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Harel is the top playboy at Haven University. He knows all the tricks into getting any girl he wants along with getting into their pants. Living in the dorms is the best opportunity to get to know your neighbors and most of all, have any girl you want. Since each floor has mixed genders and mixed roommates, the only thing separating Harel from the girls was a cemented wall.

Harel was known to sweep the girls off of their feet and take what he wanted. Even though they knew he was such a player and manwhore, they still couldnt resist his charm and smooth moves. They were above any other male on campus.

What happens when a new girl becomes his roommate? Will his moves work on her? Will he be able to just take her in like all the rest?


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It was a very tough decision for Harel, but there were many reasons why he couldnt just let her go right now. She was chosen to be his roommate and that meant that there was a reason why she was living with him. If he said no, then he'd probably never see her again and he didnt want that. His need to be with every girl in school was so strong and the fact that Anna was new, sexy, attractive, and had the personality he loved, he couldnt stay away. Even if she did technically cheat on him just a few minutes ago with Andrew, something about cheating made him really want her even more. Maybe it was the fact that no one's ever cheated on him before and yet she did. She was really different than the other girls he's been with and he saw it as a challenge to win her over, so he wasnt going to let go of that chance.

He felt her arms wrap around him and into his back pockets, it made a smile plant onto his face. She really wasnt the slow type was she? He kept his arm around her shoulders and held her close to him like they were already a couple. It seemed like they've been together for months already when they've just started dating. The girls in the dorms were clearly watching the two, keeping their eyes on Harel and the glares on Anna. He knew they were jealous, but he wanted Anna more than he wanted them at the moment, and now that he has a chance to be her boyfriend, he felt motivated to work harder.

"Oh please, you've ordered me around a ton of times just in the past week. Honestly you've been telling me what to do everytime you open your mouth" he played the part smoothly a curved smile on his lips as he looked down at her. Leading her down the street, they made it downtown as he walked her alongside the street. They passed by a few restaurants and then when she mentioned the cafe, he decided to agree and let the lady choose since he's had enough of them fighting all the time today. He was still upset with the fact that she kissed someone else right in front of him and didnt do anything about it, but he decided to push that away for now as he led her inside.

When the waitress seated them a small booth for two, she handed them menus as Harel took his. He looked through to see what he wanted, deciding on an iced coffee and a chocolate muffin. "Well we can always talk here or we can take a nice walk after this later? I would love to get to know you better Anna. Why you're always so distant, mysterious, and yet you're one tough girl. I really like that. Ill even tell you some of my past if you really want" he lifted a smiled and then he ordered his drink from the waitress.

"So where do you want to start? Im actually wanting to hear all of this if you're willing to tell me"
  Harel / ellocalypse / 5y 59d 23h 51m 54s
As Anna was standing there, she felt her heart beat racing. Was she really about to do this? Could she really let something like this change her? She bit her lip lightly, and when she felt his arms around her waist, a feeling of butterflies rushed around her stomach. She nodded a little, and at the mention of food her stomach growled. "lead the way, you know this place better than I do" she said. As she felt his arms drop from around her waist, her heart sank a little. She knew she was walking on broken glass now, and she had to watch where she stepped.

She felt his hand in her's, and she shook her head lightly, as she slid her hand out, and wrapped it around his waist, her fingers finding the back pocket of his pants, and she drew his arm around her shoulders again. This time, she laced her fingers with his as they walked out. She let her mind ponder on what he wanted to know. Should she just down right tell him everything? Or have him ask questions. This was going to be a hard choice on her part. She didn't like people prying in her life.

She took a slow deep breath, "well I don't know where to start, I've never been bossy I take after my mom" she stated. She hated it when people said she was being too bossy. She jutted her lower lip out, as her hip brushed against his. She could feel eyes on the two, and apart of her enjoyed it. It was like, she was flaunting the fact, that she could tame the one person who the girls all loved to bed. A small smile crossed over her lips, as some of the girls walked out. Their eyes boring holes into her.

They had the nerve to threaten her? She narrowed her eyes, and was about to say something, when they left. She shook her head lightly, as she stopped and looked up at him, "lets go to the cafe, I'm not in the mood for a nice dinner. Please?" she asked, as she looked up at him slightly. She dropped her hands and slid them into her own back pocket. They could easily get something to eat, and then leave and find a quiet place to talk. She felt like she had to tell him everything, so she might as well.

"That way, we can either go back to the room, or somewhere quiet and I'll tell you what you want to know, without other's over hearing.." she said softly. She was all of a sudden putting herself at a distance. She didn't know why she was doing it, but she was. It wasn't like her at all. She hated being distant, and here she was standing close enough to someone, she could reach out and hold onto, yet she felt like she was miles away from him as well. That was something she had done over the years.

