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The old world that we knew so well has fallen into a world war that it could not keep up with. Nuclear war destroyed most of the planet, taking out a large population of the human race. Clean water is hard to come by, and food isn't as plentiful as it once was... on top of that, many plants can't grow in the new atmosphere and the world is barren all around... except in one rumored place to the East. According to myth, food and water are plenty; the air left uncontaminated. There may be hope in this paradise that may or may not exist. Many people, for both good and selfish purposes, are searching for it. Whether it is just a chance to rebuild civilization as it should be, to live well again or to use for power and control, whoever finds it will decide its fate.
On top of this, most of the human race has been altered. The blasts that shook the world during the war killed many, but left some feeling strange or looking different. This new race of people has developed abilities unlike anything ever witnessed before. Maybe an ability will give searchers the edge they need to find the sacred safe haven... or maybe not.

Normal ES rules apply .
Your character cannot be perfect! They cannot possess an unchallenged supreme power so don't get crazy.
No one liners. Post at least 5 to 8 sentences at a minimum!
Many cities in this rp are ruins or destroyed, but there can be some small civilizations around of people who are trying to survive. Remember, though, that resources or scarce, which means you cannot find a large, sparkling river. At the very most, it's probably not very clean. Get creative though on the environment. I left it very vague for creativity's sake, but remember to try to stay within the apocalyptic life lines.
You can be up to three characters if you so wish.

Characters bio--
weapon :
Background info:


name: William Kail
age: 24
power: keen senses/reflexes and agility.
weapon : none
personality: Timid, yet serious. Very thoughtful and very intelligent, but unsure of social cues or how to interact well with people.
Background info: William was going to graduate college before the bombs first struck. He had spend all six years just studying and getting his diplomas, neglecting most social needs. He really wasn't good around people anyways... but when most of them were wiped out, loneliness actually hit him hard. Although, that didn't hit him as hard as the change. He wondered if it had anything to do with his roommate's cats... or if the change in the air just reflected his personality. His appearance, as well as his reflexes and senses, became permanently changed. At first, he tried to stay locked in his apartment and only going out to scavenge at night. Hearing about the safe haven one night from an overheard conversation of some survivors got him to leave his apartment for good. How it was unaffected was why he made the move to search for it; maybe there was a cure there for his... condition. Even if it was possibly false, it was some sense of hope that he hadn't had in a long while.

name: Who cares
age: 16
power: Puppet manipulation, Echo location
weapon : Puppets
personality: Defensive in the manner that he doesn't take crap from others. He will defend those who are weak and defend himself...but thats only if he feels like it.
Background info:" Not to be boring but who cares? " These are the exact words he spoke when confronted with the question "Will you tell me about your past? "

Name: Lily Amsterdam
Age: 28
Power: Mind Reading
Weapon: None really, but if the situation gets dire, she’s been known to hit people with books.
Background Info: Lily was a perfectly happy, disgustingly normal book store owner before the war happened. She had two younger brothers and loving parents. She was one of the fastest and most advanced readers around before the war, but after the war her skill of reading was enhanced even more. Now she can read peoples’ minds. Her brothers survived the war and she has been scavenging and hunting and taking care of them since. Now she’s heard about this sanctuary in the East. She knows the road will be dangerous so she’s stock-piled resources for her brothers to stay behind while she goes to see if the rumors are true. If they are - and if she survives the journey - she will make her way back to her brothers to bring them there. She travels with her large, orange tabby cat Schrodinger whose mind she can also read.

Name: Sophie Buckles
Age: 11
Power: Advanced eyesight / Perfect aim
Weapon: Guns.
Background Info: Sophie was always a serious kid and very smart for her age. Before the war she was going blind, very nearly there. But she was happy. She lost everything during the war, except for one thing. Her eyesight. It was only near the end she realized it had stopped getting worse and it was a little while longer before she realized it was getting better. The day the last bomb dropped was the day she realized she no longer needed glasses. Now she can see many miles in any direction without any trouble at all. She started carrying guns because - as a child traveling by herself - many people thought she was an easy target to rob. She’s realized her advanced eyesight givers her perfect aim. She never stays in one spot so when she heard about the rumored sanctuary in the East she figured it wouldn’t be too much trouble to give it a shot. She travels by bike with a shopping cart full of her stockpiled goods attached to the back.

