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500 years after Aizen is defeated a new genaration of soul reapers have taken over the Gotei 13. There are a few captains that havent changed but the head captain stepped down and left the job to Retsu Unohana as the new Head Captain. Toshiro is still captain of Squad 10 but had matured . Rukia was given the spot of Squad 6 captain after Byakuya left as it was handed down the family to her. Nemu took over research and development after Mayuri was killed. Everyone else left the Gotei other than Renji who is still only a Lieutenant to squad 6. It had been peaceful for 500 years before there is news that someone resurected Gin Ichimaru who started to make his own army of Arrancars seeming as the Hogyoku was never destroyed by Urahara. Gin is now using the Hogyuku to create his new Espada which he plans to destroy the Gotei with. The Gotei have finally allowed Vizards to be in their ranks now Ukitake is Head Capatain. But what will happen will Gin and his new Espada destroy the Gotei or will the Gotei defeat the new and more powerful Espada


Division 1

Head Captain Unahana Retsu - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 2

Captain Kimiko Tsukiko - Taken
Vice-Captain - Open

Divison 3

Captain Jester - Taken
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 4

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 5

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 6

Captain Rukia Kuchiki - Taken
Vice-Captain Renji Abarai - Open

Division 7

Captain Yugana Senshi - Taken
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 8

Captain Kisisara Shiono - Taken
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 9

Captain - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 10

Captain Toushirou Hitsugaya - Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 11

Captain Yachiru Kushjishi - Open
Vice-Captain Ikkaku Madarame - Open

Division 12

Captain Nemu Kurotsuchi- Open
Vice-Captain - Open

Division 13

Captain Tsurukame - Taken
Vice-Captain - Open


Gin Ichimaru �Open
Espada 0 Hottblack Deyviarto - Taken
Espada 1 Open
Espada 2 Oroboras Velvast - Taken
Espada 3 - Open
Espada 4 - Open
Espada 5 - Open
Espada 6 - Open
Espada 7 - Open
Espada 8 - Open
Espada 9 - Open


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Family Name:



Physical Appearance:

Clothing and Accessories:


Talents and Abilities:

Weapons and Paraphernalia:

Personal life:

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Kisisara was cut off from her day dream when she heard the door to her office open. "Captain," one of the members of squad 8 said, "Captain!"

Kisisara snapped her head up, "Yes." she said quite strictly, "Sorry about that. I was day dreaming."

"Captain, I was told to remind you that you have to report to the captain-commander sometime today. Remember?" the squad member said before politely excusing himself.

Remember... Kisisara thought, "What am I remembering?" she said aloud to herself. Shrugging she looked back down at the pile of paper work sitting on her desk. She sighed, so mich work to be done and so little time to do it in. Picking up her pen she began writing again, "I'll get it done faster if I work on it," she thought and went straight back to her work. There was lots of work to be done when you were a captain, and this was just a part of the job.
  Kisisara Shiono / GlitteringDreams / 8y 229d 17h 41m 1s
If you see your allies losing, that's your chance. Don't step between them. Take the enemy down from behind. And if the enemy is so strong you can't even do that, then just watch your ally be killed. That's what it means to be Onmitsukidō. The girl paused from her thoughts, her redden orbs of eyes glaring down at a bit of paperwork on her desk. Of course, she was about 515 years old, and even now she still looked like a 15 year old girl. She herself had joined the world known to humans as the 'Afterlife' only a bit before the war with Aizen. She herself had been in the academy for the majority of it. 500 years later, this world, she decided once, changed a lot.

She shoved the former Captain of the Second Division's voice from her mind, lifting her gaze up toward the her unsealed blade that rested neatly along one end of the desk. Soi Fong, you're wrong... damn it! It's not even her, she's been dead, again, for a long time now.) She reached out, her pale fingers just brushing over staff like blade, which in it's Shikai form glinted gold. The Zanpukto had been in said form for so long, even she didn't remember the last time it had been sealed. Or rather, she just didn't want to remember.

She stood up, discarding the paperwork to be done later, or assigned to do by a low ranking member of her Squad, if indeed she truly was lazy. Slipping the weapon into a hand she exited her own Squad's barrack's at a Shunpo, letting the automatic doors swing open just in time before she smashed through them before exiting to the roofs of Squad 3, then making her way at the same speed.

The last time Kasio was sealed was right before Ukitake's death.. She told herself, despite the soft smile on her face. I like this form. A voice, more like a low growl rumbled through her mind, and set let a laugh at her Zanpukto's bluntness.

Whether the fire and ash dragon Zanpukto would've said more would a be a mystery, because a voice, not from her own mental world called out, "Cero!" Just as she landedon the last building the 3rd Squad's barraks. It was followed by a bang, and a bit more undetermined speaking on the red head's part. With concealed reiatsu, she reentered the 3rd Squad's barracks, carefully avoiding any of the division members, most in which she didn't know their names. The smile on her pale face tilting more to a smirk, when she found the source of the noise, and leaned against the wall, a safe distance from the Vizard captains.

She didn't know much about Captain Tsurukame though she had enough respect for him, he had after all taken over the 13th Squad, and had been her dear adoptive father's lieutenant for several years before than. Jester, the Captain of Squad 3, on the other hand, was a mystery to the young Captain of the 2nd Division.
  Kimiko Tsukiko / TheTenthCaptain / 8y 231d 16h 48m 58s
The smell of smoke and blood. The taste of the same blood, and of a cigarette lit in his mouth. The sound of screaming, then silence. The feel of the hilt of a blade in his hands. These were the things that Jester, Captain of Squad 3, relished the most. Violence, smoking, killing. These were the things he knew. These were the things he enjoyed most in life. These things brought him joy.

