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im fine with anything it can be demon x human or incest i dont mind just no guys.

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Usually it takes about five minutes for her to get to school because her mom is usually driving her, but walking it's typically about thirty minutes, because this isn't the first time she's been caught coming home first thing in the morning. After her mom and her dad would spend all night fighting every night, she would stay up and listen, she listened and listened and finally came to the conclusion that they were going to get a divorce, of course by that point she already got into the habit of not sleeping, and ended up realizing that she had insomnia. So she had gotten caught a few different times sneaking in and out of the house to preoccupy her time not sleeping. She can go about four days without sleeping before finally feeling tired, and that's about the time she's spent recently not sleeping, so tonight is going to be one of those rare nights she spends asleep the entire night. She arrives to school and finds Lucy already there, standing by her locker. She simply walks to her locker and opens it, choosing to not pay much attention to Lucy, since no one ever really pays April any mind.
  April / Angel_kiss9345 / 8y 140d 7h 52m 33s
Lucy smiles and licks her lips and looks around. "Mmm such a delicous girl"she thinks and looks around. She gets ready for school and walks. She looks around again and sees no one and smiles. "I love it quiet and loud"she thinks and yawns a bit. "Though last night was great"sh thinks. "I now have a target"she says to herself and grins
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 141d 18h 26m 3s
April looks so confused as she looks after the girl that was clearly making moves on her. She looks down at the ground trying to figure out what to do now. She puts her fingers to her lips trying to figure out why Lucy kissed her, it was so strange to her. She flips her watch around and looks at the time and nearly has a heart attack. She shoves all of her things into her bag and takes off running in the same direction Lucy ran in, back to civilization. She runs the entire way home before attempting to climb back into her house. "Where have you been?" her mom says flipping on her bedroom light and glaring at her. "I've umm.." She looks down at her purse and slowly takes it off before looking back at her mom "I've... I've been walking around." She says looking down at her feet. She feels like she might snap any moment. "Sure, I'm going to believe that you left in the middle of the night just to go for a walk. Do you think I'm stupid? Get ready for school." She snaps before slamming the door shut behind her. April bites the inside of her cheek and changes. She grabs her bag again before leaving the house once more. She doesn't even want to take the ride to school today, she plans on just walking.
  April / Angel_kiss9345 / 8y 150d 3h 26m 23s
She smiles and looks at it. "Perfect"she says clapping her hands together. She smiles and bends down and gives her a slight kiss. "Thanks"she says and smiles. She looks at her and runs off back to her house. "Mmmmm i loved the picture"she says.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 150d 20h 15m 13s
April looks at Lucy and sighs, what's with this girl? She shakes her head a little and begins to draw. "I don't think you've ever seen anything I've drawn." She says suddenly being sucked into the artwork put in front of her. She sits there sketching out every detail and smiling as she does so. She spends about three hours sitting there drawing Lucy while ignoring all attempts for her to talk to her. She finishes the last bit of shading and looks up and smiles, noticing that Lucy had moved and was now standing over her watching her. "Oh, I'm done." She says holding up the picture, suddenly noticing that it was starting to get light out.
  April / Angel_kiss9345 / 8y 154d 20h 23m 4s
She smiles as she lays down and spreads her legs. "Will this do hun"she asks and giggles. She looks at her and wonders how she will react and sits up a bit so her face isn't blocked from anything. "I love your drawings"she says and looks at her. "I bet i will love this one"she adds to her talking.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 154d 20h 55m 42s
April was a little afraid as Lucy pulled her down to the ground and then began straddling her. She doubted her insomnia would cause her to be this delusional, but she wouldn't be that surprised. She lays there under her looking up at her kind of confused. "um, sure." She says gripping her bag tightly. She stands up the moment that Lucy gets off of her before sitting down again. She pulls out her sketch book along with her pencil, she turns to a clean page and sighs. "Alright." She mumbles waiting for Lucy to pose or something for the picture.
  April / Angel_kiss9345 / 8y 156d 8h 54m 46s
She looks at her and giggles. "Why not"she askes and gets her pushed down. She gets on top of her and licks her lips. "I would love for you to draw me"she says and gets up and looks at her. "How about i come with you"she says and smiles very seductivly. "you can draw me then"she says and smiles.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 157d 21h 13m 18s
April didn't know that the girl was there until she had whispered in her ear. The sudden whisper causes April to jump and squeal, when she looks at her paper there in a large mark right across it. She stares at it and sighs. "Hi Lucy," She mumbles stuffing some of her things in her bag. She grabs her bag and pulls it over her shoulder "Maybe another night." She says, suddenly feeling very very tired and just wanting to be at home in her bed, rather then here talking to Lucy.
  April / Angel_kiss9345 / 8y 159d 3h 15m 23s
Lucy smiled seductivly and gets right next to her. "Hello little girl"she whispers in her ear. "Its my pleasure to meet you"she says and gets right next to her. "Mmmm so you love to draw huh"she says. "Draw me"she says.
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It was getting colder, so April had brought a jacket to keep herself warm. She simply takes her seat on her usual log and turns her head up to the sky before letting her hand begin to sketch the night sky. She was so engrossed in the sky that she didn't even hear the rustling trees behind her.
  April / Angel_kiss9345 / 8y 161d 21h 15m 18s

Lucy smiles as she wonders around the forest feeding on some of the students. She is in a tree and stops when she sees someone. She grins and licks her lips and comes out of the tree. She smiles seductively as she walks towards her in a seductive motion.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 161d 21h 24m 55s
yes please.
  April / Angel_kiss9345 / 8y 161d 21h 39m 57s

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April sits there and continues to sketch, not even noticing that the peps are sitting all around her. She simply sits there drawing the night sky and remembering the setting sun and the last glimpse of warmth that touched her skin from the summer sun. Now she's stuck in a room with an annoying teacher, and a seat next to the queens of the school. She sets her sketch pad down and looks out the window at the sky.
  April / Angel_kiss9345 / 8y 163d 9h 46m 32s

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