Name: Christopher *Chris* Joseph

Age: 21

Power: Ability to bend metal. His muscles are more developed than they appear, so he his rather strong, but not body builder or super human.

Weapon: He carries a hand gun, and in times of need he will bend a knife or two

Personality: Chris cannot stand for anyone who cant take care other themself He does enjoy a good laugh though, but he is usually rude and hateful to others around him. If he gets close to someone he will be loyal and kindish to them

Background info: Chris was visiting his family then the bombs hit his town, His parents, and younger sister parished in the blast leaving him and his brother the soul survivers in his family. The blast left scars on the left side of his torso, and his left forearm but he keeps them covered with his jacket. Though being scared, that doesnt handicap his ability to fend for himself. Chris was a normal guy in college, average student, socal, girlfriend... But that changed after the blast. Chris now keeps to himself, other than the random act of kindness. Now-a-days Chris spends his time looking for a permanate place to live with someone he could tollerate, He doesnt mind the loneliness but he likes someone to talk with. Unlike others, he has no intenion of getting rid of the effects and removing his powers. He wasnt sure if it was the near kitchen ware he war around during the blast, but he likes to think of it as his tough, 'armor-like' skin/muscles. Despite his meat-head exterior, he actually is rather cunning and can be clever. He would never admit this, but he still secretly mourns his dead family members, He has something from each member that he protects with his life.

Name: Brenna St. Clair
Age: 22
Power: Ability to manipulate her own weight by being able to manipulate how gravity affects her body.
Weapon : Her smile.
Personality: With a nice, disarming smile and a charming disposition, most people wouldn't think this girl would be capable of harming even a passing fly. This, however, can't be farther from the truth. In a world where only the strongest survives, Brenna is a materialistic and cunning devil of a woman who usually gets away with conning people.
Background info: Even before the world was under the pretense of living in peace, the St. Clair family hasn't been one to come from a decent family. With thieves and fake real estate agents occupying several spots on their family history, it wasn't unlikely that Brenna's generation would be any different. After a wild escape from conning the "wrong" people that resulted to a separation with her father, and armed with the knowledge how the old man's brain works, and the addition of her new-found ability, she heads East.

Name: Kaleb Marshall
Age: 25
Power: Enhanced speed
Weapon : A rusting metal pipe, and his face.
Personality: With looks that would most likely grace men's secret gangster magazines , sensible people usually go out of their way to avoid trouble with this man. It really doesn't help when they see him with a clothed rusting pipe that resembles a blade from the outside, and several bandages patched in different parts of his body, indicating the words "Survivor Means Trouble" with a capital S, M, and T. In truth, however, Kaleb is a clumsy, gentle, and soft-hearted man who loves puzzles and running. He's also the type of person that probably wouldn't survive this now barren world without his looks, and his pipe, which, by the way, comes with great recommendation from a "friend."
Background info: Kaleb has always been a traveler, thirsty with his quest for finding the mysteries left in the world. When he hears of the mystical haven of a place in the East, he immediately sets forth towards that direction with the intention of proving or debunking the myth that occupies the hopes and dreams of ninety-five percent of this world's remaining inhabitants.