She stood there, shifted her weight slightly, as she waited to see what he would say. She thought it was a good idea. She wanted him to know and she wanted only him to know about her past. Her mother didn't even know anything that had happened to her. She was a little bit surprised with herself that she was going to even tell him. She bit her lip lightly, as she shifted her weight again, as she looked up at him locking her eyes on his. She stood there shifting, waiting to see what he would say, or if he would just give up.
  -Anna / -Bliss / 5y 60d 21h 38m 33s
This feeling inside was a terrible feeling and he honestly didnt know what it was. It was the first time he's felt this way and he didnt want to feel like this ever again. Just when he thought that Anna was finally going to give him a chance, she just ripped it away from him. Was she planning on doing that? Did she want to make him upset because of what he did the first day? He wasnt sure but that was one hell of a show she put on for him and he didnt want to be there to see her go off with Andrew.

Harel couldnt believe thats she was the first girl to pick some other guy over him. He thought he had it all. So as he shoved his hands into his pockets, he made his way as far away from Anna as possible. WHy bother when she clearly didnt want anything to do with him? He walked down the hallways, his eyes on the ground for a bit, trying to think of doing something so that he could get his mind off of Anna. His eyes looked towards the exit and he was just about to head out when he heard Anna's voice.

When he looked down at her, he still was angry with what happened. He didnt think that now was the time to talk, but she already was coming up with excuses. "You didnt plan for him to show up, but you still kissed him. That means you like him. You probably like him more than you like me Anna. You didnt pull away or tell him to stop...." he didnt know what else to say. She was probably only sorry that she was caught. How was he supposed to know if she ever did that to him again, behind his back? It sounded like something he'd do, so he was just furious that someone was doing it to him.

Harel was thinking about what he wanted to do with this. If he said no she'd be gone, but he was still upset. What to do? He didnt want her to walk away, she was still the hottest girl here and he wanted her, even after what she did. But then he felt her lips and then he was engulfed in a warm, heated kiss. His eyes closed and he decided to kiss her back gently as she pulled away. She was definitely making this such a hard decision. His eyes looked her over and then noticed the girls around him. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he nodded his head "Okay okay. It's fine. Ill take my chances as long as I still get a chance with you" he sighed and then reached down to wrap his arms around her waist, pulling her into a hug.

He didnt know if he made the right decision, but he wanted to be with Anna and try it out. Sure he wouldnt know if she ever cheated unless he caught her again, but he was glad she wouldnt leave his room. "I dont want you leave. I like having you as a roommate. At least I think I do now that we're together" he spoke softly, but loud enough for the girls to hear. They narrowed their eyes at the two and then they just crossed their arms over their chest, irritated that Harel actually considered going out with her when they were here to freely give him whatever he wanted

"If you hurt him, we'll be here to easily push you out of your place. We'll take care of you Harel" one of the girls spoke before they left the scene to do what they needed to do. They never thought they'd see the day when Harel was taken. Usually he had time for anyone.

Harel slowly pulled away from Anna and reached down to hold her hand in his. "Now that everything is settled, make sure that the guys know you're taken too. Especially that Andrew guy" he shook his head in disgust at the thought. He didnt want to see her kissing someone else when they were together.

He walked with her, leading her out the door. "Okay, now are we ready to have some lunch? There's a chain of restaurants down the street and I just want to get to know you already. Besides the fact that you're bossy and independent. I already know that" he smirked.
  Harel / ellocalypse / 5y 119d 17m 38s
Anna just stood there in shocked silence. She shook her head a little, it wasn't like she had planned for him to show up. She sighed, as she watched Harel walk away. She leaned back against the wall, and she covered her face with her hands, and let out a small sigh. She heard some voices, and she removed her hands, and saw a couple of the girls from her floor, "you don't deserve him, ya know. If you are just going to treat him like shit, don't lead him on" said one of the women who were standing there, with their arms crossed.

Anna just shook her head. What was she supposed to do? She didn't like this at all. She looked towards the door, and saw that the two women were about to go after him. If she wanted this whole thing to clear up, she had to make it work. She brushed past the women, and she narrowed her eyes slightly, "either of you go near him, and I will rip your eyes out. He's off the market" she said, as she ran through the door. She didn't know what the women were thinking, but she knew she had to explain herself.

She stopped and looked around for the male. When she finally spotted him, she broke out into a run. "Harel! Stop!" she cried, as she ran up to him. She stopped, and grabbed his arm. She moved in front of him, and she tilted her head back, to look up at him, she bit her lip lightly, "listen I'm sorry okay? It wasn't like I had planned for Andrew to show up" she said. She could feel her heart breaking right now, and she didn't like this, not at all. She bit down on her lip lightly.

She looked down, what else was she supposed to do? She felt like she was letting something good slip away. Maybe he could settle down, maybe he could stop being the player he was. She was starting to like him, and that was scaring her. She wrapped her arms around herself, and took a step back, "if you decide to walk away now, I'll be out of the room by tonight" she said, as she looked up at him slightly. Her words rang true too. She wasn't about to make his life hell anymore.

