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I will be a Female Zabuza and you are anko

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Frowning in the direction of the woman, Ibiki scoffed in a sense of annoyance and turned to look at Anko who nodded at Zabuza's words of Haku. "Anko, I'm gonna assign custody of Momochi to you. Now before you start whining about it, remember that we have the best chances of keeping this woman under our eyesight with you watching her" he said calmly, earning him a annoyed glare from the person he was directing the words too. "I think I can do other things than just babysit an enemy ninja, Ibiki. Get Kakashi and his brats to do it or something. Babysitting wasn't in my contract when I became a ninja" Anko growled softly under her breath. "Well tough, kid. All I'm asking is for you to watch her for a few weeks. The Hokage will think of something to do with her soon enough. Besides, weren't you saying you wanted something interesting to do aside from these missions you've been going on" Ibiki inquired, his tone dead as always but amusement slightly lightened his eyes. Rolling her own brown orbs at the man, Anko murmured a soft "Whatever" and stood, signaling the other woman to follow after her while calling back "Lets go then.....And you owe me for this one Ibiki!".
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Zabuza looked at him. "I dont know how i am alive i just am"she says and sighs. "I dont know what happened i just remember getting up is all and everything was black before then how am i supposed to tell you what happened"she says. "So haku is dead huh well damn"she says.
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Plopping down in a chair in front of the desk of which Zabuza sat behind, opposite to her, Anko yawned while she covered her mouth with her hand. Beside her, Ibiki stood glaring at the enemy ninja in the small closed in room, his scarred face giving off nothing but a cold grim feeling. "Zabuza Momochi, I'll ask this one time and I hope I make myself clear. I want to know every detail about how it is that you are not dead. The last time I heard of your name, the Uzumaki kid had finished you and your partner off with Kakashi. Yet here you stand before us.......Start talking and you better not tell me things that will only cause me to waste time here" the man spoke, emotionless tone echoing throughout the room. Rolling her eyes at Ibiki's tone of voice, Anko casually pulled out a kunai knife and started to wipe it clean with a small cloth she had fished out of her pocket.
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She sighs. "I will com along nicely"she says and looks at her. "So anko huh"she thinks and looks at her up and down. "Not to bad looking"she thinks. She looks at her again and sighs. "How can some girl this nice be like her"she thinks.
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Tsking lightly, Anko rolled her eyes and scoffed as she nodded towards the east, in the direction she had been going before Zabuza's chakra had caught her attention. "If we want to reach my home, it's about half a day to a day in that direction. Depends on how fast we travel. I would think a day seeing as I got myself a package it seems" she answered with a shrug on careless nature. "Are you going to come with me nicely, or not....If you don't like the idea of being interrogated, I'm sorry but I can't help you there. You were a criminal Zabuza and my leader will want to know how you managed to remain alive. However, I'm pretty close to Ibiki who will be asking you the questions, I can soften him up and make him take it easy on you. That is only if you agree to come....I don't want to waste anymore time here".
  Anko Mitarashi / Slouless_hope / 8y 156d 20h 23m 15s
"I didn't like the sound of it*she says and rubs her arms. "Well how much farther"she asks and sighs. "Feels like im being treated like a child"she thinks.
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Narrowing her violet eyes at the other girl not sure if she believed her or not, Anko studied the other girl for a few moments before shaking her head and releasing a wary sigh. "When I let you go, you better not try anything or I won't hesitate to kill you" she spoke, making the necessary hand signs and releasing her summons with small puffs. Crossing her arms over her chest, she kept her eyes pinned on the other girl while adding "We are in March, I believe it's the 15th. The time would be around 5 o'clock judging by the place the sun is in the sky at the moment". Eyes narrowing even more in the slightest bit, Anko asked "Tell me, Momochi, if you remember nothing at all. Then why do you resist going in for questioning?".
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She sighs and follows anko and looks around and back at her. "Im not going to do anything"she says and sighs. "I just want to know what the time is and what the day is"she says and looks down. "I dont remember anything at all"she says.
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Smirking over at her, Anko shrugged and replied an easy "There weren't, but these snakes are no ordinary creatures. My summons come to my beck and call whenever I have need of them". Lifting a hand, she gingerly wiped the small trail of blood that seeped out of between the corner of her lips and scoffed lightly. "Now that I'm sure you're not going anywhere, once again I'll tell you this. I'm taking you in for questioning, like it or not" she said after a few seconds. Standing her ground, refusing to show the pain that each movement caused her body, Anko looked the other woman up and down, trying to decide how exactly she would be able to take her to Konoha without any trouble.
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Zabuza looked at her and sighs as she looks down at the ground. "I thought there weren't any snakes around now"she said and looks at her. It was too late before she relized they were summoned and they had her restrained.
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Though she hated to admit it, Zabuza was fast. Yes, Anko had fought others before that had seemed just as fast, but this woman was something else. Dodging blow by blow, the Konoha ninja couldn't help but feel uplifted with this fight. The mission itself had been boring, but now things seemed to be falling in her favor. As busy as she was trying to stay a step ahead of the other ninja, Anko didn't have a chance to block the next attack. Eyes widening at the sight of the sword coming at her, the only thing she could do was react on instinct. Pulling out two kunai, she placed them in an X formation in the path of the sword and braced herself for the blow. A grunt left her lips as the air rushed out of her lungs and she skidded back several feet. Thankfully an upturned root stopped her from slamming into the tree behind her and her kunai kept her from breaking anything, down. That didn't mean the blow hadn't hurt though. Winching lightly as she straightened up again, she smirked and whispered "Lucky shot, however, I'd watch your feet if I were you". Truth be told, in the midst of the attack, Anko had had enough time to counter it while performing a snake summon. Now her little creatures were slithering in the grass below.
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Zabuza got a little annoyed at the taunt and took another swing and sees how she dodges and turns the sword to go back but instead of having the blade facing anko she uses the blunt part to make sure she at least breaks something.
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Ducking out of the way quickly, Anko slashed up a kunai knife without a second thought. It was simply a warning shot on her part, a warm up slice so to speak. Leaping away a few feet, the violet haired woman stood with seemingly an ease filled air to her as she watched the swordswoman very closely. Having once been the student of the snake that filled her dreams and turned them into nightmares, Anko knew very well how to defend herself. Heck she was part of the exams for the young ninjas that thought they were strong enough to reach the next level. She had stood toe to toe with multiple enemies that might have been stronger than her, and still she came out victorious. This woman before her was nothing to be scared of. Circling the kunai around her finger, Anko rested a hand on her hip and asked in an amused manner "Is that the best you got?".
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Zabuza looked at her and saw the kunai and draws her sword. "I dont know if its a good thing to go in for the questioning but i dont like the sound of it"she says and readies herself. "Looks like your in for a fight"she says and takes a swing at her.
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Frowning deeply confused at the other woman's answer, Anko tensely stood her ground. "We're a few days away from my home" she answered somewhat reluctantly. She was confused, but that didn't mean she'd just give the name of her village to an assassin. Anko heard alot about Zabuza during her time as a ninja and she wasn't at ease with her at all. Something must have happened during her fight with the brat and his team for her to still be alive. Just what that was, however, she didn't know. All she knew was that she was staring down a ghost and she wasn't going to lower her guard for a moment. "My name is Anko Mitarashi. Under direct law of my village, it is my job to bring you in for questioning" Anko introduced herself calmly. Slowly, her hand crept into her pouch of kunai as she added "You have two options, Momochi. Either come with me silently or prepare yourself for a fight"
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