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~ A K2 { Kenny x Kyle } 1x1 ~

Kyle Broflovski: Butters

Kenny McCormick: OreganoLeaves


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Laughing at Kyle's words, Kenny ruffled the ginger's ushanka. "The more the better if you ask me." Still it was a little shocking to the blonde to think that Kyle was thinking about something dirty... about them. To be quite honest it made his insides turn to mush, and made him want to snuggle the Jewish boy like a stuffed animal.

Not that Kenny would admit to wanting such a thing - far too girly for his image. Speaking of girly, now he would have to fend off all of those girls that tried to smother him all the time. Whether or not he'd give an explanation why would all depend on Kyle. Sure, Kenny was chill with going public with this sort of thing, but only really because he could practically kick the crap out of anyone who would care to try to tease him. The ginger on the other hand seemed a little more frail to that kind of thing, and Kenny wouldn't be able to defend him all of the time.

That thought pissed him off to - he should be able to be there for Kyle whenever but with the way that their schedules were it would be difficult to be near him all of the time. That and he also had Karen to look after. For now he figured he'd keep it silent until Kyle decided to step up in public about it.

For now Kenny brushed those thoughts aside and gave a content sigh. "You're so snuggley..." It was a nice change from how erratic and sex-driven most of his other relationships were.
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Kyle practically hummed as Kenny pulled him closer, moving his arms to wrap around Kenny tightly. Nuzzling into the comfortable warmth of Kenny's hoodie, he breathed in Kenny's scent and allowed one of his hands to toy with the hair on the back of the blond's head. He had to laugh at Kenny's comment, trying to picture the look on his mom's face if she ever heard him getting intimate. Mortified? Enraged? Oh dear Lord, he wasn't sure whether to blush at the idea of "getting intimate" or simply shudder from the terrifying thought of being caught by his mother.

"You have no idea what horrible images are running through my head now, thanks to you," he deadpanned, his voice muffled from his position as he rolled his eyes. Kyle's free set of fingers were starting to lazily draw patterns into Kenny's shoulder, vaguely wondering what time it was. Hopefully it was still fairly early, maybe about three in the afternoon. He wanted this day, this moment, to last forever. The prospect of having school on Monday almost made him grimace in distaste; how would he keep his brain focused on learning when he was busy falling into the blissful idiocy of being a lovestruck teen?
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Kenny could practically feel himself cool down from how worked up he had gotten, a smile perking at the edges of his lips as he lay there with the ginger. Chuckling lightly at Kyle's light complaint, the blonde just snuggled him closer. "Woulda loved to continue, but I'm sure that your mother would prefer not to hear us."

Of course he was implying that he could make Kyle go louder - he didn't doubt that he could in the least - but still, staying in that banshee's good books was always a smart idea, and one that Kenny would keep in his head. Unless he was intoxicated; he always made an ass out of himself when there was something impairing his judgement. But Kenny planned on changing any plans of the such now that he was committed to Kyle. No drugs or prostitution.

Perhaps he felt refreshed to call this a new start? Yes, that seemed accurate. And what made it worth it all was his little ginger.
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Kyle had to admit, it was totally worth 'losing' to hear Kenny's soft moan in response to his. The intensity of the moment finally lessened a bit as Kenny's lips detached from his neck, although he still felt a little dazed. Blinking, he realized that he wasn't the only one panting as he noticed Kenny's chest heaving barely. For some reason, this made him smile. Kenny's half lidded eyes, on the other hand, almost made him squirm. Having Kenny look at him like that was... weird, but awesome.

He more of saw the teasing in Kenny's smirk than heard it in the blond's voice; the sound of blood rushing in his ears was only beginning to dull. He was about to make a smart ass comment, but then Kenny was kissing him chastely and his heart was fluttering too much for him to remember what it was. Kenny laid down next to him then, the touches on his skin becoming increasingly featherlike. This was less of a turn on, but incredibly relaxing and he sighed in content.

He supposed that a part of him was disappointed that they had to stop there, but he definitely understood. For one, he wasn't sure how far he was ready to go yet. Secondly, and most importantly, he would die of mortification if they got too loud and his mom walked in on them. Still, Kenny had gotten him pretty riled up for no reason. "Tease," he complained jokingly, pressing a light kiss to the corner of Kenny's jaw as his own hands continued their ministrations more gently.
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Kenny felt lost in the feelings that Kyle was inflicting on him. So lost that when the ginger finally gave that small moan, he gave a soft one in return; of course it was completely involuntary though. Pulling his mouth away from Kyle's neck he panted slightly, blue eyes heavy lidded with a small smirk playing across his lips.

"Excited, hmmm...?" The blonde couldn't help but tease, giving Kyle a quick peck to the lips, letting his touch lighten some. As cute and hot as it was to see the ginger writhe under his touch, he knew he should lighten up on it, or who know - they could end up too loud and inform the rest of the household of their activities.