She wanted to make this work, and she wanted it to work, more than anything. She sighed lightly, as she felt people watching them. She saw some of the women, watching, with their arms crossed. It was like they were all waiting for a chance, to just get at him right then and there. She chewed on her lip lightly. 'Fuck it' she thought, as she stepped closer to him, and she wrapped her hands around his neck, lacing her fingers together. She slowly drew his head down, and pressed her lips against his, and kissed him lightly, and gently.

When she pulled back, her eyes were closed, and her breathing was slightly heavy, "I'm sorry..." she breathed. She removed her hands from around his neck, and she opened her eyes, and she felt people glaring at her. She looked down at her feet, as she didn't know what to do, or say. She felt like she had done the right thing, but the ball was in Harel's court now. If he walked away, she would go back to the room, and pack up her things, and go home. This whole thing was to prove to her parents, and she couldn't even do that.
  .|Anna / -Shyone / 5y 119d 8h 3m 15s
Harel wouldnt let it get to his head. He saw this chance as a huge opening, an opening she made for him to get in and become her man. Who knew it was going to be so quick like this, when just yesterday she didnt even want to look at him. Maybe he would thank those two jerks for giving him this opportunity, after all if it werent for them she'd probably still see him as some perverted manwhore. Maybe she still thought of him that way, but Harel would take his chances now that she had to be his girlfriend.

As he was about to lead her out, he felt her hands on his chest and then he backed up against the wall and then his eyes focused on hers as he listened to her request. That's what it meant to be in a stable relationship? No wonder why he was always just pulling one night stands. There were no commitments. But this time, he really liked Anna. If he had to sacrifice those things just to get what he wanted, then so be it. For now he'd listen and be that good boyfriend she was expecting. Her threats made him smile and he simply nodded his head "Okay okay. You always have so many demands. As long as you do the same for me, then we're all good" he watched her leave the room and he decided to grab his things.

For some reason he couldnt find his wallet, so as he searched through his jeans in his closet, he could hear Anna talking to someone. THeir bedroom door wasnt shut completely and Harel decided to take a peek. He found his walled in old pants that was in the hamper and he shoved it down his back pocket. Making his way towards the door, he leaned in, his eye focusing on the small gap as he watched her and soon Andrew approached. He saw the rose and then the kiss, that was it. Harel could take the kiss on the forehead, but she was his girlfriend now and the only one that was allowed to kiss her was him.

It pissed him off to see that after she threatened him with sleeping with other girls, here she was kissing someone else. Harel wasnt used to having a relationship at all, let alone being cheated on. Usually he was the one cheating, so it was a first to see someone he liked doing it to him. It wasnt a good feeling at all. He wasnt just going to stay there and let it happen, he wanted that male to know she was his.

Harel stepped out of the bedroom and then moved in to see the two kissing. He pulled Andrew back by the shoulder and stretched his right arm back, right hooking him across the face. "What the fuck are you doing? She's my girlfriend" he narrowed his eyes at the male now a few feet from him with a bleeding lip. His eyes looked to Anna in disappointment, feeling so pissed "You know just a few minutes ago you were telling me that I had to let every other girl know that Im taken. That I had to show you I care. What the fuck is this? You're clearly not telling this piece of shit you're taken and you kissed him" he saw the whole thing and Anna clearly kissed him back willingly without so much as a single shove. She enjoyed it.

He felt really stupid at that point because now he knew how it felt to be the one being cheated on and he barely started his relationship with Anna. WHy did he care so much? He didnt know, but he was really angry seeing another male kissing her "You know I was really happy you gave me a chance. I was actually going to take this seriously. If you wanted to get on my nerves or just piss me off, then you did a great job" he ran his fingers through his hair and ignored Andrew as he began walking off without her. He decided to just get lunch by himself today since it didnt seem like she wanted to spend time with him at all.
  Harel / ellocalypse / 5y 120d 18h 46m 29s
Anna watched as the males left, and she looked towards Harel, and she rolled her eyes, "don't let it go to your head, I said the first thing, that popped into my head" she said. She walked out of the room, and slid her hands into her pockets. She was silently kicking herself for what she had said. She really didn't like how she had said it either. Did she really think of him that way? She shook her head a little, as she looked over her shoulder towards the male. She stopped, turned around, and moved back towards him.

She put her hands on his chest, and pushed him back into the room. "you have one chance, and one chance only Harel. You want to show me you care, then do it. No sleeping behind my back, because I do have my ways of knowing, which also means, you have to let every single girl know, you are now off the market" she said. She really wanted to kick herself, but she kind of liked the sound of 'Girlfriend' rolling off of his tongue. It made her heart flutter like crazy, and she didn't know why.

