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As Hailey heard a voice, she put up her pointer finger to the person as she was finishing a problem. Once she was done, she put her finger down and her pencil and her green eyes fixed on the person who was talking to her. She saw a boy standing there, under the tree, looking at her. She smiled noticing that he was kind of cute. She stood up from the tree and looked at the boy. "Hello Sin, my name is Hailey. And i'll be delighted to show you around." She said with a smile. She didnt really care that she used formal and long words for her vocabulary. She slid her glasses up her nose as she looked at the boy with a smile.
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Sin heard his alarm go off and hit the snooze button.
He didn't want to get out of bed, but he knew that if he didn't his mother and father would just keep bothering him.
"Im up mom." He called getting dressed.
Sin walked downstairs and unplugged his ipod from the computer and turned it on. He grabbed his guitar case from behind the front door and walked outside.
He had to walk to school, because he didn't want his mother to drive him.
When he got there, he didn't know where to go. Then he spotted a girl under a tree looking at something that appeared to be homework.
He walked over to her.
"Uhm.. Hello.. He said to her. Could you.. show me around. I'm new here. My name is Sin by the way. He finished quietly.
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:: Sorry Xxdellyxx you weren't lit enough! But i'll make another rp if you want. ::
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Hey i thought i was in diz rp
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As Hailey heard her alarm clock go off in her ears, she moaned and turned around in her bed. She stayed like that for a few minutes, then her alarm clock started to get annoying. She turned around and hit the off button on the top. She smiled and sat up opening her green eyes to the sight of her dark room. She yawned and got out of bed and hurried towards the shower. Once she got done with her nice, warm shower she put on her big glasses that she didnt mind at all and some skinny jeans and a white take top and a black shirt flowing over it. She smiled and looked in the mirror. She ruffled her black hair with one of her hands and shrugged to herslef. She didnt feel like straightening her hair so she went downstiars and walked out the door with her book in one hand and her backpack in the other. Hailey has always been known for the Geek or the Nerd at her highschool. She didnt mind at all but she thought it was sort of rude, but whatever. As she entered the school, she looked around noticing teachers and other students arrive just as early as she was. She smiled to herslef and hurried towards the tree that she usually sits under. Once she was under the tree, she sat down and took out her homework that she forgot to finish, she slid her glasses up her nose with a small smile on her lips.
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