name: Myra Ryder
age: 18
power: sound amplification or control of sound waves.
weapon : mainly her guitar, but she keeps a small pistol with very few rounds as an emergency back-up plan.
personality: Pretty easy going and nice, although slightly cautious because of how the war changed so many, both physically and morally. She can have a bit of an attitude if provoked, however.
Background info: Myra had been a senior in high school when the bombs started to take everything from her. Before that, she never bought into the cliques or labels or whatever the hell kids made high school about. Even if she was labeled many things herself, she had a variety of different kinds of people as friends and that was how she liked it.
Myra Ryder was the girl that had an easy smile and nature that won over many. Even if first appearances of her were often intimidated, people warmed up to her quickly enough. The reason being, most likely, was her soft and comforting voice. That, of course, changed when the bombs reached her neighborhood. She remembered the terror too vividly. Her parents pushed her and her little brothers into a safe place to hide, only to turn away and try to help the neighbors; they never came back. The second her and her brothers walked out and breathed the air after everything went quite, the youngest rapidly declined and died. The other... was eaten alive by a surviving group that believed cannibalism would solve the food crisis. She discovered her powers at that moment when they went after her too, and she yelled at them to get away. She knocked them off their feet and gave her enough time to run off, but she's been very scared about even uttering a word ever since then . She discovered too, with her guitar she's always carried, that she can control the sound waves emitted by instruments as well. She has, unfortunately, not heard about the East yet.

Name: Ariel Griffin
Age: 20
Power: Manipulates light, can turn invisible or other things.
Weapon: Knife
Personality: Very quiet and removed but since the change has become more of a practical joker.
Background: Usually kept to shadows most of her life. She was smart but never tried to stand out so she graduated school but after that she just worked. She had no family and her adoptive parents didn't care when she left. She never really cared what happened to her in life, content to just let it flow on past her, but when the change occurred she suddenly realized what life was. Now using her gift she heads east causing a little mischief and learning more about what she has missing.

name: Rylie Grey
age: 19
power: Power Mimicry
weapon : a pocket knife
personality: observant, intelligent, shy, and some what of an introvert.
Background info: Rylie had been the average teenager before the nuclear explosion. As a freshman in college she had excelled quickly utilizing her photographic memory to her advantage. Her seemingly normal life took a turn for the worst after the bombs. Many of the students who remained at the college during the nuclear war fell sick to a strange illness most blamed on the radiation and soon died. Rylie, however, when she contracted the sickness found not only her body growing weak, but strange growths forming on her back. Over the course of a month, Rylie had developed raven-like wings on her back and her bones became so frail and thin that she often found herself with bruised and broken bones. Known as a freak of nature, Rylie fled college to wander the ruined streets. She attempts to hide her wings under a grey hoodie and only uses them when she feels she is in danger to fly away.

name: Lexa Ortiz
age: 23
power: Compulsion
weapon : none.
personality: quick tempered, sly, sarcastic, power hungry, intuitive,
Background info: Since the bombs and the discovery of her ability, Alexandra has been utilizing her power to the fullest. Before the nuclear attack, Alexandra had been used to being taken advantaged of, not because of her looks, but it was how she made a living. Now, with the ability to control people's minds, Alexandra made those who looked down on her slaves to her powers. The small town she had grown accustomed to living on the streets in, she was now ruling through intimidation and compulsion. But that was not enough for Alexandra. When she heard of the so called haven in the East, she knew instantly it was where she must head. She knew her powers would be of use there and she hoped to carefully work her way into power. Leaving her name, her people, and all her possessions behind, Alexandra set out as "Lexa Ortiz" along with her faithful guard dog, Gotham, to find the East.

name: Tobie slen
power:super hearing and flight
weapon : sharp fangs and claws
personality:split personality...if driven the wrong way he could be a bratty prankster but in his normal mood he is a quiet,sweet little boy that can be a slight downer.
Background info: Tobie was always called a freak around other children because of his plit personality. He had little friends and normally kept to himself. His parents were scientist who tested with animals so they rarely payed any attention to him. Since he had no one to actually spend time with him,he decided to have a little fun with the animals his parents worked on. The bat was always an intresting animal to him. It was blind yet still able to go on living without sight. Unfortunately as he was observing the bats and other animals the bombs had hit and caused an alarming condition for the boy. Both of his parents were killed and it seemed that everywhere else had been distorted by the bombs. Now he was all alone and forced to survive on his own with this new form of his. He hopes there is some way he could get back to his normal self since he didnt get to live life to the fullest before this happened.