She dropped her hands to her side, and she took a step back, "lead the way" she said. She bit down on her lip lightly. She honestly wanted to know what he was going to do, and she did want to see if it was really worth it right now Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. She really didn't know. She sighed softly, as she opened the door once more. She stepped out into the hall, and leaned her back against the wall, and closed her eyes. She really couldn't believe this was happening. If only her parents could see her now.

Then Andrew popped around the corner, and she smiled lightly, when he walked over. He handed her a single red rose, "how are you beautiful?" he asked as he leaned down and kissed her cheek. Anna took the rose, and she shook her head lightly, "I'm doing alright, heading out with Harel" she said, as she saw the surprise on his face. "just yesterday, and then earlier today you were saying how much of a player he is" he said, as his eyes moved towards the dorm room. He didn't like that idea, at all.

Anna shrugged a little, as she looked down at the rose, "I decided I might as well give him a chance, I can't really keep avoiding him the whole year" she said, as she kept her eyes on the flower. Andrew, leaned against the wall, and he titled her head back, and locked his eyes on her. "if he doesn't treat you right Anna, you can stay with me" he said, as he leaned down and pressed his lips lightly, against her own. Anna found herself kissing him back gently. When the two pulled apart, she nodded lightly, as she had to catch her breath.

"I'll keep that mind Andrew, thank you" She said softly. Andrew nodded, and kissed her forehead, "I'll see you around" he said, as he shoved his hands into his pockets, and walked off down the hall. Anna reached up and touched her lower lip lightly, and sighed. She was throwing something good away, for someone who might not even be good for her. She really was being stupid. She sighed, as she looked down at the rose, and a small smile crossed her face. He had guessed her favorite flower, and that made it even more amazing.

She looked down the hall, watching him walk away. She shook her head, as she looked towards the dorm, wondering how much Harel, had heard. She leaned her head back against the wall, knowing she had made yet another mistake, but what she had said was true. She was giving him a shot, and if things didn't work out, she would have a place to stay for a while, and that's all she needed. "Are you coming?" she called, as she stayed where she was, her eyes on the door, waiting.
  .|Anna / -Shyone / 5y 121d 7h 10m 1s
He didnt expect to see her home, so it was a surprise, but at the same time, he was also happy that she was willing to go and have lunch with him today, especially after what happened yesterday and last night. It had been a horrible two days and Harel has never been treated like that before. IT was a first and he honestly didnt like it. WHy couldnt she just be submissive like the rest and give into his looks or his charm? Isnt that what the girls fell for? They would take a good look at his face and if that wasnt enough, they would look at his body, and if all else failed to impress, his charm won them over. At least that's all he ever thought until Anna showed up.

Harel did notice her trembling a little and it made him wonder what happened? Was she afraid of him? Maybe just a bit chilly? But that thought flew out the window the minute she undressed in front of him. He turned away at first, not wanting to upset her more than he did, but that didnt last long. His eyes drifted back to see her bare skin and he instantly had a smile on his lips. Anna's body was amazing, her flawless curves, her smooth skin, and her personality attracted him so much. She was a bad girl in disguise and he was going to expose that side of her soon enough.

He was about to leave, but as the boys entered the room, Harel had seen them on their floor. He wasnt really friends with a lot of the males at the school because most of them envied him. THey wanted what he wanted and the only way he could be their friend was if they were either on the swim team or in a relationship. These two goons werent and the smell they brought with them reeked of marijuana and alcohol. The look on Anna's face said it all, something must have happened with the three of them. BUt he got defensive when he saw the male touching Anna like that.

His hand reached out and pulled him back, his grip on his collar managed to get him off of her. His eyes then looked to Anna, hearing the words that came out of her mouth. Perfect. She was playing the 'im your girlfriend' trick to get out of this one. He had a smirk on his face and decided to play along. Maybe she'd really give into him if he did her this favor. "Ya she's my girlfriend. So get the fuck away from her, and if I see you two touching her one more time, you'll face the swim team" he narrowed his eyes at the two, seeing them trying to stand and get their act together. Harel was taller than them and they knew that he wasnt just a ladies man. He had connections through those girls. Before they could say another word, he lifted each of them up by their shirts and then shoved them back out of their bedroom door.

Slamming it shut, he faced Anna and crossed his arms as if he's finally seen an opening in their dilemma. "So you're my girlfriend now? Well that was quick. But Ill definitely give you a chance, after all, those guys are going to spread the word that you my dear are taken" he lifted a smile of satisfaction and then he opened the door once more to find the two goons gone.

"After you darling" he would play along with her game, but now that she made that mistake, Harel was going to make sure that she became his. "You should let me take care of you. Cant have my girlfriend feeling scared. Come on, lunch is on me" he offered her, walking beside her as he led her down the steps out of the dorms.