Laying next to him, Kenny gave a soft sigh of happiness, still letting his hands ghost random patterns here and there; he was content to say the least.
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Kyle was extremely satisfied with the gasp that he'd managed to coax from Kenny and feeling even more confident, he allowed his fingers to roam every patch of skin that he could reach. However, he seemed to have forgotten that he and Kenny were sort of 'competing' because he sure as hell was not expecting what came next.

Feeling Kenny's teeth graze his neck and nip, he had to immediately bite his bottom lip to stifle whatever noise had been threatening to escape. He squirmed as Kenny's hands grew rougher and needier, but he remained adamant about staying quiet. Until he felt Kenny rubbing his hip, that is.

Any control he had then vanished, warmth beginning to pool in his stomach as a small moan wriggled from his reluctant lips. "Kenny..." He tensed from the pleasure, toes curling as his palms pressed into Kenny's back. Why the fuck had that simple action been such a turn on?

Damn, Kenny was too good.

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  Kyle Broflovski / Butters / 8y 266d 4h 6m 26s
And there it was again - the start of his name off his precious ginger's lips. Though it was cut off, it still made Kenny double his efforts, small nibbles and bites mixed with the kisses on Kyle's neck, along with rougher more needy strokes of his fingers.

But whatever though he bore for that moment, whatever keen strategy he had been cooking up, was suddenly lost as Kyle's fingers explored his skin more, raking a small gasp for him. Damn he hadn't expected that. This though, gave him renewed vigor, sliding his other hand to rest on Kyle's hip and rub the fabric there into the skin that lay underneath it.

Kenny wasn't ready to give up yet - he was willing to go as far as need be just to hear Kyle's voice. though he was positive that they hadn't need to go all the way. If it came to that then the blonde would have lost his touch, and he couldn't have that now could he?

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Kyle was positive that Kenny rather liked the feeling of his hand on the blond's back, but unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to get Kenny to make any noise. He should have suspected as much; Kenny was, well, a lot more... 'experienced' than him and used to such sensations. Not that he was completely innocent, he was sure most teenage boys weren't, but he certainly hadn't had the amount of action that Kenny had. Not that Kenny was... Okay, Kenny was kind of... promiscuous.

Not that he was worried about that, though. Kenny was a pervert, but Kenny was a good guy. He didn't have a doubt in his mind that Kenny could stay faithful; the possibility of being cheated on hadn't occurred and never would occur to him. All of his thoughts vanished as Kenny's palm traveled up to his chest and the other boy's lips attached to his neck.

A small gasp, a sharp intake of breath and a slightly shaky exhalation. "Ke-" He quickly cut himself off. For Christ's sake, he was sounding like a virgin schoolgirl. That does it, he would get his revenge. Sliding his other hand underneath Kenny's hoodie, he grazed each side of Kenny's ribcage with the tips of his fingers. It was nice, feeling Kenny's warn skin like this. And on top of that, he noticed that Kenny was sporting an extremely adorable blush.

Crap, with the way things were going, he was finding it almost a little hard to have restraint. Goddamn the horniness of being a teenager. And he realized that now he was keeping his mouth sealed more to see how far Kenny would go to get him to say the blond's name instead of out of simple stubbornness.

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Kenny was sure that he had Kyle, but then there was that pleasant sensation of skin brushing skin along his back and he gave a small inward hiss in attempt to keep back any noise that his throat would have made involuntarily. Taking it as a challenge, he moved his hand up, now letting his palm slide up the ginger's skin until his finger's reached his chest. Then his fingers danced around the skin there looking for sensitive patches as he pulled the kiss away from Kyle's lips and down to his neck.

With the way that they were going, of course Kenny couldn't help but feel his stomach grow warm and his cheeks flush, but this was way to enjoyable to think of what would come after the simple first steps. But it didn't matter to him at the moment - he was just too caught up in it all to really give a shit.

[Embrace it I shall. Dark side, here I come. ]
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Kyle was slightly embarrassed about the way he'd murmured Kenny's name so easily, but to be fair, he wasn't really used to the attention to that particular area of his jaw. It would be even more humiliating to admit that was his weak spot, though, and thus he wasn't planning on voicing that fact.

The part that either totally sucked or completely rocked was that he was positive that Kenny would take advantage of this to tease him and drive him crazy. As if to prove his certainty, he swore that he saw a glint in Kenny's gaze from the corner of his eyes right before the blond's lips were suddenly latched to his.

Kyle made a vaguely surprised "mmph" sound, feeling Kenny's broad grin and unable to resist beaming a bit himself. Responding to the kiss with a hunger that he hadn't been expecting from himself, he found his own hand slipping underneath Kenny's hoodie to dance along the other boy's spine as - hopefully pleasant - payback.

But he knew exactly what Kenny's game was and he'd be damned if he wasn't going to make the McCormick work a little harder to get him to get verbal again.