Name: Nicholas "Nico" Valentine
Age: 28
Power: Most people would think that his powers would lie above or underneath ash and embers due to his infamous title, but his true ability lies in being able to create and manipulate lightning.
Weapon : None
Personality: 'Relaxed, arrogant, hedonistic, vain, and without a care in the world' were a few key terms people would identify this man as. Though a majority would pick the word "bastard," for simplicity's sake. A beautiful one, where women are concerned, but a bastard nonetheless. Don't let all of those fool you though. Because underneath all those layers, you'll most likely find... a heart brain.
Background info: Not a lot is known about the infamous "El Fuego." Questions like where he came from, or how he came to the title, or even how he managed to be at the top of one of the biggest syndicate in the country at such a young age had been evaded for years. What is known, however, is that he runs one of the most effective operations in the East. Operations of "what," you ask? Let's just say that one's better off not knowing.

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William kept his smile and stayed where he was.
"Well... I suppose I am," he answered with a small chuckle. "It may be worth your while. The rumors have been very excited, and to find such a place would be just as excited."
Before he could hear a response from her, another voice startled him. His ears slicked back quickly before he realized who had spoken. William looked over his shoulder at the younger girl with surprised eyes.
"Yes... have you heard of it too?" he asked curiously. Two companions were better than one. He was more wary of this girl than the invisible one, but her perfect aim would prove to be a good quality in an ally. He only hoped that this girl would actually be an ally. William was a gentleman who would watch anyone's back... William wasn't sure that this little girl would help if the going got tough or defend herself. He even thought of the possibility of her backstabbing them for her own benefit. Yet... two companions were better than one. William would just keep an eye out for a turning point if the other girl wanted to tag along. "If you are too, you can come along as well."
He glanced back and forth between the two. "With how the world is now, forming an alliance will keep all of us alive longer. Even for a short time, we can head East together. We can all benefit from it."
  William Kail / AidoChild / 8y 47d 20h 58m 1s
Sophie saw the mask being snatched out of William’s hand and floating away and she watched him go after it. She turned back around to the bat keeping her gun aimed at him. She wanted to follow them and make sure they were alright. She assumed the cause of the moving mask was the girl who could turn invisible, but she never could be sure. With all the strange people she had run into, she couldn’t just assume that there was no one else invisible out there. Or perhaps it was the invisible girl and she had been running a con on them all along. But she was also afraid to turn her back on the bat. She didn’t want to give him the chance to attack again. She still wasn’t one hundred percent sure he wasn’t just acting sorry. But ultimately, she knew she could defend herself against anything the bat might try, but she wasn’t so sure William could defend himself against anything. And even though she didn’t really care for any of them, she also didn’t see a reason to just let him die. She looked at bat one last time. “I’m letting you go then. But, trust me, you try something again and next time I won’t miss.” With that, she turned away and followed after the others. When she came to the corner she saw them disappear around, she heard voices and so she stopped. She stuck her head around the corner. She saw the girl had turned visible again and was sitting on the ground. William was kneeling next to her and she heard him say where he was going. To the East. To the rumored paradise. The same place she was heading. And he was asking the invisible girl to come with him. Curiosity and shock got the better of her and she stepped out from around the corner and said loudly, “Are you really going to the East?”
  Sophie Buckles / MarchHare / 8y 48d 21h 34m 36s
She turned her empty gaze back to him before asking, "Are you asking me to join you?". She got to her feet and brushed herself off then crossed her arms. She tilted her head to the left and with an uncertain smile, "Why would you ask me to come?". She truly was a no one and really wouldn't be able to help. He probably would be better off with the gun-toting kid, which still brought feelings of concern for her safety up in her mind. Shaking her head she turned and faced the road ahead sighing, waiting to hear the common phrase of never mind or forget it to be said then the footsteps of some one walking away. It is what always what happens so why should this time be any different.
