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Vampires are known thru history as blood suckers and are a bunch that lives in the dark and comes out at night. What happens when one girl decides she wants to see the world for her own eyes. how does a girl already hated by humans make it and then she gets biten how does this change who she is. already outcasted for being a neko she goes into hidding thinking the sun will harm her after being bitten by a man who she thought she loved. She was thrown out of his home and made to live her life alone. After being bitten by the vampire her age froze at 18 she watched as everyone grew as wars broke out the english langauge changed alone.
Now 200 years later she finds herself bored and lonely having missed school she attends school. Things have really changed for her. Still use to getting her way by being the victim blaming her past soon found she was no longer the victim instead she was surprised to find that people accepted her in a culture that was now diversed with other races and species. But where there is love and understanding there is always fear and people who feed into the sterotype that vampires are evil . Where that ignorance exist there is a need to hire people to kill off your fears.Hunters have always been used thru history to hunt and kill anything and everything for a price . Soma is a high school student in the same class as this girl He was accepted into hunters university but turned it down due to his love of life. The girl saw humans as toys and food but how can she feel her hear when she was around Soma how could things be differen


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Skipping out on his next class he went into the boys locker room and went into the shower room which was in disuse as of right now due to budge cuts so he was safe in the showers. He went to the very corner and sat down closing his eyes he cleared his mind and then looked down at his phone it was a new assignment. He was to capture Kyu and hold her till he got further instructions. The instructions weren't really all to clear on if she should be captured alive or dead but he assumed on naive principals that they wanted him to take her alive.
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 6y 343d 6h 43m 30s
Kyu went back to her locker seeing that it was still opened and sighed as she saw the crumbled papers all over her locker. She opened all of them and each of them said Die Kyu. She threw them out in the garbage near by while growling then headed off to her next class late.
  Kyuketsuki .:Kyu:. / Kano / 6y 354d 15h 47m 2s
Soma looked at Evan "Let that be a lesson to you even if you're human i won't have mercy on you if you fuck up my mission. With that said I won't leave you out to dry i'm not that cold well you haven't give me reason to be that cold, but if you come at her again i will be that cold and throw you to the wolfs so to speak. cause i do know some wolves that would love to get their hands on you, Do i make myself clear? I don't want you hurting her." Evan looked at Soma like he had 3 heads which was understandable he just threatened Evan for doing his job so what was he suppose to do at the school. Soma spoke up as if to read his mind. "Become a teacher you're smart enough and you could gather info while teaching so you are arming people with the right knowledge."
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 53d 8h 20m 0s
Kyu immediately bit Evan's hand and began to slowly suck his blood. She closed he eyes and smiled a little before stopping and laying back. Thank you Evan and thank you Soma... She slowly stood up then walked to the doorway. Endless blood supply....sounds good. She laughed then ran off to her locker.
  Kyuketsuki ~Kyu~ / -Toni- / 7y 57d 7h 11s
Soma ignored her question and brought Evan's bleeding hand over to her of course he struggled. Soma wasn't proud of doing this but got a sick twist enjoyment out of it as well. Soma also offered himself to her. "you know if you kept us alive and well kept that you possibly could have a free endless supply?"
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 57d 8h 53m 20s
She stared at soma in shock then backed away from the two, still holding the dagger. I'm...your target...? She winced with the pains coming again then held her side and fell down onto the ground. They're getting worse, she thought as her vision began to go blurry. She stared at the two as she bared her fangs. ...B-blood...
  Kyuketsuki ~Kyu~ / -Toni- / 7y 57d 23h 31m 10s
He backed away she actually was standing up to him like he was nothing. He puffed his cheeks up as she took his knife and made demands of him but he was in no position to refuse she could easily take what she wanted by force she was trying to be peaceful, but before Evan could move the door slammed open into Evan chest knocking him back and causing Soma to jump a considerable height as he got a small silver stake looking object he spun towards Evan and held him against the wall. "I told you to back off Evan this is my turf. You were suppose to kill the admin chick. Remember? Or is your memory that shittie that you get orders mixed up?" Evan snidered at Soma and walked away or at least tried to before Soma stabbed him in his hand "Now go feed MY Target asshat."
