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Roleplay Responses

POKES YOU SO HARD YOU enter a difrent chat XD
  Ginny and Charlie / westernmage / 9y 181d 1h 45m 28s
Of course <3
  Miku::Lonely:: / emoxproject / 9y 183d 5h 59m 8s
Who is? Frankistin?
  Ginny and Charlie / westernmage / 9y 183d 7h 41m 33s
Hes alive!!
  Miku::Lonely:: / emoxproject / 9y 183d 7h 56m 32s
Hello Yui. I hope you're doing alright, and I get to talk to you soon. ^_^
  Arthur / StrifeX / 9y 183d 7h 58m 1s
How are you Yui? ^_^ Sorry for poofing. ._.
  Arthur / StrifeX / 9y 190d 16h 17m 33s
Why the ...? and crap i gtg night *Sleeps while siting on your heads*
  Ginny and Charlie / westernmage / 9y 190d 18h 16s
Ello Danny! ^^
  Shizuo / emoxproject / 9y 190d 18h 44m 44s
Yui! :3
  Arthur / StrifeX / 9y 190d 18h 48m 38s
  Shizuo / emoxproject / 9y 190d 18h 51m 2s
Tackles you both
  Ginny and Charlie / westernmage / 9y 190d 18h 54m 24s
Sorry Danny *smiles*
  Shizuo / emoxproject / 9y 191d 18h 10m 16s
Yui... T.T I haven't talked to you in a while... I miss you.
  Arthur / StrifeX / 9y 191d 20h 54m 38s
well I am rping but thats it
  Shizuo / emoxproject / 9y 197d 19h 53m 57s
... DX Lies.
  Arthur / StrifeX / 9y 197d 19h 54m 55s

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