  Ariel Griffin / LyraK / 8y 48d 22h 41m 3s
"Hmmn~ You sound like you can read my mind," Brenna said in a slightly teasing manner. Then she paused, and looked at the other woman with scrutinizing eyes. If that was so, then that would explain a lot of things. 'You can, can't you?' she thought carefully, watching for a reaction. Given her and Kaleb's gifts, it's very likely that there are other like them somewhere. She was surprised when she first met the man, and their powers were the one thing that immediately made a connection between them, despite the fact that she was trying to con him by playing the role of 'tour guide.' She returned her attention to the other girl. "Oh, don't worry. Like you, I have things I have to do. It's unlikely that I'd let myself die before I can achieve them." Then she delivered a smile. "Deal. You're a really good person." Not to mention 'tough.' "I owe you one," she said before taking the proferred hand. "It looks like you're heading to the East. My partner and I are heading East too. But we're here in Cordova to make a quick stop to get supplies." Though it was unlikely that there would be a lot of supplies waiting for them, one couldn't help but hope. "If you want to, you can come with us. They do say that there is 'strength in numbers.' And if you're worried about protecting yourself, don't worry. After all, whatever it is that you can do, I'm sure you can sense the danger faster than the time we can put a sound plan into action." Brenna started dusting off her dress, frowning at the slight brown dirt that couldn't be dusted off. "You don't have to worry about Kaleb either. He's too nice to even harm a fly. As for me, I'd already given you my word." She clutched a hand over her stomach and grimaced slightly before continuing. "Though before you decide, I'd like to mention that we're gathering supplies to get to Acapulco. I don't know if you've heard about it. It's one of the-" she paused, thinking of the word. "-I guess you can say- 'successful' towns that managed to be afloat after the war." Acapulco is only a few days from Cordova. From what she gathered, there are two things that a person must know before entering the town. First, it is a town that is often visited by people wanting to go to the East because of its availability of supplies and trade. And the second thing to know was the most important one. And that is that Acapulco is a town owned by the infamous El Fuego.
  Brenna St. Clair / Glimmer / 8y 49d 6h 13m 47s
William waited and listened patiently as she went through a rant then finally recovered enough to answer his question. She was a wanderer, not an searcher, which allowed a little trust of her to reach William. She was more looking for a purpose, or just for the world like she said. She wouldn't pull any sly moves if they were to travel together... or so Will really hoped. He was too much of a gentleman to be very sly. He didn't see any harm in telling her where he was going and what he expected to find there.
He knelt down beside her and gave her a soft smile. "Well, the world isn't the same as it was before. If you want to see how the world actually is, or what it is supposed to be, there's a place. It's a long journey, I'm sure, but worth it to see. It's to the East. It's supposed to be an untouched part of the world. That is where I'm heading."
  William Kail / AidoChild / 8y 49d 6h 34m 56s
Ariel froze, then slowly looked over her shoulder, to see the guy had caught up to her. She almost wanted to ask if he could see her but when she noticed the brim of her hat still visible she immediately lost her veil, and started cursing at making the same mistake yet again!!! She heard the next question but was a little busy in her mind, till she became exhausted and just fell to the ground. It was then, that it finally registered, and she looked at him, her dark eyes a little confused, "Going somewhere?". She looked down and fiddled with the strap of her bag trying to recall if she was headed somewhere before the whole excitement and fear of her gift. When she kept drawing up a blank she shrugged and looked up at the sky, "Not really. I really have no idea what is actually out here. Like I said I never really tried to be human. So I guess right now I am just learning what the world actually is,". Once the words flowed from her mouth, she went rigid from shock. Why was she telling this guy these things? She never told anyone anything, so what made this guy different. Glancing back his way, she narrowed her eyes searching for the reason, but nothing was found. Sighing she looked back up at the sky, then thought that it could be that he seemed to think the same way as her. Two beings that thought they didn't belong. The idea made her chuckle, letting a real smile to appear on her face for once in a long time.
