.

"I would love to touch you. In fact..." he reached over, poking her shoulder. "Guess I cannot keep myself from touching you." He chuckled before looking back at the road. "I am some hungry horny guy with some uncurable uncontrolable urge to touch you all over! Fear me..." He said a bit sarcastically before sighing. "Seriously, Mia... I would love to touch you, feel every inch of your body, see what makes it shiver, what makes it feel pleasure, but I would only do that if you wanted me to. But since you don't, I am fine with it. Besides, I am pretty sure some other guy... Will end up..." He cleared his throat trying to get the horrible image out of his head. No way would he want some asshole touch Mia! But... If Mia wanted it... And well... He couldn't do anything about it.... "How about when you find a suitable boyfriend, or grilfriend, ask them the same question to be fare to them. Ok?." he smiled at her. "I am sure there is someone out there willing to make your toes curl is pure bliss and body shivering, sweating in deep desire and pleasure. But I am still unsure why you even bother asking someone who won't touch you that way."
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Could he really though?

Never leaving her side was much easier than not touching her. Touching could have meant something simple, but she knew just as he did what he meant by it. And Although he said he wouldn't touch, she was more than certain he could not keep that promise... unless he wasn't into her of course, but Zach was interested in any female ready to get down and dirty with him. Which.. was pretty gross. Besides, she already knew he wanted her, especially after feeling his poor little aching friend.

Mia shook the thoughts from her her head. As she was about to pull the shirt over her head, the door swung open. The sound of snapping photos was the first thing she heard, making Mia turn to see Zach's smiling face closing the door shut.

That... that bastard! He wouldn't, he couldn't. Oh, he would and he'd use it as a proof to pretend he'd gotten into bed with her. Mother fucker. She rushed, oh the girl hustled as fast as she could to get her pants on. Her socks, sneakers. Mia didn't even bother with her hair.

"Zachary James Smith, I'm gonna murder you, you sick pervert," Mia called out as she headed down the stairs, soon reaching the door, not even saying bye to his mother. She was so focused on catching the sick asshole.

"Zachary, Zachary James Smith I swear to god if you send those-" Mia blinked twice as he spoke. Too late? Too Late? Mia held to damn car door open and grabbed him by the collar. Mia stared at him, glared at him. "You're a liar." She pushed him into the car, soon getting into the passenger side herself.

"No, at most you'd keep them for yourself... and your... little friend down there." Mia glanced down before glancing back up at him with a shrug. For a while after she was silent, watching as he turned the car on and drove off. Her eyes staring at his hands.

"So, would you really not touch me? Even if you wanted to really badly?" Part of her was curious about his answer. The other... well, she'd never want to say it allowed. "Or, what if I said I wanted you to?" She paused, realizing her words. "Not that I wanted you to."
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Zach's eyes wandered over to the door of [s his] their bathroom that had finally opened. His eyes, captivated by the beautiful... She was being a bitch. Oh was she being a real bitch. Zach's eyes never left hers, even though he struggled hard for his eyes not to wander curiously down her... Ugh...

He could feel his body freeze in place as she climbed on him. He kept a steady breath, his hands to himself. Though all he really wanted was to kiss those luci-- In mere second, Zachary J. Smith had forgotten what was going on. Her lips on his, he had longed for that feeling... even though he had wanted it to be a little longer... He... He wasn't going to mess it up. Not as badly as his friend down south was...

He shook his head and smirked at her. "I... I can keep promises... I kept my promise of never leaving your side!" He said with a grin, soon sighing in relief as she had gotten off. The male instantly sitting up and shifting himself not to show... too much. "At least I would must rather get beaten by you now..." He said before sighing. She had to pay for this...somehow... but how?

