My new slave 1x1 yuri (need slave)

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A demon mistresss goes in look for aa female slave and smiles when she spots her eyes on a nice female.

you may be any speiceis you wish just no males.


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She smiles and spreads her own legs. "First assignment is to pleasure me"she says and smiles. She looks out the window and back at her new slave. "You will do what i say no matter where"she says. "And your going to love it"she says.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 147d 19h 58m 15s
Sephera flinches a little the demon tugs her on a leash, but follows her into the car. She then turns to her once asked her name, she then responds in a quiet nervous tone. "S-Sephera..."

  Sephera Ginka / Morninghowl / 8y 149d 10h 56m 36s
She smiles. She goes and pays for her and walks back and puts a leash on her. "Your coming with me now"she says and tugs on her leash. She giggles. "Im going to have so much fun with you"she says and looks at her. "Whats your name"she asks as they get into the car.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 154d 21h 9m 15s
Sephera watches the demon female as she looks at the slave girls, she immediately feels nervous as the demon walks to her. She blushes lightly as the demon whispers a greeting into her ear, Sephera found it a little hard to say anything in response at first but eventually managed a nervous whisper back. "H-Hello.." Her voice was quiet but soft, it was pretty clear that this whole situation made her a little uneasy.
  Sephera Ginka / Morninghowl / 8y 155d 3h 27m 31s
sure i can)

Lucy smiles as she goes around looking for her slave. "Hmhmhmhmhm"she hums as she walks about. She looks at all the women around and sees a blue haired one and smiles when she sees her. She walks over to her and smiles a nice smile. She Whispers in her ear in a nice low tone. "Hello."
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 157d 3h 43m 46s
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  Sephera Ginka / Morninghowl / 8y 157d 7h 31m 25s

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