  Ariel Griffin / LyraK / 8y 49d 7h 14m 55s
William was both surprised and confused by the girl's response. Couldn't she see? He didn't look human or feel human, so how could he be human?
He watched the hat bob away from him before his eyes lowered themselves to the mask. The mask had always been his protection from the cruel world; it hid his monstrous features behind a veil so no one would have to look upon them. William came to terms with the fact that he would have to hide his face for as long as he looked... like this. But... those feelings got so jumbled and unclear when someone says "You're still a person". How can they look you in the eye, in a slitted beast eye, and still make that claim?
William looked back up again; the hat was still visible and still moving away. He glanced behind his shoulder a moment before rushing to catch up to the girl.
"Please! Wait!" he called. He had caught up to her and opened his mouth again... but didn't have words picked out to say. He wondered why he had went after her in the first place. Maybe it was that feeling of still being looked at as human, even if he didn't see that himself... or maybe he was just curious at the fact that she wasn't a person. Yes, maybe it really was more curiosity than false hope.
He still wasn't sure what to ask, or where to start. He decided to light on something he had been worried about before.
"May I ask... are you headed anywhere in particular?" he asked politely.
  William Kail / AidoChild / 8y 49d 7h 34m 28s
She watched him come into view and stopped just in front of her, letting her get the view she wanted. At his response she tilted her head in confusion not sure of what he meant. Yeah he may be a cat person but what is that have to do with the mask? Maybe she really did need to get out more after all, but after seeing a bat person wandering around, she really didn't see a problem with this guy. She handed the mask back then said quietly, "You don't really need the mask. Your still a person. I on the other hand was never really person in the first place. Didn't really want to be,". She faded into invisibility as she spoke,once again leaving the hat visible, then started to walk away letting her memories slide across her mind unbidden.
  Ariel Griffin / LyraK / 8y 53d 8h 8m 18s
In the middle of William's inner conflict, someone pulled the mask from his hand. He quickly looked toward the suspect... and no longer wondered where the invisible girl had gone off to. He watched his mask bob up and down, moving away from him and around the corner.
His ears stuck up and his whiskers bristled in alarm. "Hey! W-where are you going with that?" he called. Usually he would apologize for leaving a conversation right in the middle, but he was too busy worrying about losing that mask. If he wanted to keep moving around without looking like a freak, he was really going to need it.
He darted after her, but had to come to a screeching halt when he rounded the corner. She was visible again and had stopped just around the corner. William managed to force himself to a hasty stop before colliding with the girl. In the effort, his tail succeeded in slipping out from under his jacket.
"Please, don't take that," he said as he reached for the mask. "As you can see... I need that."
  William Kail / AidoChild / 8y 53d 20h 22m 7s
Once it calmed down she stepped fully out, starting to relax. As much as the bat probably deserved, Ariel didn't exactly want to see such a young kid shoot someone. Maybe it seemed like a foolish idea in this chaotic world, but she still kind of hoped that there was still some innocence some where. She shoo herself out of her thoughts when she spotted William pick up his mask and when he didn't put it back on she couldn't help but walk slowly over, remaining invisible and snatch it from his fingers and taking off down the alley. She turned visible once she turned the corner, looking back to see if he was following after. She was curious as to what he looked like and wanted to get a better look, so as soon as she reached the street she whirled around and waited for him to appear.
  Ariel Griffin / LyraK / 8y 54d 1h 12m 29s
William smiled proudly with the progress he made. "Good. No sense in making enemies in this world."
He looked towards Sophie again. "Thank you." He referred to not shooting. "I am deeply sorry too." He referred to knocking her down on the ground.
He released the bat's arm and glanced up at the sky. He lost a bit of time from this and he wanted to get a good distance covered by nightfall. In his mind, that eastern paradise could not wait.