WHen they walked along the streets, he hoped that she wasnt too upset by what he said. Technically what he said was true, but would she even go along with him being her boyfriend?
  Harel / ellocalypse / 5y 123d 18h 9m 44s
Anna looked up at the male, and she shrugged lightly as she eyed him, "yeah I did, but I had to clear my head so I didn't go today" she said, as she ran her hand through her hair. She looked down at the notebook she had open, and she shut it, and slid it under all of her other books, "let me change, and we can go" she said as she pushed herself up. She was still slightly shaken up, with what the two men had done in the bathroom, and she was trying not to let it show. She knew her body was shaking a little as well.

She bit down on her lip, as she pulled out her jeans, and a white t-shirt. She slipped out of her clothes, and slid into the jeans, and pulled the t-shirt down over her back. She found her shoes, and slid her feet into them. She grabbed her phone, and the room key, and slid both into her pockets. She felt like she was missing something, but knew she had everything. Sooner or later, she would figure it out. She turned around, and looked towards the male, and smiled lightly, "okay I'm ready" she said.

There was a knock on the door, and her heart dropped. What if it was the two boys? She had a really bad feeling it was, and she didn't really want to open the door. She really didn't have much of a choice anyway. She moved towards the door, and opened it. Before she could keep it where it was, the two men shoved their way into the room, and she could tell they were drunk. They had been back in the bathroom too, but you could tell they were now. She took a few steps back, before the men stopped.

She looked between the three people inside of the room, and she stood her ground, trying to keep her voice from shaking, "what do you want?" she asked, as she eyed the two drunk men. Then both smirked lightly, "we want what, we couldn't have a while ago. I see Harel's back" he slurred. Anna shook her head a little, "please just leave" she said, as she tried to make the men leave. When the one who had been talking grabbed her, and pulled her against him, she could feel that he had a little problem.

"You have a body to die for, and I want you to fix, what you caused" he said, as he pressed his lips to her neck. Anna slipped out of the male's grasp and shook her head. "I don't think you want Harel, to get involved, since he does get protective over his girlfriend" she said. She didn't realize what she said, till it was out. She bit down on her lip, knowing she had made the wrong move. The male looked at her, and towards Harel, "Is this true?" he asked.

Anna just stood there, she didn't know what to do, or what to say. This time she was at a loss for words. She looked towards Harel, with a pleading look in her eyes. This couldn't be happening, she had just made an even worse mess of everything. She looked down, and nodded a little, "yes, as of five minutes ago" she said. She looked up slowly, wondering what was going through Harel's mind at the moment. She just hoped, he wouldn't blow the cover she was trying to make, she really didn't want to deal with two horny men at the moment.
  .|Anna / -Shyone / 5y 123d 19h 52m 44s
As Harel made slowly made his way back to the dorms, he had his hands in his pockets and then he kept his eyes lowered on the ground. He was tired after all this thinking and he never thought this hard about anything. Anna was just really different from any girl he's met before and he's had a lot of women. Usually they would give it to him straight, either they wanted him, or they would put up some resistance until he could persuade them that he was the man of their dreams. Of course that was until he got what he wanted from them, if they were worth it, the most time he'd be with them was a month. That was his longest relationship.

He walked past the dining area when a few of the girls in their building passed by. He heard he sound of soft giggles, but then when he felt arms wrapped around each of his, his attention went back to the two girls beside him. Another skinny blonde on his right side, a ginger on his left. THey were in dire need of some company today and if Harel wasnt busy, he would join them.

His arms immediately wrapped around their waists, a smile on his lips as he looked up at the building where he lived. "Awe, Im sorry ladies but Harel is kind of busy today. How about we reschedule? You two can be more anxious for me tomorrow and then we'll have so much more fun when I get to see your dying faces" he released his grip on the two girls and then waved, seeing them heading into the dining area with frowns on their faces. He hated seeing those faces because he knew he could easily make them smile with his body, but his mind was already jumbled and he needed Anna to clear up a few things so he could go back to being the male the girls needed whenever they were feeling lonely.

Standing before the building, he took in a deep breath and then opened up the double glass doors, making his way towards the elevator when two more of his one night stands greeted him. They made their way beside him in the elevator, deciding to see how the new girl was according to his opinion. "Well hello girls. How are you?" he asked, keeping his hands in his pockets. "Hi Harel. You're looking as good as always. I sure do miss having you on our floor. Why did you have to move anyway?" she pouted and then one of them leaned into his side. "Im sorry, I just couldnt stand my old roommate. She was disgusting. She was at least one hundred and forty pounds and she kept getting on my nerves about studying and working together. Not my style. I had to leave. Plus I think Im happy with my current roommate so far" he thought about it, still unsure.

"Oh ya I heard. She's some girl if she was sleeping in the living room last night. Obviously she doesnt appreciate how amazing you are" the other girl said and Harel just smirked. "She doesnt that's what I hate. But she'll see soon enough" he stepped off of the elevator at his floor and then waved goodbye to the girls.

