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"I'm human of course"she says and yawns a bit. "frustrated though think you could help me relieve some stress"she asks as she walks over to her and presses herself against her.
  Sakura Notaichi / SexyChick27 / 8y 101d 21h 58m 1s
She smiled softly. "I'm a halfbreed... otherwise a demon." She hissed feircly. She took a step back away from the girl. She stood on a log peering at her. "What are you?"
  Maria / YiffyTeenAger / 8y 136d 21h 11m 50s
"Oh well then sorry for distubing you miss"she says and looks at her and then tilts her head. "What are you anyways"she asks.
  Sakura Notaichi / SexyChick27 / 8y 142d 21h 31m 50s
"I live here." She smiles, walking towards the other. She looked up at the girl gently. "This is my home."
  Maria / YiffyTeenager / 8y 143d 5h 2m 32s
She jumps and looks at her. "Hello"she says and looks around. "What are you doing here"she askes.
  Sakura Notaichi / SexyChick27 / 8y 158d 18h 53m 6s
Maria jumped down from a logg she had been resting on. She looked at the girl she was standing in front. "Hello."
  Maria / YiffyTeenAger / 8y 159d 5h 47m 38s
its okay)

Sakura walks around bored and sighs. "Im so bored and there is nothing to do"she says out loud and stomps her foot on the ground.
  Sakura Notaichi / SexyChick27 / 8y 159d 19h 46m 14s
Do you mind posting something first so we can build off that? Sorry I'm not on as much.
  Maria / YiffyTeenAger / 8y 159d 19h 50m 38s
im not sure
  Alice / SexyChick27 / 8y 163d 22h 7m 55s
So how are we gonna start this off?
  Maria / YiffyTeenAger / 8y 164d 1h 14m 11s

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