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Once again Kenny was left a little in awe at how adorable Kyle could be, especially when it was unintentional. And of all the ways he could take this moment, be it that he reminded the ginger about just how cute he was or he throw a perverted comment, all the blonde could manage was a small chuckle. Just because not in a millions years would he think that Kyle would use that tone with him this early in the game, and god be damned, it was such a tease.

It left Kenny wondering just how else he could get Kyle to say his name without doing anything to lewd; a tempting thought with little repercussions , and all the audio pleasure in the world? How could Kenny resist.

With a new determined glint in his blue eyes, the blonde flicked his gaze up to take in Kyle's face, from the way his cheeks flushed to how yummy his lips looked when they were parted like that. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, he moved his kisses up to capture the ginger's lips, still running his fingers in random little patterns over his skin.

If anything, Kenny was enjoying the encouragement from Kyle; the added body contact practically made him burn with a want to drive Kyle crazy, and being the impulsive person he was, the blonde wouldn't even hesitate from making it so.

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Kyle smiled in response to Kenny's grin, glad that an action as simple as sitting in Kenny's lap would cause the blond to wear such a happy expression. When Kenny held him close, he leaned his head against Kenny's shoulder and felt the rumble of a chuckle from the other boy's chest. Blinking, he glanced up at Kenny's answer to his comment and sort of shrugged. He knew that Kenny hadn't been being that perverted, but what Kenny had said had still sounded a bit on the uh... dirty side.

Squeaking in surprise as Kenny suddenly lifted him, he found himself laying on his bed with Kenny on top of him. That sly look on Kenny's face was slightly disconcerting, and his suspicions were quickly proven to be quite rational when he felt Kenny's hand slowly move underneath his shirt. His breath caught in his throat at the touch and he was barely able to pay attention to Kenny's words, he was was so thrown off by the pleasant sensation.

His eyes widened for a moment as he felt Kenny kiss the underside of his jaw, then they fluttered shut. His lips parted as he released a small sigh, his cheeks tinged a light pink. "K-Kenny..." Holy shit, that felt good. It sounded rather lewd in his mind, but he didn't want Kenny to stop. Not in that way exactly, but the contact was nice and he showed Kenny that he was enjoying it by running his fingers over the fine hairs on the nape of Kenny's neck.
  Kyle Broflovski / Butters / 8y 269d 4h 41m 32s
The moment Kyle was on his lap, a grin spread across his face and he held him close, giving a soft chuckle. When the ginger was shy like that he couldn't help but find it amusing and endearing - he was too damn cute for his own good.

Then there was that comment. So he was a pervert now was he? Sure, the blonde couldn't deny it, but this was nothing. His grin grew wider, and his chuckle turned to a laugh. "Kyle, if I were being a pervert, you would know it." Of course there had been maybe a little bit of a dirty though in his mind when he asked the ginger to sit on his lap, but not a serious one.

But he would surprise Kyle this time. In one swift movement, he lifted Kyle off of him and moved him so he was laying face up on the bed. With a sly smile he moved so he was over top the ginger, moving a hand underneath Kyle's shirt to stroke the ginger's soft skin. "This is perverted..." And he kissed the underside of the ginger's jaw, intentionally taking his time to really taste the flesh there, his blue eyes glancing upward with a mischievous sparkle to them.
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Kyle smiled softly when Kenny kissed his forehead again, relishing any form of affection from Kenny. Slowly, he nodded at Kenny's suggestion as it suddenly hit him how both physically and now mentally exhausted he was. Fuck yes, he could use a rest. And what better way than to cuddle with his new boyfriend?

Not that Kyle was going to say that aloud. Too corny. Luckily for him, however, it seemed that Kenny'd had the same idea. Kenny settled at the edge of his bed then, coaxing him to sit in Kenny's lap. Blushing a little at the dirty implications in Kenny's words, not to mention the fact that Kenny wanted him to sit in the blond's lap, he sighed and shyly obeyed.

It was comfortable... nice and... completely relaxing in general, just not what he was familiar with. It certainly wouldn't bother him to get accustomed to this, though, he decided as he wound his arms around Kenny's neck. "You're such a pervert," he murmured fondly, looking a bit happier than he had a moment ago. He was still upset, of course, but Kenny was making him start to return at ease.
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Ah, Kyle was such a strong person for being able to put up with his bullshit when he was running on no sleep, so when he asked 'what's next?' Kenny could only chuckle lightly and kiss the ginger's forehead again. "Why don't we just take it easy for now? I'm sure with everything that's been going on you could use a bit to relax." That and Kenny wanted to cuddle the crap out of Kyle.

But admitting that out loud was a little too... girly for his taste. Not that Kenny wasn't genuinely concerned either though.

Leading Kyle over to the bed slowly, he sat on the edge, coaxing the ginger to sit not beside him, but rather on his lap, a small smirk on his face. "We could start here y'know." He didn't mean for his words to sound so pervy but they had a habit of coming out like that. Not that he minded though.
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