Once he arrived at his door, he opened it up and then ended up facing Anna. She looked like she just showered, but hadnt done anything more than that. "Um, hi? Ya well....Im sorry about last night. I wasnt sure exactly what you wanted from me. It wont happen again I guess. You can just tell me the truth how I make you feel you know" he wanted her to know that he was confused, but at the same time he also wanted to fix whatever problem they had because they were going to be together all year whether they liked it or not.

"Since you treated me to some dinner last night, if you're free maybe you can go along with that plan of me showing you around town? I know where the good restaurants are down on mainstreet" he told her, wondering if she'd blow him off again. "By the way....dont you have classes?" he was sure that she was supposed to be somewhere, unless last night prevented from sleeping.
  Harel / ellocalypse / 5y 127d 18h 52m 59s
Anna had heard the alarm going off, and she pulled the pillow over her head. She sighed, when the room was quiet once more. She let herself relax, as she rolled onto her side, and looked towards the door. She would go to classes tomorrow. She would get everything then. Right now, she just wanted to enjoy the quiet, now that Harel was gone. She slipped out of the bed, and she grabbed her shower things, and headed towards the bathroom. She stopped when she realized it was a unisex one. She sighed as she walked into the room, and looked around.

It was slightly empty, which was a good thing. She found a stall, and she set her things down beside it, and she slipped out of her pajamas, and stepped into the shower, pulling the curtain closed behind her. She turned on the water, and waited for it to heat up. She stood under the spray, and closed her eyes as she let her mind wander. She was confusing herself, with the whole Harel thing. She didn't know what was going on with her. One moment she wanted nothing to do with him, and now she went around doing things lightly that.

She sighed, as she ran her hands over her wet hair. She hurried and showered, and then shut the water off. She grabbed her towel, and wrapped it around her body. She would change in the room, and she grabbed her things, and stepped out. When she did, she froze as she saw some men in the bathroom, their mouths hanging open. "what? It's not like you've all seen a woman half way naked" She said. The men smirked, as they moved in closer to her, "We heard you are rooming with Harel" said one of the men.

Anna only nodded as she stood her ground, "what's it to you?" she asked, as she squared her shoulders back, and glared at them. "well he's a player, how is he in bed?" asked the same person, as he wound a strand of hair around his finger. Anna slapped his hand away, "I wouldn't know, I've been avoiding him" she snapped. "now if you'll excuse me, I need to get dressed" she said, as she tired to slip past him. The male put his hands up on either side of her, and pressed up against her.

"I don't think so darlin, since you haven't slept with Harel yet, maybe I could talk you into sleeping with me" he said as he leaned down and kissed her neck. Anna lifted her leg hard enough, to get a knee to his crotch and the male let out a hiss of pain, "You bitch, no wonder Harel's having a hard time with him" he breathed out. Anna only shook her head as she was holding back tears. She didn't dare say anything, as she bolted out of the bathroom, and went straight to her room.

She closed the door behind her, and she leaned against it, her heart racing. She pushed herself away from the door, and she hurried and got dressed. When she was dressed, she sat down at her desk, and she drew her note book towards her. She picked up her pen, and started writing a letter to her parents. She was getting so tired of the men here, thinking they could bed her. She wasn't a piece of fucking meat! She shook her head, and blinked away the tears. She read the letter, and ripped the paper out and threw it away.

As she sat there thinking of what to do, she heard the door open, and she looked up and saw Harel, "welcome back" she said as she looked back down at the page. It was still blank. She took a look at the clock, and realized she hadn't eaten anything. Her stomach growled, and she looked towards Harel, "are you hungry?" she asked, as she looked up at him a little sheepishly. She might as well try to work something out, right? Maybe if she gave him a chance, she might like this guy, and maybe they could some how become friends at least.
  .|Anna / -Shyone / 5y 127d 19h 59m 30s
What could Harel have expected after she undressed before his own eyes and even pulled him into a kiss? He only expected one thing and every guy knew that if a girl did that to you, she probably has an interest in you. He was only going off of intuition, and that was definitely an obvious thing for her to do. With a male like Harel, who was used to getting the attention of the girls, Anna's moves proved to him that she liked him and he only wanted to get beside her in bed and continue from there. That was his way of thinking. He didnt think that she was testing him at all so he was going to jump on the chance of having her.

Holding her in his arms felt warm. Her back pressed up to his chest, her own scent and the feel of her skin surrounded him and he was slowly getting used to it. He didnt expect her to take action and say no like she did. So when he felt her push him back, he was surprised. At first he thought she was just playing around, he was smiling, pulling himself back closer to her, only to see her step over him and then their room door slamming shut. Well that was definitely a shock to Harel and not only did it make him feel like a complete idiot, but he was angry that she did that to him. Why would she undress before him, pull him into a kiss, and buy him food if she only wanted to stay away from him and not even acknowledge his presence? It was confusing.

