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i will do mistressxslave
will do lots just ask but no guys

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"I'm sorry mistress" she stuttered out.
  USAF / 8y 137d 7h 39m 47s
She counts down to five and gets up and looks at her. "What took you"she says and glares down at her.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 137d 19h 28m 26s
Ari went straight to the ground
  USAF / 8y 138d 6h 51m 53s
"Get down here in five seconds or be punished"she yells waiting for her slave.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 138d 9h 59m 38s
Ari smiled a litte as she went to meet her mistress.
  USAF / 8y 138d 21h 37m 47s
She comes back and knocks on her door. "Slave come here now"she yells. "I need you to pleasure me NOW"
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 138d 21h 40m 47s
Ariana went to go lay down. She sighed as she closed her eyes but didn't go to sleep.
  USAF / 8y 138d 21h 44m 35s
She looks at her and smiles. "Now go lay down till i call you"she says. "Do not disobey me or you will be punished"she says and glares at her and walks away.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 138d 21h 45m 32s
Ari lifted her head. Her inside tingled and her nipples hardened at the thought of her punishing.
  USAF / 8y 138d 21h 50m 5s
"Lift your head up now"she demanded. She glares at her and tugs on her leash leading her to her room. "You will sleep here"she says and looks at her. "I will punish"she says.
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 138d 21h 51m 52s
Ari nodded her head done low.
  USAF / 8y 138d 21h 59m 38s

Lucy smiles as she walks into her house with her new slave. "Okay this is where you will live from now on"she says and smiles.

  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 138d 22h 2m 30s
Um yea that's fine.
  USAF / 8y 138d 22h 4m 56s
hm should i have you already?
  Lucy Nightmare / SexyChick27 / 8y 138d 22h 8m 21s
Can you start please
  USAF / 8y 138d 22h 12m 50s

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