He bent over and grabbed his mask from the ground before standing straight again. "Well... funny as this sounds in a ruined world, I have some place I need to be," he told them. He looked around for the invisible girl and wondered if she had run off or was still hiding somewhere. Maybe, he had scared her with his monstrous features. He shuddered at the idea and was too tempted to slip the mask back on right away.
Still, the thought of her brought up other thoughts. He felt bad for leaving her, and even the bat kid, like this. If they all parted ways, would those two survive for much longer? William wasn't sure.
  William Kail / AidoChild / 8y 54d 19h 55m 3s
Lily gave Brenna a really long look before she let the knife fall away from her neck and stood up. But she had to make sure she’d been understood: the inside of this girl’s mind went back and forth between trying to play the victim and trying to push her buttons. So to really drive her point home she said, “For the record, I do have what it takes. Try something and I will kill you. What I have waiting for me is too important to take any chances.” She looked the girl over again. “But I also don’t turn my back on someone in need. I think I have something that can help with that stomach ache. If you think you can behave yourself.” She held out a hand toward the girl offering to help her up. “Deal?”
  Lily Amsterdam / MarchHare / 8y 56d 17h 9m 13s
Tobie hated the fact that this girl kept trying to make him seem like the bad guy. She was like this annoying fly that wouldnt go away. Before he could make a smart remark at what the girl said,his attention was turned towards the cat man who sounded slightly dissapointed that a little lie was told. It was only a little lie,and it wasnt like he did hurt someone. To him the two were being a bit dramatic.
He was expecting to get out of this mess unharmed but unfortunately the cat man and the girl agreed on something that made his face pale when he saw the girl pointing her gun at him. Fear and desperation filled the child as he got down on his knees and started pleading for his life. "I-I'm sorry. I was just having some fun with throwing things down at you guys. I wasnt trying to hit anyone,honestly I wasnt." he tried holding back tears from being scared but it was to hard and the tears just started pouring down his cheeks. "please dont kill me. I am sorry and wont ever do something stupid like this ever again...a-and im sorry for the things I said" he cried.
  Tobie slen / lavired / 8y 60d 6h 47m 54s
‘I guess that’s it then.’ Sophie looked at William in surprise as he admitted defeat and stepped just to the side so that she had a clear shot at the bat. She hadn’t thought he would give up so easily. He seemed annoyingly determined to stay clearheaded and keep the violence to a minimum so she was surprised at how quickly he had changed his mind. She glanced at the bat aiming her gun a little more pointedly, deciding if she really was ready to shoot again or not. How many people could she kill? But as she moved her finger against the trigger she caught William’s look out of the corner of her eye. It was a meaningful look that she couldn’t at first decide whether it was permission to shoot or regret at the circumstances. And then almost immediately after she had thought that, she realized it was neither. It was a pleading look. Pleading for understanding. And then Sophie understood how William’s character could have so easily changed in such a short amount of time. It hadn’t actually. It was all a bluff. And he wanted her to go along with him. Well why not? It wasn’t so much of a stretch to pretend she really was ready to kill the bat. She returned a subtle, almost imperceptible look of understanding and acquiescence that she hoped he understood. She didn’t really fancy getting tackled again. She set her face with a stony glare and turned her gaze on the bat. “Yep. I guess that’s it.”
  Sophie Buckles / MarchHare / 8y 60d 17h 52m 8s
William listened to the bat, getting more nervous as the boy was only causing the tension to rise. After he heard his side, he let Sophie say what she needed to. He looked back at the boy with a small frown; Sophie's argument made sense and the boy could really have been just lying.
"So, you really did want to harm us," sighed William as he stepped to the side, just a little bit, to open up Sophie's range to the bat a little more. "I guess that's it then." He was bluffing really, since he had no intentions of seeing a young child shot. He was just hoping that the threat of being shot would scare the bat into a sort of submission, and he would promise not to hurt anyone anymore. He gave a meaningful glance at Sophie, hoping that she would catch on to his bluff. This was a really far reach, William knew, but he didn't want anyone getting killed on either side.
  William Kail / AidoChild / 8y 65d 1h 28m 57s

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