An evil smile formed on his lips, the boy soon slipping his phone out of his pocket, waking over to the bathroom. One, two, three.. He whispered to himself. Instantly he opened the door, held his phone up, snapped a few pictures of her, and closing the door shut. "Hope you can get yourself ready in less than a minute before this gets online!" He said chuckling as he ran out of the room, and instantly out of the house. Of course he wouldn't post it online. Zach was not that type of guy... But he wouldn't tell Mia that. Zach saved the picture, in his locked file. Deleting it from his phone as he opened the car door, he could hear the brunette yelling at him, and he simply looked up at her. "Too late." He shrugged his shoulders as he got into his car.
  Zᴀᴄʜᴀʀʏ J. Sᴍɪᴛʜ / Sin / 2y 345d 7h 50m 28s
Really now? His? Why was he such a pain? Zachary was fine a few months ago. Hell, she was actually beginning to like him as a decent human being for once. But, then he had to revert back to his usual old, perverted self. He was gross and disgusting. Zach was a pig. She watched as he sat on the bed, a smirk on his lips. Oh, she’d punch that smirk right off his [s pretty little] ugly ass face.

“The only way I’d give you a little kissy is to murder you.” She narrowed her eyes at him, rolling her eyes. “Yeah, before when I was like what? Five, you know when we were little kids and forced to take showers together.” Mia slammed the door shut again.

How could she forget they lived together? She was reminded of it every day. Each day she had to see his face. His room. Why did they choose him? There were plenty of other places she could have gone, like Hawaii with her aunt Alani or italy with her Uncle Ben. She could have stayed with Mr. Leonidos and his family. Darse and… well no probably not since he now lived with his dad. But point being anyone ANYONE would have been better than Zachary James Smith.

Promise… Oh, like she’d believe him.

Well, if she was going to get her shirt, may as well make him pay no?

Mia slipped out of her pants, more like struggled, pulling each side down before being able to pull the damn thing off her legs. She glanced at herself in the mirror, combing her hair back and to the side with her fingers.

They saw each other before, right? So this wouldn’t bother him, not one bit.

Mia opened the bathroom door, she walked over to him, climbing on top of him. Brown eyes glancing down at his face. He was cute… handsome. And well, he was nice to her before… and he brought her waffles. With a sigh, Mia leaned forward. She pressed her lips to his for a split second, her fingers gripping and pulling the shirt from him. Her hands pressed against this chest. “Somehow I really don’t think you’d really be able to keep that promise forever.

Mia shrugged her shoulders as she got off of him. She took the waffles and headed back into the bathroom. “Oh and it’s not like we haven’t kissed before right? After all, I did chase you and beat you down as a kid for it.”
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It had been about a month. School had just started, or well it was the first day of school since summer break. Ever since that horrible night, everything had seemed to go back to normal. Or well, to what was normal now. Mia had been living with him, sleeping with him. It had seemed that Zach's dreams had come true to actually be able to sleep...[s sleep with her] next to her.

The first two weeks involved him basically waiting on her hand and foot. Making sure she was alright, felt comfortable. Making sure that if she cried he would comfort her. And when she needed space, he'd try to give her space. But at night, he would always have her in his arms, and stay awake with her when she would not stop crying. If anyone ever had to say something about Zach, what he was doing, they would think he was taking advantage. But in all reality, all he really wanted was to see Mia back to normal... as normal as she could be within the circumstances...

Zach looked over at his mother, the woman handing him a plate of waffles. "Those are for MIa. Now go give it to her." She said, her son giving her a sly smile that only made her narrow her eyes at him. "The waffles. Give the waffles to Mia." She corrected as Zach held his hand up in defense chuckling. "If you say so, mother." With that being said, he had left the kitchen and made his way up to the room. His eyes staring right at the lovely, curved-- He cleared his throat. A broad grin from ear to ear as he soon was thrown a shirt. Pulling the shirt off of his face, Zachary watched as she stormed off into the bathroom. And he just smirked. "Oh I ain't giving you this. It's mine now. I might even use it later for my lustful thoughts about you." He rolled his eyes, before chuckling. Sitting on the bed, He stared at her, holding the shirt up teasingly. "Only way you are getting it back is slipping out over here, and giving me a little kissy." HE puckered his lips before chuckling. "Oh come on Mia, stop being such a baby. It's not like I haven't seen you naked before. You forget that we live together now, remember?" He sighed.