But instead of thinking so much this late at night, he pushed himself up onto his feet, getting off of her bed before climbing back into his. If she didnt like him at all why go through all of this trouble. Women were hard, which is why he tended to go for the pretty and easy.

After laying back in his bed, he managed to ditch the thought of Anna and focus on something else until he slept.

In the morning, Harel had slammed his fist on his alarm that began buzzing at 8am. He had class at nine, so he had to get ready or else he'd be late. He wasnt particularly bright, but the government paid for everything he needed, so if he didnt pass his classes, he would just be kicked out. It was an easy rule to follow. So as he slipped out of bed, he grabbed his towel and headed to the community bathroom, taking a quick shower and then dressing into the school uniform. Matching navy blue pants and tie, a clean white polo with the school's logo on the right chest pocket. Shined black shoes and white socks. He looked like a typical preppy nerd, that was until he spiked his hair back and loosened up his tie to leave it hanging.

When he was ready, he headed back to their room, seeing that Anna was still asleep. He was still upset for her tricking him, so he just grabbed his backpack and then headed to his first period class, taking a seat and kicking up his feet for the day.

After the first half os his classes were done, he headed back towards his dorms, thinking if he should ask Anna what was her problem last night? He wanted things to be clear for him to see, so didnt have to beat around the bush.
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Anna jumped slightly when she felt the male slide into the bed beside her. She pulled her head phones out, and looked over her shoulder, "get out of my bed, now" she said, as she untangled his arms from around her, she shifted so she could roll onto her side. When she was facing him, her eyes were narrowed, and she put her hands on his chest, and pushed at him slightly. She wasn't as strong, when she was laying down, so she let out a huff of breath, and climbed over the top of him, and she jumped down onto the floor.

She grabbed her pillow, and her blanket, and she stormed out of the room, and straight to the main room. Thank god it was empty. She moved towards the couch, and she threw her pillow down, and then she lowered herself down. She couldn't believe he had the nerve to crawl into her bed, and wrap his arms around her like that. She was pissed, and she had wanted to deck him. She sighed out into the darkness, as she rolled onto her side, so she was facing the back of the couch. Just because she had made a bold move, didn't mean anything.

She sighed once more, as she pulled the blanket over her head, and closed her eyes. She let herself relax, and before she knew it she was out. What seemed like only a few minutes, she heard voices, and she opened her eyes, and looked towards some of the women, who were awake, and she groaned. She hadn't been asleep long, and now she was being woken up. She let out a low string of cuss words, as she stood, and grabbed her things for the second time that night, and went back to her room.

She was half tempted to just get her car keys, and go out the her car and sleep there. She shook her head lightly, as she opened the door. When she saw that Harel was back in his own bed, she let out a soft breath. She slipped into the room, and shut the door, bathing herself in darkness. As she turned around, she hadn't realized how close to his desk she was, and she stubbed her toe. She let out a gasp of pain, as she hobbled her way to her bed, and sat down.

She pulled her feet up under her, and rocked back and forth slightly, as she tried to hold back the painful noises. When the throbbing had eased, she finally laid back, and curled up into her blanket, which she pulled over her head, and she closed her eyes. Tomorrow she would skip her classes, and catch up on her sleep, or figure out ways to avoid her roommate. She let herself relax against the bed, and she finally fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.
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The glimpses of her amazing body only reinforced the fact that he wanted her in his mind. Her face was very attractive on it's own and being able to see the rest of her curves without having to do anything only made him feel like he was a lucky guy to be her roommate. His imagination began thinking up ideas, hoping that she would change like that every night because he really enjoyed the view. Harel didnt know her reasons for just undressing before him, maybe she had a motive, maybe she just wanted to tick him off? Or maybe she really did want him. Those questions filled his mind and he wanted to find out the answer as soon as possible, but how?

Although Harel wasnt the type to be over analyzing anything,so he just shrugged all of the questions away for now and focused on that beautiful doll beside him. He honestly didnt care about that Andrew guy because he didnt want to be like him at all. That man could jump off a bridge for all he cared, when you take someone like Anna away, he wasnt going to care about the male at all. "You felt guilty? Awe, how sweet of you. I was looking forward to our dinner date and when you blew me off I did feel bad. Dont worry though, I only sleep with attractive girls. Not just anyone. ANd you fit my standards Anna" he chuckled, seeing how hard headed she was being. He would get into her bed someday and that was a fact.

What he didnt expect was the kiss on his lips. His eyes widened so suddenly, but felt that warmth and gentleness of her lips as he kissed her back before she pulled away. He tried to lean in more to take another kiss, but only found himself looking dumbfounded and confused. She was so bipolar with her attitude, one minute she's flipping him off, the next she kisses him? Why couldnt she make up her mind? He hated being teased.

His eyes looked over to see her in bed and then he just didnt know what to do. He wanted more. He wanted to be beside her, hold her and kiss her with a more heated passion. Nothing was stopping him.

