Akatsuki Reborn.

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Pein's words to Sukai.
"Sukai...If I ever were too meet an unfortunate end...You will take my place as a last resort.You will continue my reign,and you will capture the nine-tails...",said Pein as Sukai,barely kept alive,kneeled at his feet."Y-Yes,God.",he muttered,always loyal,even close to death.Itachi had noticed his usefulness at some point...And didn't destroy him,along with the rest of the clan.The boy's eyes slowly opened,and a sight that would stir up anybody's deepest fear came into display.For the boy's eyes didn't have the Sharingan...It had the Rinnegan........And Sharingan.Which would soon be known as the Sharinnegan.

h3 How?

Sukai had great power.Power that could rival...Even Pein.When Itachi destroyed their clan,he kept the boy alive...Right before stabbing him through the chest,he stopped.This boy had...Enormous amounts of chakra...Where did he come from?Why had he not seen him before?He spared the boy and kept him by his side.When the time came,several years later,Sukai had killed the rumored warrior who was rumored to have been a direct descendant from 'The Sage Of Six Paths,'.He stood absolutely no chance,after all of the training from Pein.For whatever reason,after their feirce battle<<Oh,by the way.Put 'Cookies,om nom nom.' at the bottom of your skelly,if you read all of this crap.>>,the warrior's powers were embedded in this boy's chakra,and he soon gained the rippling lines of the rinnegan on his eyes,along with the Mangekyo Sharingan in the iris.<<By the way,don't worry,he won't be overpowered,I'm not that way.He will be limited on his power.:o>>It is unsure as of yet who the boy killed to obtain the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

In the final moments of the greatest ninja war,the boy appeared amidst it.A cold chill fell upon the battelfield.The two boys,who had once been friends,turned away from their battle to look at the new opponent..."What the hell?",Said the spiky,black haired boy.A smile fell upon Sukai's face."Hello,Sasuke."A moment later,without so much as a shudder of a breath,both Naruto and Sasuke,were on the ground,dead.A silence fell upon the battlefield,all eyes on the boy,in disbelief,the blood covered face had a very devilish smile on it."As God...would say in this situation...'Now,the world shall know...True pain...'.The boy did the hand seals in a flash."Almighty Push!!",the battlefield was engulfed in a bright light before an enormous power was expended from the small body.Several miles around him were soon a settling pile of dust.".....Heh....Heheh....Hahaha....HAHAHAHAHAHA!",Th boy's crazed laughter rang out across the vast emtiness,blood dripping from his eye."YOU FOOLS SHOULD NEVER HAVE UNDERESTIMATED THE AKATSUKI AND GOD!FOR NOW,THIS WORLD'S NEW GOD SHALL REIGN!!His laughter soon died down and he let out a sigh."Now...Where did Pein say Hidan was buried...A long time ago..."

h3 The Rules.

  • 1,000 characters.
  • No less.
  • No god-modding.If I feel it needs to be god-modded,I will do it.
  • Don't bitch if you get god-modded.
  • No arguing.
  • No cybering...Romance...is...okay I guess.
  • All OOC talk in the OOC please.
  • PM me the skeletons.
  • Have fun.
h3 The skeleton.

  • Username?: Self explanatory,your ES username.
  • Sex?: Male or Female?
  • Age?: Again,self explanatory.
  • Clan?: If you have one,I guess?No Uchihas,I was kind of skeptical of making Sukai one.
  • Village?: Hidden Leaf?Hidden Sand?Etc.,Etc.,
  • Rogue?: Are you Akatsuki?Or are you a criminal?
h3 Accepted characters.

Village:Village Hidden in the Leaves
Rogue:Yes.The new leader of the Akatsuki.

Needed characters from the actual anime/manga.
If you have any other characters that you would think would tie into the story well,talk to me about it.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

or you can click on this linkage...it leads right to it..
  Example post / Colorful_insanity / 8y 253d 18h 3m 22s
It wouldn't.:/ You need to send me a sample post so I know you can get the post up to my standard,okay?
  Sukai Uchiha(Drew myself.:D) / Shadow / 8y 253d 18h 5m 12s
so tell me how exactly would a dead character work into this?
  Lashe / Colorful_insanity / 8y 253d 18h 44m 25s
I don't care...
  Sasuke Uchiha / ItachiUchiha1224 / 8y 253d 18h 51m 46s
lol the plot says that sasuke is dead in the plot.
  Lashe / Colorful_insanity / 8y 253d 23h 17m 49s
What's with you guys.
  Sasuke Uchiha / ItachiUchiha1224 / 8y 253d 23h 19m 39s
there you go sorry its in there now.
  Lashe / Colorful_insanity / 8y 253d 23h 41m 16s
All skeletons should be PMed to me from now on please,I am trying to raise my level and doing short out of character stuff like this only lowers it.Where's the name,Colorful?:P gonna need one.

  Sukai Uchiha(Drew myself.:D) / Shadow / 8y 253d 23h 44m 16s
Username?: Colorful
name: Lashe
Sex?: Male
Age?: 18
Clan?: Senju
Village?: Hidden Leaf
Rogue?:Yes, Sukai's partner when he asks for one.
  Lashe / Colorful_insanity / 8y 253d 17h 7m 4s
  Sasuke Uchiha / ItachiUchiha1224 / 8y 254d 6m 51s
:/....Not accepted.
  Sukai Uchiha(Drew myself.:D) / Shadow / 8y 254d 19m 36s
I killed you.>:O
  Sukai Uchiha(Drew myself.:D) / Shadow / 8y 254d 3h 10m 55s
  ItachiUchiha1224 / 8y 254d 4h 5m 4s

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