Jester paced in his office, smoking a cigarette through his mask which didn't impede the smoke at all. His grey eyes scanned everything around him, paperwork, books, and his Captain's Haori all fell under his silver gaze. Today was the day he was to spar with his younger brother, as it was every week. Rarely did Jester ever use his blade, the fight wasn't to the death after all. Jester sighed and made his way to the area where they held their matches.

He waited for a bit, then sensed Tsurukame's presence and side-stepped the Cero that was aimed at him.

"If either of us wanted the other dead, we could make it so, Brother. We both know we could never kill one another directly." Jester said, smirking underneath his mask as his brother approached. He dropped the cigarette butt to the ground and stomped on it, returning his gaze to his brother.

"I never take you seriously, Tsurukame. Why start now?" He asked with a light chuckle, spinning his cane around and holding it by the jester head like a sword. He walked toward his brother casually, Dharc hanging at his side. She wanted to be used so bad, but knew it wouldn't happen now. She was such a child. Well, that's what Jester gets for having a 3 year old as his Zanpakuto spirit.
  'Jester' / XxVladimirTodxX / 8y 231d 17h 39m 3s
She sprinted along the wall effortlessly, her footfalls making barely a noise on the dry stone. Her thinly gloved hand found cracks in the wall almost without thought and she vaulted quickly onto the roof, her quarry still in sight. She allowed herself a grin beneath her china mask – only her eyes visible in the moonless night – she was closing in, she was certain of it. The hollow was a good one of quite fathomable strength and the chase had been punishing for the both of them . She had almost lost the black deformed creature near the far south of the cluster of houses, but her victim must have known by then that its hunter was no un-blooded cub, that she would not lose the trail.

But despite the long missed thrill of the pursuit, and a lingering notion that she and her prey were not the only two running this night it was time to bring it to an end, to continue her given work.

She had been patient. She had managed to throw a single double edged blade and been well pleased with the speed of the hollow's reactions. As the flurry of metal whirred past its' head it had instantly dropped out of the line of sight, disappearing from the perception of the untrained eye, and the chase had begun. She had almost missed the caltrops that had been scattered previously on the narrow gutter but nimbly danced between the sharpened spikes, her pace hardily slowing. After passing through the deadly gauntlet she padded to a halt. Her quarry had disappeared from sight and being over eager now would be a mistake she hoped her opponent didn’t honestly believe she’d made. Perfect. She carefully recollected her weapon running a callous finger against the hilt. All the while, she couldn’t shake the feeling she was being watched, she lowered herself off the roof noiselessly.

It had finished as quickly as it had started, the hollow remorselessly killed with a single flick of the females wrist. Upon returning to her squad barracks to hand in her report for the killing of the rogue hollow, choosing to take the path of the roofs for each building Nami spotted below a flash of blue jittering across the open expanse. Pulling her mask down to cover her face once more the tall female swiftly made her way down to the reasons behind the flash, though she already knew who that attack belonged to it always probed curiosity. Appearing at a safe distance from the weekly fight of Captain Tsurukame and Jester Nami pressed two hands at the hilt of each of her weapons peering at the fight silently, most likely gaining little to no realisation she had appeared. She if allowed planned to watch her Captain and the squad 9 Captain's battle.
  Namryiitha Shadowwalker / Feiro / 8y 232d 1h 39m 3s
Tsurukame. Captain of squad 13, former Vice-Captain of the exact same squad years before. He took over once Ukitakes disease took his life. He had been imprisoned for around 100 years of his life due to being a vizard. He was allowed to train whilst he was locked up, but was not allowed to use his own power to escape the prison. His Zanpakuto Umenosuke, had the power to absorb Reiatsu from attack, his opponents and many other things, in Shiki, in Bankai it could do the same type of thing, only this time, if his opponent was cut even the slightest, he could destroy them on the spot.

At this current moment in time, he was wandering the halls of the squad 13 barracks, looking around as if something was going on, of course nothing was, his squad were just load most of the time. As he walked outside he was greeted by many of his squad members, but he had better things to do, he had plans to meet his brother, Jester Captain of Squad 9, for a sparring match. It was something they did about once a week and that day of the week was today. As he approached the area, he saw his brother and laughed, causing his Vizard mask to appear on his face. He then pointed at his brother, a blue cero charging at the tip of his finger.


He yelled, allowing his brother enough time to avoid the cero that was heading towards him. Every week they were fighting for one thing, their childhood friend Yugana. Though it was obvious that she was pissed off at the two after vanishing for God knows how long after becoming Vizards. Tsurukame laughed as he looked at his brother through his hollow mask, walking towards him.

“You know Jester, after all this time, you think you would one of us would be dead. Two Vizards going at it in a full on fight, purely for a reason for the sake of when we were younger.”

He smiled as he took Umenosuke out of her sheath. He was fighting his brother, so all seriousness had to be taken in a fight like this.

“Well then, will you be using Dharc in this? Or like normal, do you not take your younger brother seriously?”
  Tsurukame Vizard Mask / Harluxia / 8y 232d 5h 43m 2s

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