Laying back in the bed, holding up the shirt. "Just get it, plus I brought you waffles." He said with a smile. "Mom said to give it to you." He chuckled at the thought. Before putting the plate on the nightstand beside the bed, tucking his hand under his head, as the other still held the shirt up. "I can't promise I won't look. But I do promise I won't touch."
  Zᴀᴄʜᴀʀʏ J. Sᴍɪᴛʜ / Sin / 2y 348d 5h 52m 1s
Mia listened to the small knock, before hearing familiar voice. She glanced over to him… Zachary. He would be there. There was no surprise in that. He was who her parents decided to place her under. His mom, until Zachary reached eighteen, which she ascertain was within a year. Mia glanced back down at the floor in front of her, the sound of his footsteps stopping as the bed creaked, adjusting to his weight beside her.

He may have not been her parents. He never could be and no one in this world would ever replace them, but Zachary was the guy her parents adored. And in this moment… she needed him. She allowed him to wrap his arm around her. Her head pressed against his shoulder. Her hand reached out, wrapping around his chest. His soft voice only making tears flow down her cheeks.

“They wanted you to come with us…” Maybe… if she had let him come, their night would have been a little different. She cried, as much as she could in his arms until it was time for her to leave. Two weeks they said, she had been there for two weeks. She wiped her face, taking the small box with them as they left the hospital…


Two months later; August.

“Aerum” The young woman glanced at herself in the mirror, she had this. She could do this. Mia could ask. Right? She’d practice. “I don’t think I can sleep in Zach’s room anymore.” Mia was grateful, really. The family had welcomed her with open arms, as they always had. It was sweet of them. But, with Mia’s… quickly growing body.. And Zach’s.. hormonal… junk. It was getting really uncomfortable to have to share the room and bed with him.

“I was thinking… maybe… We can get separate beds?” Mia sighed softly, no she’d be asking for to much. And it wasn’t like she had a job just yet to actually get the bed herself. No, she’d just have to wait she really really couldn’t ask. Not after everything they did for her.

Mia shook her head, wrapping the towel tighter around her body. She opened the door, peeking out of the bathroom clothes in hand, making sure Zachary was not around this time. With a sigh she stepped out into the room. How he had a room with a bathroom attached, was beyond her, but it was convenient. Mia sat down on the bed, placing her clothes beside her. She kept the towel tightly wrapped, so it wouldn’t fall as she slid her undergarments under lifting the towel just a little to get her underwear at the right spot.

She turned instantly at the sound of a clearing throat. “What the fuck Zach?” She grabbed her shirt tossing it at his face. “How long have you been standing there for?” He was a pig, disgusting. This, this was why they needed a barrier between each other. “You know what. don’t answer that. Just… go fuck yourself.” She grabbed the rest of her clothes and stomped back over into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. She dressed quickly, soon noticing. “Fuck..”

Mia opened the door slightly. “Can you pass me a shirt? Preferably the one I threw you because I don’t trust you near my stuff.”
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"It's alright dude. Just because she said she invited you, but really didn't, doeasn't mean anything. You know she basically hates your guts ever since you fucked Keishla." Mark spoke as he took another chug from his beer. Zach looked over at his blonde friend. He was right, Mia had hated him ever since he had started dating other girls. And even though he had not even fucked one of them, Mia automaticay had assumed he was like his father... A fuckboy... So he had done exactly what she thought of him. First he started with Keishla, then Veronica. Then Ashley... then Clarissa.... until he forgot how many he had...

He was drunk, and so was his friend. But it had not stopped Zach hiding his own feelings..."She doesn't give a fuck about me. She wishes I was dead, that's what she really wants. She wants me dead!" He yelled as he threw the can of beer frustrated against the wall. Mark smirked and shook his head. "You really want to fuck her that bad? She's just another pussy for the list. What does it matter? There are plenty of other girls you can fuck. Or is she like your golden prize? Like fuck her and you win the best fucker list."

