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They say that opposites attract, right? Well can that truly be the case here?

Two girls who seemed to come from entirely different worlds and life styles are forced to live together under one roof. One girl a rich and snobbish cheerleader sort, the other an outcastish and loner sort of girl.

When they first meet the other, the two girls fight and argue about everything. They can't make any decision and always try and ruin anything the other tries to accomplish.

What they don't realize is that both of them have had rotten pasts that were almost similar.

One night, the two girls get so fed up with the other and are so angered that they both burst out with long kept secrets of abuse and neglect. Upon the other finding out the past, they slowly begin to try and become friends.

What happens when they learn to put aside their differences? Will they find love in the other? Or will they only merely stay friends?


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