So Harel quickly sat up, turning off the lights before walking towards her bed instead. If she was messing around with him, he wouldnt hold back. Harel climbed into her bed beside her, his arms soon wrapping around her sides and then pulling her back to his chest. He was practically spooning her and he wondered what she'd do next. Leaning into the back of her neck, his warm breath touched her skin as he whispered "YOu dont expect me to just sit still after seeing your amazing body and tasting your warm lips do you? Because you are wrong if you think that"
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Anna looked towards the male, and she shrugged a little, "think whatever you want, I was just changing" she said. She looked down, hiding a knowing smile. Yes it had been, to see what he would do. His complements were throwing her off guard. She lifted her head, and looked towards him, a 'brow raised. She didn't understand him at all. He was different, and she didn't know if that was a good thing, or if she would have to keep on testing him. She shrugged as she took another bite, so it gave her a chance to think of an answer about Andrew.

She swallowed the bite that was in her mouth, and she cocked her head, "I guess you could say, I felt a little guilty. And he's not a suck up, he knows how to treat someone with some respect, and he has it for himself as well. He's not the one bedding every woman he sees" She said. She took another bite, and watched him. She wasn't gonna lie, being in such small quarters with this male, was kind of driving her insane. One moment she wanted to kill him, the next, she wanted to feel his skin on hers.

She shrugged a little, and rolled her eyes, "keep dreaming Harel, there is no way in hell, you will get into my bed" She said, as she locked her eyes on his. When she did, she felt her heart pound against her chest. She finished off her dinner, and she wiped her hands on a tissue. She stood, and moved towards him slowly. She was testing him once more. She had pushed his comments, about her having a beautiful body aside. She was caught off guard with that one, and didn't even know, if she should thank him or what.

She leaned down, and ran a finger lightly over his lower lip. This was all a test, she wasn't about to get her hopes up, and she wasn't going to let him take advantage of her either. She cupped his chin in her hand, and tilted his head back slightly. She leaned down, and pressed her lips softly against his. She deepened the kiss a little bit, and bit down on his lower lip, and gently tugged ever so slightly. When she pulled back, her lower lip was between her teeth.

She dropped her hand away, and she moved back over to her bed. "good night Harel, or and mind getting the light?" she asked, as she slid into the bed, and draw the blankets around her body. She had her back towards him, and when she did, she reached up to her lips, and touched her lower lip. She could still taste him on her lips. Which wasn't a good sign. She sighed a little, as she pulled out her own headphones, and put them into her ears. She wasn't about to test either of them again. She pressed play, and closed her eyes, letting herself get lost within the music.
  .|Anna / -Shyone / 5y 130d 48m 1s
Of course Harel was feeling down when she flipped him off and went with Andrew. He knew that male was just a suck up to women. All he did was pretend to be a gentleman and take any girl he wanted, at least Harel was up front and honest about himself. Still it upset him to see her choose a guy like him over himself, let alone flip him off as if he was some asshole. What did he ever do to her to make her hate him so much was a mystery to Harel. Sure he almost slept with a girl in their room, but she seemed pissed off at him even before that.

So he decided instead of dealing with his fallen pride, it was better to feel good with a girl willing to give him what he wanted. Why waste his friday night with Anna when she clearly showed no interest in him and thought of him as an asshole? He ended up spending the time with Danelle who gladly wanted to be with him. Sure it may have been for just his body, but the two of them were the same. THey were both looking for someone to spend time with so that they could forget about their lives for that one moment.

After it was as if nothing happened between them, other than using each other for the night. Harel made it back home and relaxed in bed, listening to some techno and blasting it through his headphones. When he heard the door, his eyes glanced over to Anna, managing to barely catch the hot dog before taking off his headphones. His eyes stared at the food and then he lifted a smile that turned into a smirk. "Thanks. BUt what happened to Andrew? Werent you going to hang out with the suck up?" he wondered, taking a bite out of the hotdog. He realized that he was hungry after the sex earlier and completely forgot to grab dinner. At least Anna was being nice for once and cared enough to buy him one.

As she began stripping, Harel's eyes widened in surprise. He didnt expect her to be like this, so he kept his eyes on her, seeing that round ass of hers in her lingerie. And if that wasnt good enough, she took off her bra in front of him too. Of course he couldnt get a glimpse of anything, but seeing her in her tank without a bra was definitely a turn on. He didnt know what to say, he was speechless.

"Wooow. Look at you and your sexy body. Was that all for me just now? Were you trying to hint at something?" he smiled and then took another bite of his hot dog, licking his lips in the process. Seeing that definitely got his imagination going and caused some excitement in his pants. "Someone has a beautiful body" he smiled, meaning to both compliment and tell her how he thought of her. "You know if you ever need someone warm to keep you company beside you, Im just right here. Ill take care of you the right way Anna" he winked and then stretched his arms back, reaching to finish off his hotdog.
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