  Evan Redskull / HollowLink / 7y 58d 8h 10m 56s
She stared up at him coldly as she did nothing as he wanted. Everyone wanted it as a challenge. Everyone wanted her dead. This was no shock to her at all. She was just another vampire on the death list. Slowly she stood up and sighed, crossing her arms. You are a fool to think you could kill someone like me. Her tail began to slowly sway as she started to walk up to him. Your name was Evan, right? Well Evan, why don't you just give me the knife and have us all move on with our lives. She slowly pressed herself up against him, cornering him against a wall before snatching the knife away. Her eyes turned from blue to red as her want for blood started to scream again. She looked up at Evan then sighed. Oh Evan..could you be the sweetest darling and...let me have just a little bit of your blood..? She bit her lip gently so she wouldn't accidently draw blood.
  Kyuketsuki ~Kyu~ / -Toni- / 7y 58d 8h 27m 29s
Evan grabbed Kyu by the neck cuffing his hand over her mouth as he dragged her into a room slamming the door behind him "There you are some people have paid a reasonable amount for your head and a few other creatures in this school. Kinda sickening when your own kind vampires want you dead but i'm not one to disagree with money." He took out a knife and back away. "Come on make it a challenge for me scream run away give me something to chase."
  Evan Redskull / HollowLink / 7y 58d 16h 50m 45s
Kyu watched Soma leave then sighed and rested her cheek on the board. Class soon finished and she grabbed her books and ran off to her locker. The kids stared at her in fear again and she couldn't but smile a little. She opened up the locker and tossed her books in then searched for next classes books. Hmm...what do I have next again...?
  Kyuketsuki ~Kyu~ / -Toni- / 7y 58d 17h 11m 1s
"Well you are lucky i have a soft spot for Nekos." Not really he had a stuff spot for everything just a great soft spot for nekos. He poked her "So wanna be friends so i can cheat off of you." He chuckled playfully as he looked up the teacher was in front of him. Not too happy from the looks of it. "I don't care if you are one of the top students I won't allowed you to cheat off another student. I knew it was fishy that you didn't need to study now i have proof you are cheating." Soma sighed shaking his head as he looked at the board. The vampire wars wasn't even a war it was more like they allowed a few int eh community to be killed off cause they could have eradicated us long ago but then they would have no food source despite what you think about human's having the upper hand." Soma got his books and left.
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 58d 17h 19m 5s
The fact of how much English has changed doesn't bother me too much, it's just something I've lived with. It has changed a lot from back then to right now but in between the years the language just changes gradually. She looked down at her desk before she heard a crash. She looked over to see the boy on the ground with his nose bleeding. Her instincts began screaming at her to bite him but she held it back as she stood up and told the teacher she would take him to the nurse. She walked him out into the hallway before handing him tissues and laying down on the ground wincing. Hurry and clean the blood up...I can smell it...
  Kyuketsuki ~Kyu~ / -Toni- / 7y 58d 23h 16m 59s
He giggled "Well I have been around vampires before alot of them say it's a myth it's just they like the night life way better due to the fact that night clubs open and you guys have a wider selection. Don't get the wrong idea I don't approve of sucking blood but i don't think it's right to deprive yourself of it either." He looked up as she did and then went back to being bored and tuned the teacher out. "So what was it like seeing all the languages change?" He could care less about the current history lesson he was more interested in the girl in front of him she could tell him more info unfiltered unbasis info. "I bet you could tell me better stories then what I've read in our library though I might try hitting up the hunters library but that too is limited in it's history context." He swung around in his chair forgetting it wasn't a wheelie chair and fell backwards hitting his face on the desk making his nose bleed.
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 59d 7h 37m 15s
Kyu woke up in shock as she felt a poke she glanced around before she realized the boy who always failed his tests was talking to her. She sighed trying to remember his name...Soma maybe..? She looked back at him as he talked about how should be deathly ill of the sun then smirked. I've made my body become used to the sun by holding tiny parts of my body under the sun till they stopped stinging. Plus I have my Neko half that's used to the sun so I never ended up deathly ill... Her ears perked up then she looked back up at the board to make it seem like she cared about the stupid lesson.
  Kyuketsuki ~Kyu~ / -Toni- / 7y 59d 8h 41m 12s
Entering the class where kyu was he slammed down in his seat slumping forward. He waved at the teacher and they continued to talk he got out his book and turned to the page on the board. He poked Kyu "I bet it ends with some guy killing another guy." He wasn't one to study he purposely failed test cause they weren't hard enough was the curse of being alone gave him lots of free time to read books. He was half way down with the library and was hoping to get online to read some more but he had hunters to mess with and people to hunt. He poked Kyu again. "You know i find it interesting that someone like you can sleep during the day. according to Brim stoker you should be deathly ill to the sun."
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 59d 13h 44m 28s

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