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She smiles and looks at her. "its not going to help or am i going to have to do more"she askes and looks at her. "I will gladly do more if i have to"she says and giggles.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 155d 18h 13m 9s
The woman gave a smile that reminded her of a predator and left the room. Serah sighed in relief for a moment then started seeing how she could loosen her bonds. She had expected her to hit her or something. Perhaps she had a worse punishment. At that moment, she entered the room with something in her hand. Serah eyed her suspiciously.
Then the woman put tied it near her entrance with ropes, suddenly she had a very good idea of what it could be for...

The object is turned on and starts vibrating, sending waves of sensations up her body. She bites her lips, refusing to make a noise, refusing to make her captor happy.
  Serah Walker / sunny-sky / 8y 157d 21h 48m 24s
She smiles at her and grins. She leaves the room for a minute and smiles at her and shows her a vibrator. She smiles as she takes some rope and puts it between her legs near her soft spot and ties the rope around it so she cant get it off. She smiles and turns it on high. "Im going to leave you like this"she says and grins.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 157d 22h 22m 51s
The woman was crazy, but, for some reason, she could believe it. Probably something to do with the elaborate costume, no one would go that far if it wasn't real right?
Slave? Demoness or not, she was not going to follow orders. Actually it frightened her slightly what the demon was capable of, but she was not going to take this lying down. She will be so irritating that the demon would be glad to be rid of her. She glared defiantly, "bitch, go f*** yourself! I'm going to yell as much as I want!"
  Serah Walker / sunny-sky / 8y 158d 14h 12m 0s
"I am a demon a succubus"she says and smiles. "Now i will not release your restraints till you have succumbed to me and will be my slave"she says. "You will be here a long time"she says. "If you yell im going to have to teach you a little something"she says and grins.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 158d 20h 35m 40s
"Slave?! Someone will find me missing and and, they'll find you!"
Serah yelled back but stiffened when she leaned down to kiss her. Then she realised she wasn't even human. Black horns jutted elegantly from her head and her dark bat wings unfurled slowly.

"What are you?" She whispered.
  Serah Walker / sunny-sky / 8y 159d 17h 43m 19s
She smiles and looks at her. "Its no use no one will hear you"she says and bends downa dn kisses her lightly. "you are my slave"she says and smiles. "Ready to feel some nice pleasure"she askes

  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 159d 18h 5m 31s
Where am I?
Blearly she opened her eyes. It was dark and she couldn't feel a bed or floor. What happened before? Right that strange woman...
As she grew more accustomed to her surroundings, she realised she was tied up and screamed.
  Serah Walker / sunny-sky / 8y 159d 18h 25m 36s
She smiles when they arrive at the house and lucy has her all strung up. "Mmmm i like that look for you"she says and looks at her. "So helpless and inoccent"she says. "Makes me nice and hot thinking about it"she says.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 159d 18h 50m 57s
"You are coming with me."
Serah shivers at the voice, it is low, seductive, but definently female. What the hell does she want?
As she turned to question the creepy woman, suddenly everything fades to black.
  Serah Walker / sunny-sky / 8y 159d 18h 57m 4s
Lucy walked into the store and looked around. She smiles and finds a woman that is nice and good looking. She walks over to her and grins and whispers in her ear. "You are coming with me."
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 159d 20h 4m 19s

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