Zach looked over at his friend, looking away. He couldn't tell him the truth. He would laugh. All Mark ever gave a damn about was to fuck a new girl everytime. Zach... Zach could fuck any girl. But who he really wanted to be with was...

Zachs' phone rang, his eyes staring at the number . "Who's calling?" His friend asked, Zach onlly shook his head before ending the call. "It's my mother.. she's probably wondering where I am... Ugh.. I should just go home..." Zach said a bit defeated. Taking another bottle of beer, the male opened it, chugged it, and walked off. "See you tomorrow!" His friend called out to him as Zach continued to wobble his way back home. Slipping his hands into the pocket of his jacket. His phone ringing once again. The bonde male puling out his phone. His mother was calling again. And Zach ahd simply ended the call once again. She did not have to rush him to get home... He would get home...

As soon as he saw the white house, the door of the house opened as Zach could see the woman rushing out to her car. His step father following up behind her. This... this was not like them... Zach quickened his pace, and reached up to them. His mother's eyes full of tears. And his step father yelling at him as always.

"What happened mom?" Zach asked softly, his step father interviening. "You don't answer your phone! So you can fucking sta home!"

"No...No... Zach... honey... There was an accident... and ...Mia...." She sobbed. Zach's eyes widened. He didn't need to hear anything else. Zach took a step back. Turning on his heel, the blonde sprinted towards the hospital. "Zach! Honey wait! Come with us!" They yelled. But it fell to deaf ears as the male continued to run. His heart in his throat. His mind racing with horrible images. "Mia!" He yelled out in anger, fear, sadness. Every emotion in his heart bursted as he yelled his heart out, waking the neighbors, including the Leonidos.

His mother finally catching up to Zach, the boy simply got into the car, and rushed them to the hospital.

The boy barged out of the elevator, his mother rushing behind him. "Zachary calm down... Please honey!"

"Mia! Mia?! Mia!!!" He yelled like a lunatic as he searched the rooms, causing the staff to hold him down. "Let me go! MIa! Where is MIa Contadino!" He yelled in anger, a redheaded nurse soon approaching him and his mother who watched helplessly. "Are you Zachary James Smith?" She asked softly, Zach simply glared at the woman. His eyes glaring at her. "Where is she!" He was held back tightly. His mother had never seen him this angry... this... hurt... this...

"I am sorry to say this Mr. Smith... but the Contadino family have experienced a really horrible car crash... It was raining and this mle driver came out of no where and well.. and well Mr and Mrs. Contadino both have passed away... And--" Zachary's eyes widened. Feeling as the world had suddenly stood still. "No...No. No!" Yelled, his voice breaking, the tears forming in his eyes. "Where is Mia! Mia... please...tell me where is MIa...please... just please..." Zach felt his own body give up, give in. The nurse signaled the two men from the staff to let him go. The male simply cried, falling upon his knees. The nurse got on one knee, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Mia is alive.. she nearly beat death but she is alive and will be alright...." She said softly. Lifting his chin up, He eyes staring into the lost and broken soul of the blonde male. "She is alive... She is in room 506..." She said in a soft tone. The male being pulled up to stand by his mother and the nurse. The two women leading him to the room.

Zach stared up at the door, entering as his heart broke apart.. He made his way to her side. She... was here still... Taking her hand ever so gently, he held it up to his cheek, then pressing a small kiss upon her hand. "MIa... I'm here... I... I am here..." He said softly. Taking a seat beside her, never letting her hand go. He could feel his mother placing a hand on his shoulder. "Look in my eyes, all I ever wanted was you...This is who I really am inside..." He whispered softly, laying his head upon the edge of the bed "I am nothing without you...Please stay... stay with me..."

Aerum looked at her son, her son who had broken apart in merely seconds. If this was not love.. She did not know what love was. But the question now was...What would happen from now on between them?


Knocking softly, Zach entered the room. "Mia?" Zachary called out softly, his eyes soon noticing the young broken doll sitting upon the edge of the bed. He could feel his heart bursting into sadness. There was was, torn apart. And here he was... the least person she would want to see... But... she was under his custody... Him and his mother... Why would her parents even choose him? He didn't even understand why they would... But if that was their choice... then he had to man up to it, right?

"I'm here to pick you up..." he said softly. Taking a seat next to her on the bed. The male stared down at the floor. He did not dare speak. He did not dare look. And as his hand had reached over to touch her, was quickly retrieved since he did not dare even touch her. But he could not hold back. He could not... Wrapping his arms around her, and placing her head against his shoulder, Zachary could only hug her tightly. His chin rested upon her head. The sweet coconut smell taht she always ha on her. He missed it... And he had not realized how much he had loved it.... Until he had almost lost her...

"I'm sorry.." He whispered.
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It was all meant to be a normal day....

Their usual Friday night outing.

Mia was dressed in a bright red dress, one that twirled as she did. The ruffles at the bottom designed with black stitching of simple swirls that followed the flow of the dress. Her hair done up in a ponytail, a red ribbon she'd had since she was three years old. One that her mother used to use to tuck Mia's hair behind her ears. Mia stood in the mirror, her eyes shifting to the door as it opened. "Almost ready Mia?"

"Yes. Just... making sure I look ok." Smiled over to her mother. She had long brown locks that cascaded down her back. Her face covered in the lightest makeup, only used to enhance her natural beauty. Her mother was dressed in blue, the woman's favorite color.

"You look beautiful. I'm sure Zachary thinks the same. Did you invite him tonight?"

Mia rolled her eyes. Her invite Zach? Please. The only way Mia would invite Zach was if she had a gun to her head and the person threatened her to date him. And even then she'd think about it. Zachary... well what could Mia say about Zachary James Smith.

Sure, he was her best friend. Back when they were younger, but he was also a pest. A little... tick that followed Mia everywhere she went. And sure, maybe after a while he grew on her... he was cute, handsome really. And he was a decent guy, sometimes. But he was the biggest pervert she knew. He'd slept with countless girls at school. And she... she was more than certain she was just another one on his list, if he could. Other than that he was just her perverted neighbor from around the block.

"He was busy." She shrugged. Mia looked to her mom soon leaving the room along side her. Her father, was already waiting in the car. He always made sure the car was warm enough for his girls. Mia stepped into the car, with a soft smile upon her lips. "Don't you look lovely? It's too bad Zach was busy. Said he would've come if he'd known sooner."

"What?" Mia raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, he just passed by. Wished us a lot of fun. Said he'd come visit afterwards."


The Contadino family had drive off, into the night. Laylani Contadino in the passenger seat, her husband Alfonso Contadino in the drivers, and Mia their only child in the back behind her father. They were off to see Carmen the Opera, one that Mia had been looking forward to all week.

Her eyes stared out the window. This was what she loved, family outings being close to her parents, even if they tried to be matchmakers with her Godmother, Zach's mom. But they were living and they had her best intentions and---

Her head jerked forward, slamming against the drivers seat. There was a loud crash. Lights... blinking, blinding lights everywhere. Sirens. And then... it was all quiet.


Mia awoke to the sound of a beeping monitor. Her eyes slightly opening, searching. Where was she? What happened? Pain surged through her head. She closed her eyes tight. "Mom... dad?"

"Oh no... how can we tell her?"
"Just give it a few more days. She needs rest."


Mia sat up slowly in the hospital bed. It was time to go. Her eyes glancing over to the box of things recovered from the crash. Her hair ribbon, her mothers blue opal plumeria flower necklace, with a color matching sea turtle bracelet. Her fathers watch, her parents wedding rings... just not... her parents.

"Miss Contadino, someone's here to pick you up." Mia glanced over to the nurse before looking away, she didn't care who it was, if it wasn't her parents... with their smiling faces. Mia tried to hold it back, but the tears were already slipping from her eyes. All she wanted was to go back to before... maybe she could have said never mind, she didn't want to go. They could just stay home, have a nice dinner.

But it was too late for that.. they were gone.
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